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Save South Africa From White Domination

Kim Heller


If SaveSA is honest about saving the country, it would march against corporate corruption, the return of land and radical economic transformation with the same zeal it does against President Jacob Zuma, argues Kim Heller….

Through the ages, childhood storybooks have charmed our imagination with lavish tales of noble battles by valiant heroes against wicked villains, all in the name of the largely invisible but invincible ‘Greater Good’. Inevitably, as is the craft of fictitious tales, the fearless hero emerges triumphant and the sinful scoundrel comes to a bloody end, to the collective delight of all those who believe in the fairy-tale of justice.

It is not that always so easy in real life to separate villain from super-hero, victim from perpetuator, capturer from captured.

In the tragi-drama that is unfolding in South Africa in real time, storytellers would have us believe that Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s Finance Minister, is a super-hero, whose mission is to save South Africa from state capture.

This is story-telling at its very best. Hand-crafted with considerable care to silence widespread allegations of the finance minister’s involvement in an illegally established “rogue unit” within SARS, his hurried and costly dismissal of the CIEX report into apartheid-era corruption, and his prized stake in blue-chip JSE listed companies, in pivotal sectors of the economy, currently in the care-take of his ministry.

In what can only be described as a masterstroke script of mainstream media, the portraiture of Gordhan as a man of unquestionable moral standing is presented with an unwavering confidence and consistency, which is hungrily consumed, without much discretion, or caution, by a captive anti-Zuma audience, both locally and internationally.

The story of how Gordhan, and other fellow ANC stalwarts, found their way into the exclusive T-junctions of white power where few black South Africans venture even pedestrianly, is never penned in mainstream media. The un-gentlemanlike tales of rapture and capture in the Stellenbosch Shebeen are never inked as Sunday press headlines.

Whilst the integrity of the finance minister is crafted with exquisite finesse by the country’s finest editors, these very scriptwriters cast the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma as a serial villain, with an avaricious appetite for corruption and deception, and he is typically caricatured as an unworthy and undignified president. And as the president’s amplifies his voice on radical economic transformation and land return, attacks against him intensify.

Yesterday the Save South Africa ‘movement’ released a statement on President Zuma’s decision to recall the Finance Minister from an international roadshow in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, which condemns the decision as ‘unbridled recklessness’ by Zuma. Save South Africa also describe Zuma’s actions, in the ‘aftermath of a weakened’ rand as ‘economic sabotage’. An explosive statement, indeed, from this civil movement that has yet to condemn the economic plunder and sabotage of black South Africans by white colonialists who stole land and wealth to build their own fortunes, or support any call for radical economic transformation.

I am hardly a Zuma supporter but I object to how oganisations such as Save South Africa protect Gordhan in a spider-web of highly processed and manufactured spin-doctored civil outrage, under the auspices of an anti-corruption, anti-State Capture mission. It is disingenuous and dishonest. I have said it before, if Save South Africa was serious about State Capture or were true anti-corruption fighters, they would have marched against white domination of the economy as well as structural racism and inequality, with the same zeal they have marched against Zuma. But there is no appetite for such. Pastor Xola Skosana refers to ‘Save South Africa’ as the new mantra of whites, which he translates as ‘save our way of life, built on stolen wealth’. These lobbying clubs cannot possibly be taken seriously until they call for land return and radical economic transformation.

A battle is underway. It is between those who want South Africa to remain in the clutch of white power and those who are fighting to free South from white domination. How this story gets told to our future generations of South African children, and who is cast as the hero will depend entirely on who wins this war.

Kim Heller is a media and political strategist and an outspoken advocate for economic transformation in South Africa.

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  1. This woman is indeed brave and she does not care about the brivedlege that comes with white domination that many benefit from.She is a lioness .

  2. When you see a white who is defending certain policies and envied Blacks also to direct their struggles that sort to benefit them…..does not come by mistake….Sobukwe said this is what we must guard against…..when a white man joins your struggle…..we have learned that they do not do it for alligence but to divert the very core of loyalty and commitment to that course and therefore, seek to ultimately destroy the very aims and objective of such a struggle. He said as and when they join our political formations…they must first start organizing among st themselves…..share our sentiments and see the political landscape the same way we do….The should.form aliences with the majority and fight side by side with the oppressed…..and lo! they must be prepared to be ruled by that majority however, i am impressed by this settler who is showing bravery and is prepared to face criticism from her own kind…..that looks like a very good start but surely she must be on the look out before she is eliminated for such actions by her own kind…..Welcome to this bone of contention….but i am afraid that you will fall on the way side of the democrats or the republicans…something that is not in South Africa…..or should i say the Charterists in our case,,,, in AZANIA (South Africa)

  3. This is a great article, factually backing what it claims. I knew Gordhan couldnt be trusted but it really opened my eyes about Save SA’s interests

  4. Why does race always have to be involved…. There are good people, there are bad people and everyone in between… Irrespective of race. What happened to encouraging a rainbow nation? Now we’re just playing a racial blame game, fixated on the past while our combined future depreciates like the rand.

    1. Dear Grant

      To pretend that race doesn’t matter in SA is being in serious denial. On the issue of the Rainbow Nation – on a lighter note, there is no Black in the Rainbow. Seriously though, we need to confront the reality of the apartheid legacy in order to move forward. The rainbow has been one big lie.



    2. You deserve so much repect and credit for your comment.Love what you said.God Bless you .We should be building but instead the rainbow is misty and hatred escelates everyday.May every citizen in this country be blessed and take hands.One can only believe as a small child.Christo.

  5. So Kim we are junk country what do you say about that? It doesn’t mean if you wanna get Zupta that you promoting white monopoly! What policies do this rhetoric RET entail?

  6. What an absolutely riveting article, Kim Heller. Amen! Now if only those who marched selectively against the ANC (not President Zuma) could read this and let us know when they intend marching against the minority capitalists still holding our country to ransom …

    1. Why not rather march against the communist ANC government that has managed to steal R1 Trillion in 26 years of rule? We will find the minority capitalist, like Cyril himself, at the helm. Ransom? Blacks should drop their nonsense and work hard to uplift themselves, instead of helping their government to reduce them to slaves.

  7. Good article Kim.

    National policies were developed in consultation with major institutionsearch. NDP2030 by Trevor Manuel is a comprehensive document. Would suggest Henry du pont takes the time and reads.
    We are all aware that SA media has always been anti-ANC. Forder President Mbheki began using the ANC website to address issues of national interest instead of utilising the media for the very same reason.
    State-capture? Is this a new term for “un-white-ning” of state trade through “preferential procurement” which has come into effect. What does that mean for white institutions who’s existence is dependent on doing business with SA.go?
    SAVE-SA…..spindoctor activists parading as caped super heroes funded by white institutions based in the UK and holiday in Cape Town. Come now. Do these “white clouds think we forgot apartheids reign”

  8. We have the same style of populists in Europe. People who are fighting for dictatory like Hitler. The only difference is, Hitler was fighting the Jews, she is fighting her own people. But the reasons for that are the same…
    All what she writes is for her own benefits, for her to become “outspoken“, which was exactly the reason for Mr. Hitler to overthrow democracy and became powers. She reminds me, no, she is a female Goebbels, which is betraying her own race for her own personal agenda, she has against her own race.
    I spit on you, stupid bitch, one Hitler should be more then enough.

    1. Dear Peter

      Welcome to UnCensored – the site where we trade ideas and promote our persuasive kills. We don’t trade insults here. But gee, Kim Heller must have touched a raw nerve – even being called a Hitler. The problem with your response is that apart from the insults, you have failed completely to challenge her ideas. Kim 1 – Prof Peter – O.



  9. Zuma’s idea of “radical economic transformation” is economically illiterate. He has no idea what policies are required to get an economy growing. If you disagree – please have a look at South Africa’s dismal economic growth rate. You are dismally ignorant if you do not ascribe that to poor policies and governance but blame it on whites, they do NOT make the policy. Actually it’s racist, since it assumes that black people cannot govern. YOu get an economy growing by reducing the roe of the state, by having clear, predictable policies encouraging business, by emphasising the building of infrastructure and providing quality education. Zuma has done none of these.

  10. Hi Pinky,

    Another interesting story that ever made headlines involved a plot whereby Big Pharma were trying to tarnish the image of the ANC government and that of the Minister of Health in particular.

    If you look closely at the methods that were proposed to be employed to achieve this is reminiscent of the current strategy that the WMC is using. A specific case in point is the role of the so-called SaveSA ( Pityana), Msimang (Corruption Watch), the role of EFF and Mamphela’s Agang.

    Please follow up on this story and expose these unscrupulous characters.

    Best regards
    Khal Godfro

  11. Hi Pinky,

    Whatever happened to the case that Mr Virgil Rabie brought against Dr Steve Lennon and Paul O’Flaherty while they were at Eskom ? This was a case of corruption after M5, a company that belonged to Steve and Paul’s friend secured a contract for the back2basics project at Eskom. The case also touched on allegations of illegal appointment of Hilary Joffe (Who is now an Editor at Large at Business Day). This is a classic case that proves that the WMC media is interested in only tarnishing the images of Black Executive. As far as I know, this case was never reported widely or as a frontpage in any of the Sunday Newspapers because it involved Hilary Joffe (who was then the spokenperson of Eskom), Paul O’Flaherty (the erstwhile CFO), Dr Steve Lennon and Cliff Dekker and Hoffmeyer (|Law Firms).

    Best regards
    Khal Godfro

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