SAA’s R1bn Fronting Stink Exposed


South African Airways (SAA) awarded a five-year contract to a foreign-owned company which not only falsified its credentials but knowingly used blacks as fronts, the Sunday Independent reported on Sunday.
It is alleged in the report that senior executives at SAA played their part, manipulating the bidding process to ensure that the lucrative warehousing and logistics contract went to a company called Bollore Africa Logistics SA.
“Despite engaging in misleading tender practices relating to fronting, misrepresenting its capacity and infrastructure and failing to submit critical documents including financial statements, Bollore Africa Logistics SA was awarded a contract for logistics and warehousing in May last year by SAAT, a technical and maintenance division of SAA,” the Sunday Independent wrote.
The Sunday newspaper also revealed that in their investigations into the mess it has transpired that Bollore sent a letter to SAA on June 20 stating that it wishes to withdraw its interest in the contract, this after the release last month of a “damning forensic audit report compiled by Open Water Advanced Risk Solutions which also implicated senior officials at SAA in manipulating the bidding process”.
“According to the report, some senior SAAT managers went as far as extending the bid closing date multiple times, solely for the purpose of accommodating Bollore. One of the officials implicated is SAAT’s senior manager Cassie le Roux, who was a member of the cross-functional support team (CSFT) during the bidding process.
“The report found Le Roux was conflicted in that specific tender because his daughter was employed by Bollore. The report also found Le Roux also continually communicated with Bollore managing director Arend du Preez,” wrote Sunday Independent.

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  1. This is the real state capture at its core loool. WMC growing by force. Eish Le Roux, I suppose u r not corrupt since u r white neh. DA will keep quiet about this while making noise against aboMolefe n co.

  2. if one of the Gupta company was involved..those righteous parliamentarians in the finance commitee would have long summon the board to find out about corruption in SAA

    1. Sipho, I’ve been saying only if the Guptas were involved we could have had all the media put pressure to sort out this entity. Sadly the state of our commercial media is that they have become opposition and ignore completely, any news that seek to give a balanced view of reality.

    1. Just read an interesting piece on Tokyo Sexwale stepping down as chairman of Trillion-linked to the Guptas. He, Sexwale, instigated an inquiry into allegations made about the company and when the CEO refused to provide information, etc, Sexwale resigned.

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