Why SA media is dangerous to Blacks


By Pinky Khoabane

By now we’ve seen the video of the African been forced into a coffin while alive. It was a picture which lasted with me for a long time and I asked those who sent it to me if its veracity was confirmed. No one could tell me.

I had to get the real story from Washington Post. And it goes like this:

“Victor Mlotshwa was just walking along, minding his own business, when the unthinkable happened.

“There was a footpath there, and I decided to use it,” he said. “The next thing, there was a grave and then a coffin. There was nothing I could do because the other man had a gun.”

Two white men suddenly approached him and accused him of trespassing on a ranch. Before Mlotshwa could escape, he says, they forced him into a coffin nearby. Then he says they threatened to pour gasoline on him and light him on fire. One of the men captured part of the assault on video.

Toward the end of the video, which was taken down from YouTube on Tuesday but is preserved on social media accounts, one of the men tries to close the coffin over Mlotshwa’s head while he helplessly wails. It is unclear what happened after that. But the resurfacing of the video has given Mlotshwa a chance at justice for his tormentors, almost three months after he says the incident took place|”.

Why do we hear the story from Washington Post when we have media in this country?


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  1. Our media is owned and controlled by white monopoly capital. It is a maintenance tool for the oppression of black people while the resources of our country are being looted by white foreign imperialists.

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