Are SA courts captured by banks?

By Pinky Khoabane

Dr Johann Rupert

It is alleged that Ian Brakspear’s farm in Franschoek was fraudulently liquidated  to enable the sale to neighbour Rupert

We’ve all heard the stories of how banks repossess their clients’ assets on the basis that the client couldn’t meet the repayments but surprisingly resell the asset at a pittance – which does not even cover the amount supposedly owed.

Stories of collusion between the banks and courts, the sherifs, auctioneers and private individuals who buy and sell these assets and make huge profits, abound. The alleged corruption runs so deep that there are accusations of forged signatures of court registrars, forged high court orders, and judgements pre-written for judges.

Have you ever wondered why banks don’t seem to wait in the queues of the court system? While it takes the courts years to hear cases of social and human rights violations, the banks’ rights to supposedly claim-back their money from defaulting clients is seemingly prioritised by the courts.

Take the stories of houses that are auctioned off at a pittance of their value than the  money owed to banks, for example. The new owner in turn sells the same asset months later at a shockingly high price, raking in high profits while the original owner’s life is completely ruined. The asset is repossessed and the original owner remains with the debt of the difference between the original loan and the auction price!

Take the stories of 65-year-old Solomon Nhlapo and 59-year-old Emily Mofokeng, whose houses were sold at R100. Nhlapo was living in his mother’s house and had proof that she had paid-up the loan but Nedbank still sold the house at an auction for R100. Mofokeng’s 5-bedroomed house was also sold for R100.


But what probably remains one of the most bizarre legal cases in South Africa is the story of the late Ian Brakspear, a businessman who had his family business liquidated in 2009 for a R7 million bank loan he says he never asked for or received. It is alleged that the allegedly unlawful liquidation was to enable the sale of his farm to his neighbour, billionaire Johann Rupert. Brakspear also claimed the liquidation order was forged. But not only that, the Hawks and a top-flight forensic investigator agreed with him. Read the story of what can either be a delusional man as Nedbank’s counsel claimed at the time or a case that opened-wide the rot in South Africa’s judicial system. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/i-was-liquidated-over-a-fictitious-r7-million-loan-says-durban-businessman/

Also read the story on Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s potential conflict of interest in the UDM ConCourt secret ballot case.

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  1. Our courts together with our elite law-enforcement(DPCI) have been captured a long time ago.All cases involving high profile people just disappear in the system.

  2. Hello PK,

    Great story again PK. Thank You.

    STATE CAPTURE. It is all to do with ‘STATE CAPTURE’.

    For too long this ‘man’ Rupert and his family; his “friends”; their Public Companies have, basically, ‘GOT AWAY WITH MURDER’ (as the ‘saying’ goes). It is because of ‘STATE CAPTURE’.

    I remember this story about Mr. Brakspear. Glad that you are highlighting it again. It is an UNBELIEVABLE story…. except if one reads it with ‘STATE CAPTURE’ in mind.


    There is another UNBELIEVABLE story that I ask you to look into PK. It is the story of Mrs. Annie van Tonder.

    It involves Fraud and THEFT of Rand BILLION by “these people”. It could only have happened; it could only remain not Prosecuted due to ‘STATE CAPTURE’.

    It involves property Illegally transferred by way of Fraud and THEFT into the names of EXECUTIVES of Public Companies owned and run by “these people”.

    (By “these people” I am referring to this ‘man’ Rupert; his family and “friends”; their Companies; their Auditors Deloitte and Touche/PricewaterhouseCoopers).


    One of the 31 Police Cases that I personally opened against this ‘man’ Rupert and his family and his “friends” and their Public Companies and Auditors is to do with the Crime committed by “these people” Re Mrs. Annie van Tonder and her late father’s Estate.


    The basis on which I opened this Case – CASE Number : 600/06/2014 Sophiatown Police Station / sent to Douglasdale Police Station – was that as a shareholder I was paid dividends. These dividends contained money made from Crime.

    (Since 2001 when I bought 100 shares in FirstRand Limited and later 8 shares in Remgro I have never once cashed in my dividend cheques – for the past 16 years. I have rather used these cheques as evidence attached to my Statements to the Police. ALL these Statements are tabled into the permanent Records of FirstRand Limited and Remgro and Discovery).


    PK, I will send you my Statement to the Police (with Annexures) Re the Annie van Tonder CASE Number : 600/06/2014 Sophiatown Police Station / sent to Douglasdale Police Station.


    I look forward to reading your story Re Annie van Tonder and the Rand BILLION STOLEN and the properties Illegally transferred into the names of EXECUTIVES of Public Companies by “these people” and their Companies and Auditors Deloitte and Touche and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    P. S. You can also discuss with Emerald the Annie van Tonder ‘story’ involving Rand BILLION Fraud and THEFT.

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