SA is characterised by racial divisions, no PR Agency can “stir up racial divisions”

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The contrast of Kayamandi township and Stellenbosh in Western Cape. Picture by Johnny Miller in his series of pictures exposing SA’s inequality – www.unequalscenes.com

The claim by Bell Pottinger’s Chief Executive, James Henderson that his company “supported or aided campaigns to stir up racial division in South Africa” is a clear sign of White arrogance that seeks to suggest that Black people need a London company funded by Indian immigrants called the Guptas to express our lived experience in South Africa which goes back more than three centuries.

So the place currently called South Africa was colonised by the British in 1795 only for Bell Pottinger to make a claim that it “sowed racial division” in 2017 through a media campaign and not the slavery and racism brought by the British since their arrival on the land of our ancestors.

A quick reminder of laws of segregation brought by Britain where Bell Pottinger is headquartered:

  1. Hottentot Proclamation of 1806 – grand theft of land where various Khoikhoi clans and nations lived.This proclamation was also the most stringent pass law to control movement of Africans after the pass laws from Dutch and British slavery
  2. Masters and Servants Act of 1856 which criminalised Africans for unwillingness to work for slave wages plus prohibition of striking for better wages and work conditions
  3. Mines and Works Act of 1911 – Job reservation for Whites and Africans deemed Coloured by colonial authorities.The phenomena of “Colourism” among Africans is rooted in racial classification as a means for jobs and definition of “beauty”
  4. Natives Land Act of 1913 was the final grand theft of land by the British where the indigenous population had to live on 13% of the land and it is a legacy that has not been corrected

South Africa is defined by racial division and no amount of media campaigns funded by the Guptas and run by a British company can change those divisions as its a daily experience for the majority Black population. It is their lived reality.

No media campaign can “stir up” the fact that poverty in South Africa is Black and disproportionately Black-female or the fact that wealth is controlled by White males even in 2017 as South Africa’s “Rich List” has shown over the last 23 years.

Its a great tragedy that South Africa is promoted as some “miracle” by our own government just because Blacks can now determine who gets to control administrative power or the colonial bureaucracy on the basis of one person one vote. Racial division in South Africa is a reality and no media campaign is necessary to show its existence. The aerial photography by Johnny Miller over Cape Town’s settlements segregated by race and “class” is a clear example.

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  1. I get you sis Pinky but most people who believe this crap are the so called clever blacks who brag about their level of independent thinking and knows who this PR company is…

  2. SA media is trying so hard to mislead the black masses by feeding them lies, I was so shocked when I heard one of my colleagues saying that the ANC government has never done anything for them yet the person is an NSFAS beneficiary like myself who was employed through a Kuyasa graduate programme which is also part of government and today is permanently employed because of the same government that he is saying has never done anything for him. Ausi Pinky black people are suffering from Amnesia hle

    1. Yjoo, there’s a problem kannete. And you are right. We’ve spent a lot of time allowing commercial media to feed us their misinformation – for example, spending a lot of time with all the negatives when we should also have spent time pushing the achievements. We now have Blacks who are beneficiaries but cant remember. Eish….You just have to keep educating and reminding this person….

  3. Who ever believe this..is stupid…this is a PR company for goodness sake..this is same company that was involved in the promotion of the Iraqi war…this is disrespectful to Black people,,to say that we.need a stupid foreign company to know the reality we live in

    1. Sipho, never underestimate the power of white monopoly media agents. They have such power that sometimes I wake up and wonder whether this fight is worth fighting. It’s an orchestrated campaign that is based on propaganda and confusion and the public no longer knows the truth. So many people out there dont even acknowledge their lived reality and say but we’ve lived like this long before Bell Pottinger. Bell Pottinger worked for Johann Rupert for 18 years and made smoking sexy when it was killing them. Instead of stopping the tobacco trade, Rupert simply bought into medical aid & hospitals. Bell Pottinger must start apologising for that.
      You must actually credit yourself for being able to think independently. Many people cant. They listen to us and never check whether what we tell them is true or not.


      1. What about Black and well educated ppl and.mostly who are in media business like Justice Malala who are always defending and denying things like WMC. What kind of ppl are those?

  4. Now the WMC has exposed it’s own lies. No London Company (Bell Portinger) can know the truths of Evil WMC than we (Africans/Blacks) do.
    Now seeing that their lies of Bell Portinger have been exposed and dispelled by facts, they are now buying their brothers in London (Bell Portinger) to corroborate this lie.

  5. So basically this is supposed to make the ignorant and the misinformed by Commercial media to think all was good in SA before this Bell Potinger and the GUptas which further lead into disqualifying the existence of WMC. Basically thina we are supposed to accept the STATUS QUO and leave through the left overs by the white? Nice try! Well thanks to forums and ppl like you PK we have a luxury of knowing more than the propaganda we always get fed by the likes Sunday Times, Mail and Guardian etc

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