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Rupert lies in attempt to explain why he’s left out of State Capture investigation

By Pinky Khoabane


Johann Rupert has now resorted to sheer lies in his explanation of why Thuli Madonsela didn’t broaden the state capture investigation to include him despite his control of the media, Treasury and other state organs.

It is now common knowledge that Madonsela will be working at the University of Stellenbosch where Rupert is the chancellor but beyond that, we have published extensively, on how Madonsela has watered-down the investigation into R3.2bn stolen by ABSA and the recovery of the money, and how she has dragged the investigation for 6 years and finally left the office of the public protector without completing it despite many promises she would be releasing the findings.

The R3.2bn theft forms part of the Ciex Report which details R26bn theft by Rupert’s Rembrandt (now Remgro), Sanlam and DaimlerChrysler. In the US, the conduct of leaving public office to join one of the clients/ people you were investigating is called the swing door syndrome and is a criminal offence.

At the Annual General Meeting of Remgro yesterday, Rupert is said to have blamed the Gupta public relations company for linking him to state capture activities.

The billionaire whose ill-gotten wealth includes among others, the money mentioned above and the tobacco trade, is getting desperate but he will have to confront the facts which clearly indicate the extent of his influence.

Here are some of Rupert’s lies.

  • Lie 1. We have zero influence on the media or the [media] companies we are invested in

We’ve published this web of media influence before.


Rupert says he has no influence in the media companies his companies invests in, so why bother investing? He thinks we are fools not to understand the influence shareholders have on their media companies. They pull the strings without having to say a word, Johann. You’re their puppet master and they understand the brief. Why do you think your involvement in the Ciex Report is not widely publicised? Why do you think the possible conflict of interest in Madonsela, who had been investigating you and the complicity or otherwise of your friends, Trevor Manuel and Maria Ramos in the R26bn theft from the SARB is not being widely publicised? Why do you think your state capture involvement has been completely ignored?

Why do you think every commercial media report on the tobacco wars and BAT’s control of the State Security Cluster barely mentions you? You and I know it, they will get fired.

  • Lie 2. There exists a social media campaign which links him to White Monopoly Capital

Rupert and those who spew this rubbish think we are fools. Commercial media reporting this drivel quote his Remgro company as a R113bn investment.

Rupert is South Africa’s third richest person and the world’s 291st.

He will need a better campaign than the two bogus researchers Kyle and Katie Findlay who trumped up findings that a campaign existed between UnCensored, me in particular, and others.

The notion of Rupert being part of white monopoly capitalists didnt start this year. It’s been there for a while. Due to a pressing deadline, I cannot post links to that effect right now but I will.

Perhaps he’s desperate to explain to his board, the declining sales in his luxury goods company Richemont SA. Shares in JSE-listed Reinet Investments in which he holds a 225 stake, have also declined. He was no 179th richest man in the world and has dropped to 291.

There are more lies in his statement, which I will address in later articles.




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    I Pray To The Almighty One God, Who Created Us All As His Beloved Creation, To Inspire Us With Great Spiritual Guidance, To Love To Forgive,And To Share The Challenges As A Nation, Let Us Set An Example To The World , That We Love Each Other As Africans, No Matter What Color Skin Or Your Reason To Believe,.
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