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By Greg Mashaba

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Over the past couple of weeks, Cde Pinky Khoabane has posted a number of requests for financial assistance towards meeting the costs of running and maintaining our much valued blog, Uncensored Opinion. I have noted that a few comrades and readers have intimated a desire to assist in that regard, and for that we are greatly thankful.

Maintaining a blog of this nature invariably necessitates the ploughing of a fairly huge amount of resources into the project. Some of that goes towards research, success of which depends on the availability of hard copies of literature and electronic documents. Yet an even bigger amount is spent on maintaining our own ICT systems. We have, for example , experienced a lot of cyber attacks which were primarily intended to crash and collapse our site. Last year (2017) alone I had two laptops rendered unusable due to cyber attacks. Cde PK has suffered the same fate on numerous occasions. We have often been asked about safeguarding our blog but as an independent platform with no advertising and income, such security is simply unreachable for us.

Uncensored Opinion has grown in popularity. This includes visits to the blog from within and outside of South Africa. If only a minimum and yet sizeable number of visitors were to make regular contributions to Uncensored Opinion, the quality of this site would be significantly enhanced. The nature of our stories requires that we spend a lot of time on research as previously explained and we find we dont always have the resources to do so.

We are aware that other similar sites charge readers fixed amounts. We at Uncensored Opinion strenuously reject such approach. Our mission is to facilitate free and open dissemination of information and public debate. Our approach is based solely on the fact that we believe that the site serves to promote our National Democratic Revolution and our internationalist duty to promote international solidarity and to roll back the ever-growing onslaught of neo-imperialism.

We sincerely hope that you, our esteemed readers and comrades, will have the generosity of heart to make regular contributions to this worthy cause .


Greg Alexander Mashaba


You Can Contribute Here

Account Name: UnCensored Opinion.

Bank: VBS Bank

Account Number: 1011 961 8001

Branch Code: 588000

Despite the bank being taken over by a curator, it is still operational.


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  1. Hi good day miss PK what happen with Jeff Koorbanally case agains Absa let us know

  2. Sis PK and Cmrde. Greg, I will try as much to make a monthly contribution no matter how little.
    But my concern is that the new more right leaning cabinet is now threatening to close the VBS BANK. Can we be confident that the funds contributed for Uncensored Opinion won’t be freezed.

    1. Hi Mzi, this bank is currently owned by black shareholders but under what I can call the supervision of a curator. There are limitations to operating the account currently. These are the sacrifices we ought to have done as Black people – support it so that it grows. We didnt. Like everything we do, we’d rather support other banks. Even at the time when Treasury was going to pull the plug on them, a banker (white I might add) responded to my article where I was urging us to support them, that we could still save them if masses of us banked with them. Im very angry about what has happened to VBS but Im angry at us as a people.
      The long and short of it though Cde is that when the account doesnt operate anymore, we will notify you.

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