Reinstate Deputy Mayor or We Quit on Monday: UDM. Leave Now: DA Responds


UDM’s Bantu Holomisa (left) with DA’s Mmusi Maimane

In a letter dated 24 August 2017, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) sent the Democratic Alliance (DA) an ultimatum that it would leave the coalition in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMBM) on Monday if it’s representative Mongameli Bobani wasn’t reinstated as deputy mayor.

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“Deputy Mayor Bobani was irregularly removed from his post. In light of the DA’s stance, we have no option but to inform you that the decision of the UDM must be put into immediate effect.

“In other words, if Bobani is not reinstated to his position by the 28th of August, the UDM will pull out”.

The DA hit back. In a letter of the same date, it wrote to the coalition partners – COPE, FF, ACDP and UDM – refusing to accede to UDM’s ultimatum.

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“Your ultimatum seeks to hold our co-government agreement to ransom. It requests for us to maintain the status quo despite evidence of corruption, and despite the councillor Bobani flagrantly voting against the coalition.

“If you decide to go through with your ultimatum and collapse the government, then it will fall to you to explain to the voters of Nelson Mandela Bay and the people of South Africa,” DA’s Mmusi Maimane wrote.

In a radio interview this morning, Executive Mayor of NMBM Athol Trollip is said to have told UDM’s leader that his party might as well leave today and not on Monday given that the motion of no confidence stands.

The spat follows a motion of no confidence in Bobani yesterday in which the DA blindsided the UDM and voted with the ACDP, COPE and Gayton Mckenzie’s Patriotic Alliance to remove Bobabi as deputy mayor.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lambasted the DA for its move describing it as bully tactics. “The DA behaves as though it won elections in Nelson Mandela when it did not. It also proves not to appreciate the concept of power sharing which means precisely that: they must “share” political power with others in order to govern.

“As a result of this behaviour in Nelson Mandela, the EFF will not be voting with the DA on any issue in Nelson Mandela Metro until they radically change their attitude towards other coalition partners belonging to smaller parties. Although the EFF is not in any coalition or cooperation with the DA, we view their behaviour in Nelson Mandela Metro as a threat to coalition politics that can remove the corrupt ANC out of power even in the future.

“The reality is that behaviour of the DA in Nelson Mandela is consistent with their conduct elsewhere in the country including in Parliament. They lack humility, political consultation and patience with smaller parties. They suffer the same arrogance of power that has characterised the ANC over the year and for which people are now removing it from power across the country”.

The EFF blamed the DA on the Mogale City debacle in which its members defied the instruction to to vote with the ANC. “It is true that even in Mogale City, the confusion was caused by the DA which in the end led to EFF councillors voting with the ANC. These symptoms of the arrogance of power show everywhere even in Johannesburg and Tshwane where they ignore consultation and sharing of decision-making.

“This arrogance borders on white supremacy because often relying on Maimane’s word as a leader proves futile unless James Selfe or John Steinhuisen are taken on board. Maimane seems incapable of leadership on his own; if political party leaders meet with the view to reach agreements on many issues, Maimane is incapable, on his own to take decisions without the supervision and guidance of James Selfe”.

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  1. People don’t learn. Marriages of convenience never last.
    And marriages of people who are used to serving divorce papers are even more vulnerable.

  2. It serves them right.
    Chickens have come home to roost.
    UDM’s General Holomisa is so spiteful and vindictive just like all others who are against the Radical Socio-economic Transformation.
    He led the mob who were asking for a Secret Ballot from the court to stage a coup on a democratically elected government.
    By then the DA was hailing him as a hero with conscience and moral compass and he was helping their (DA) Regime Change cause.
    Now they (UDM) are pushing their luck too far. They are trying to be smart with the master by trying to be equal partners with the master in coalition governance of Nelson Mandela Municipal. They (UDM) are very dumb not to have known better that you are only equal with your master only when you are a useful fool. Once the mission has accomplished, you are reminded that you are a servant.
    UDM has been shown the door for trying to be equal with the boss in the Nelson Mandela Municipality coalition government.
    Well done DA for showing your true colours to pretenders of the Master’s Throne.

  3. Sometimes rejoicing over this is painful indeed thinking that UDM was the frontrunner in the motion of no confidence in president but it turns out to them now. UDM and EFF were used as pawns to unsit anc in that metro because they drank of removing the ruling party there, never bother reading ulterior motive behind their coalition marriage. DA knew how bitter the two are about their maternal party and exploited them while they were vulnerable, so it confirms to those members in their parties who opposed the marriage long before negotiations began that it wouldn’t work. The reason is that this evil creature is the one they were fighting against – it won’t change. Now the devil is slowly showing its color. It is a matter of time before their members question exactly the relationship with the DA.

    1. Totally agree with you Tokelo! “The devil is showing its true colors indeed.
      On the other hand the DA is claiming irregularities/ corruption as one of the reasons of removing this guy,if there is truth in that, why is Holomisa defending this guy? He claims that Trolip was also involved in the same corruption, therefore he should be putting a motion of a vote of no confidence against Trolip, rather that demanding the reinstatement of his guy.
      What happened to the fake moral that he’s been demostrating in parliament against corruption.

      My view is:Holomisa is one of those opportunist that has no vision or direction, with a army general mentality,he’s very quick with his threats!

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