Do We Really Care If A Politician Is A Womaniser?


Cyril Ramaphosa with his wife, Tshepo Motsepe

AN email with questions about the private life of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa went viral last night. In it are salacious details about eight women with whom he’s said to have a romantic relationship. The email circulating on social media is from Sunday Independent’s editor Steve Motale to the deputy president. The full email is attached below. 

Look, it’s juicy stuff – the kind that you find in the American style of politics. It’s the type if found to be true warrants the immediate resignation of the presidential candidate in question.

The deputy president’s office has come out quickly in response to the email calling it “a deliberate campaign to smear the person of the Deputy President. They are a transparent attempt to distort personal email correspondence that could only have been obtained through criminal means”. The full response is attached below. 

From the response it would seem the correspondence between the deputy president and the people named exists but it is “distorted” to create a perception that is false.

But would these emails, if true, apart from bruising the deputy president’s integrity and exposing his hypocrisy make any difference to the outcome of the ANC National Conference in December? Would these emails persuade his preferred running mates otherwise? Methinks not.

The branches have on the main, decided on their preferred presidential candidates. The usual manipulation of membership to favour one slate over another has been done. The national audit of membership to determine which branches will be represented at the national conference is complete. What’s left is lobbying for candidates who will occupy the rest of the positions on the National Executive Committee.

The world doesn’t actually care if a president is a womaniser. Americans pretend they do but they have had a number of presidents who were womanisers including the current President Donald Trump. Bill Clinton and JF Kennedy also come to mind. The French have a litany of presidents who had affairs. Former French President Francois Mitterand had a mistress, Anne Pingeot, who was 27 years younger than he and was pregnant by him. It is said he lived with his wife, Danielle, and her lover, and Anne lived 10 minutes away. Francois Hollande also had stories of infidelity. He left the mother of his four children for another woman, Valerie Trierweiler. He was later linked to a romantic relationship with actress Julie Gayet. Former Italian Silvio Berlusconi was involved in sex scandals which even included allegations that he paid under-age girls for sex and his infamous bunga-bunga sex parties.

Here’s the full email making the rounds

“Honourable Deputy President

The Sunday Independent intends publishing a series of stories based on
dozens of emails in its possession that link you to extramarital
relationships with several young women. It would give me a pleasure if
you can respond to the questions below before our 5pm deadline
tomorrow(Friday 1 September 2017).

1. Following my sms communication with you last night (Wednesday 30
August), you confirmed ownership of two alternative email addresses:
dimbanyika97@gmail.com and maberemisa@gmail.com both of which were
used in your communication with the several women. Can you confirm
whether mvelelambeu@gmail.com is another of your private emails?
2. Can you confirm whether you have or had any romantic and sexual
relationship with the women listed below as suggested by the emails in
our possession?

* Sebendzile Mdhluli
* Natasha Theledi
* Reabetswe Matseleng Seakeco
* Nokuzola Nongo
* Nonhlanhla Radebe
* Miranda Thulisile Kamanga
* Dr Nozizwe Olga Nkuna
* Maroleng Ramokgopa

3. The emails in our possession suggest you have and are currently
financially supporting some of the women listed above(We are in
possession of deposit slips). Can you confirm this?
4. One of your email communication with Dr Nkuna suggests that she
alternated as both your lover and medical practitioner. Can you
confirm this?
5. Many of the emails suggest you’ve had unprotected sex with some of
the women. Don’t you think your conduct undermines what the South
African National Aids Council, of which you are the chairperson stands
6. You are an outspoken critic of sugar daddies and blesser
phenomenon, however the emails in our possession show that some of the
women you have targeted are university students e.g. Miranda
Kamanga (Monash University). Does this not make you a sugar daddy and a
“blesser” and isn’t your criticism of this practice hypocritical?
7.The emails also confirm that one of the women(Sebendzile) miscarried
your child. Can you confirm if this was a planned pregnancy in the
light of you being a married man?
8. The emails show that even after the miscarriage, you continued
planing fathering love children with her and Natasha. Both Sebendzile
and Natasha emailed you details of their ovulation dates. Do you have
kid/s with either or both these women?
8. One of the emails suggests that you bought a ring for one of the
women (Sebendzile). Are you at liberty to share with us why you bought
her the ring?
9. The emails suggest that one of the women (Natasha) whom you met when
she was pregnant with another man’s child has been sending you, at
your request, her naked pictures and videos(all of which we are in
possession of) for your sexual pleasure. Can you confirm having
received such material?

Steven Motale
The Sunday Independent
011 633 2183
083 784 0719″

The Deputy President’s Response





The Office of the Deputy President is aware of social media messages, which take the form of media enquiries from a Sunday newspaper, that make various claims about Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal life.

There is no doubt that these messages have been circulated as part of a deliberate campaign to smear the person of the Deputy President. They are a transparent attempt to distort personal email correspondence that could only have been obtained through criminal means.

The Deputy President will in due course release a detailed statement on the allegations contained in the messages.


Tyrone Seale – 083 5757 440

Acting Spokesperson for the Deputy President


Union Buildings


01 September 2017

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  1. How does one sit at the helm of an institution that provide business to his company and we say there’s no corruption?

    Shanduka Coal supplying Eskom? seriously?

    And we see nothing wrong in that relationship?

    Or is it because we have a narrow understanding of what the role of Leader of Government Business entails which Ramaphosa is?

  2. Maupi, I totally disagree. Corruption only ranks high in the elites who phone in on Talk radio shows and those who blog.

    We spend time on the ground and on the ground people don’t care about such things.

    Just as an example, we had Pravin Gordhan go and Preach his famous anti corruption sermon at University of Johannesburg, what did the students say?

    They sang “Zuma wenzeni?”

    And those were not ANCYL members, they were EFF student Command.

    A lot of us are not fooled. We have Whatsupp chats and information is distributed in a massive scale and that what features in that information sharing is not about Corruption. Its about Radical Economic Transformation.

    Do you honestly believe that 60% of unemployed Young people of this country care about some trumped up anti corruption slogan coming from people who are currently looting the Treasury and Eskom?

    I frequent Alexandra a lot and people there do not even mention corruption.

    A Deputy President whose company supplies Eskom, a Government entity with Coal and you say you have not stolen from Government while at the same time you are not just Leader of Government Business but also you Chaired the War room of Eskom during the Load shedding?


    Corruption of a massive scale is when you subject the majority of South Africans to a measly R3500 when the Economy can afford more than that. Of course to qualify that affordability don’t look far, we can afford to buy Buffaloe’s for Millions.

    This Economy can also afford to pay Whitey Basson R100 Million in 12 months hence I say we can afford R12500 without having to murder workers for asking.

    That my dear friend is the kind of corruption me and my fellow South Africans are interested in.

  3. A conundrum of magnanimous proportions. Muberemisi “s perceived moral standing was his strength but on the hand this might strengthen his campaign. His private life is the least of South Africans ” concerns. Corruption still ranks high in terms of what people are more concerned about.

  4. Sis Pinky,

    To answer the question you posed, people may not care whether or not a Presidential hopeful is a womanizer or not, but people will care when that person is the Chairperson of an HIV Council.

    Coming to the issue of the US politicians, I remember a Senator by the name of Anthony Weiner who resigned just for posting nude pictures on social media.

    Also, the Monica Lewinsky saga did damage President Clintons Presidency and is still even to this day being referred to in many critical columns.

    Secondly I don’t think that if the Monica Lewinsky saga surfaced before Clinton became President that he would have succeeded in being President.

    I reserve my arguments for Donald Trump because I think there is a different context around it that involves among others the fact that Hillary Clinton Presidency was already discredited by her role in Lybia as well as the distrust generated around the donors to her Clinton foundation.

    So Americans did not have a credible alternative to Donald Trump hence he won.


    Thus said, the only credibility that is at stake is of those who purport to be of having a good standing in society morally and politically.

    So once their indiscretions become availed in the public space, people begin to see and understand our political landscape far much better than they did before.

    Hence what I have been saying is that South African problem is more of a political naivity than anything else.

  5. Smear campaign or not, the question is: Is there a case to answer?

    About smear campaigns, sometimes Politicians forget the rules of the game they find themselves in.

    Without being apologetic, smear campaigns are the rules of the game of politics.

    The only person who decry smear campaign is the person who misunderstood what he signed up for.

    That being said, if you are a mature politician who understand the rules and tactics of the game you are playing WHY DO YOU GIVE YOUR OPPONENTS THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE SMEAR?

    Why did you do it?

  6. Ramaphosa has been going around casting aspersions on other people, praising unverified emails about the Guptas. You people are funny, now that your ‘angel’ is shown to be a fraud you want to question whether morals are an issue when your fraud has been presenting himself as a morally upright person. I personally hate this thing of people attacking other people personally, but this stooge of the oppenheimers has been playing this game,and i would not be surprised that he is behind the whole nonsense so as to cast aspersions on NDZ, because he has already lost.

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