The Real Beneficiaries of Black Friday

By Thabiso Dlamini. 

Last year Thabiso Dlamini looked at the composition of some of the companies which make huge sums of money from Black Friday.  He looked at these companies this year and very little has changed.


  • Massmart Holdings Ltd which is one of the largest retailers in SA is 52,4% owned by Wal-Mart Stores Inc (USA).
  • Aberdeen Asset Managers Ltd – 9.91%
  • Public Investment Corp. Ltd. – 5.91%
  • Templeton Asset Management Ltd. (Hong Kong) – 2.55%
  • Northern Trust Investments, Inc. – 2.00%
  • The Vanguard Group, Inc.- 1.68%
  • Harding Loevner LP – 1.46%
  • Dimensional Fund Advisors LP – 0.97%
  • Lombard Odier Asset Management (Switzerland)
  • SA – 0.92% Skagen AS – 0.89%

This is their Executive Committee.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.57.58 AM

This is Massmart

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 10.58.59 AM

  • Shoprite (Shoprite Holdings Ltd.) remains the largest retailer in South Africa and is owned as follows:
    Dr. Christo Wiese – 15.4%
    PIC – 12.1%
    Shoprite Holdings Ltd. – 6.44%
    Lazard Asset Management LLC – 3.12%
    Oppenheimer Funds Inc. – 2.68%
    Plus other shareholders

Shoprite Holdings Ltd. Directors.
Note how Jacob Wiese (Christo Wiese’s son) and Adrian Basson (Former CEO Whitey Basson’s son) are being groomed to take over.


This is Shoprite Holdings


  • Pick n Pay Stores Ltd. is one of the largest retailers in South Africa and is owned as follows:
    Ackerman Family – 25.5%
    PIC – 11%
    Genesis Investment Management LLP – 3.10%
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. – 2.54%
    Liberty Group Ltd. – 2.26%
    Pick ‘n Pay Stores Ltd. – 1.94%

The Pick n Pay Board of Directors and Group Executives



  • SPAR is one of the largest retailers in South Africa and is owned as follows:
    Note that 49% of SPAR is owned by offshore investors. (2016)


Spar Board of Directors


  • Woolworths Holdings Ltd. is one of the largest retailers in SA and is owned as follows:
    PIC – 15.3%
    Woolworths Holdings Ltd. – 8.04%
    GIC Pte Ltd. – 5.25%
    Northern Trust Global Investments Ltd. – 2.93%
    Lazard Asset Management LLC. – 2.47%
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. – 1.55%

Woolworths Holdings Ltd. Directorate


This is Woolworths Holdings Ltd


  • The Foschini Group is one of the leading clothing retailers in SA & is owned as follows:
    Coronation Asset Management (Pty) Ltd. – 17.6%
    PIC – 14.2%
    Sanlam Investment Management (Pty) Ltd. – 5.09%
    Lewlef Investments Pty Ltd. – 4.08%
    Northern Trust Global Investments Ltd. – 3.60%

The Foschini Group Ltd. Operating Board


This is Foschini.


  • Edcon is one of the leading Non-Food retailers in SA, following it’s debt restructuring in 2016 Edcon is owned as follows:
    Franklin Templeton (USA), Havard Pension Fund (USA) + Other Foreign Investors – 70%
    Barclays Africa, Investec Bank and Rand Merchant Bank – +/- 30%

The Edcon Board and Group Management Executives



This is Edcon


  • Truworths is one of the leading clothing retailers in SA & is owned as follows:
    PIC – 14.5%
    Aberdeen Asset Managers Ltd. (Scotland) – 9.56%
    Schroder Investment Management Ltd. (UK) – 4.78%
    Northern Trust Global Investments Ltd. (USA) – 4.48%

Truworths Executive Directors






Directors sourced from websites of the individual companies.

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  1. Young people are coming,they are Radical, they have questions and if they don’t get answers,no one will stop them. RET is a one way Street and if Gigaba fails to implement it, the Treasury will spit him.

    1. When you say “Treasury will spit him” what do you mean? You mean Pres JZ will fire him? And then what? We live in a capitalist state – the next finance minister will simply tow the Washington Consensus line. The Pres has no control over what his cabinet decide to do – there are those who tow the ANC policy line and others do their own thing – influence from big capitalists.

        1. Nkosi I no longer believe I will see RET in my lifetime. There was the cabinet reshuffle (not the latest but the one before it) where we were hopeful the ministers would be implementing RET. We were optimistic and said we would monitor them but instead of progress we saw Treasury preach privatisation of SOEs, SABC reversed the 90% local music policy & Prof Malikane who was to advise Malusi Gigaba on RET has simply vanished.

          1. Yazi wavele wangenza nga feel sad. I remember the excitement here on this forum seeing Malusi Gigaba a former youth league leader. It all seemed so perfect then there was Busisiwe Mkhwebane coming up with all pro black transformation majors then Boom Malusi criticized her. Yoh why r u reminding me about this vele? Now just recently ppl in Zimbabwe are celebrating that their country will be returning to the White Monopoly Capital rule

          2. Am sorry Nkosi to dampen your spirits. It’s probably because I have given up on that struggle of RET. NDZ was fighting such a good fight but her campaign has been hijacked by ruthless corrupt people at branch level and I know this from personal experience. Membership stolen, driven off the road, young drunkards in MK regalia coming to the branch befuna “esifebe ukuthwa u Pinky”, threatening calls until I tracked them back to the chairperson. Mine is not the only story, there are many. They spoilt it for her but Im still not convinced if she wins she will make any difference. Zwane tried with his progressive mining charter, it was squashed.
            But Im also disappointed that she hasn’t had a strong voice in reprimanding acts of intimidation at branches and the kind of thuggery that happened in Free State – calling a PGC in 24 hrs against the rules & when other branches have not concluded their business of nominating their preferred candidates. Numerous ANC own goals. Giving the enemy the weapon with which to annihilate you.

  2. The sorry situation is when you keep seeing PIC involvement without a matching Transformational picture.

    Will we ever get a Brian Molefe ever again?

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