Raks Seakhoa Pays Tribute to Ronnie Mamoepa: Freedom’s Call

Freedom’s Call
(For Comrade Ronnie Mamoepa, Adios!)


A spirited soul refusing to be dispirited,
Against all odds, you fought gallantly, regardless,
Whether with a foe or friend,
Your compass always to all fairness levelled.

From the dusty streets of Pheli,
You dissolved borders physical and fairy,
With the Internationale thundering away hunger, plunder and unshackling prisoners,
Always giving a thought to Africa, whence all things new sprout and pass.
Bargaining with God and our Gods to bless Africa’s sons and daughters.

Stepping up from imposed hunger and darkened future,
You felled down our oppressors’ jail walls tall,
You blasted away the iron strong doors locked!
Defiantly raising the people’s flag atop the seat of state power!

To the very end, you lived Phiri’s mantra:
Never to “whisper in the deep!”
As a people informed is a people free:
Their destiny in their hands infinitely grasped.

So, Comrade Ronnie, as you determinedly yonder stride,
As we with broken hearts you farewell bid,
We draw courage from you and the Internationale:
“So Comrades, come rally and the last fight let us face,
The Internationale, unite the human race! ”

Robala ka khotso le khutso, Tau!
You, a revolutionary to the end!
May your soul rest in graceful and eternal peace,
Your internationalist spirit lives!

Morakabe Raks Seakhoa, 26th July 2017, Randpark Ridge

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  1. Powerful! Ronnie is but one of those few that we will always think of as true comrades and heroes in our struggle to the end. It is never too late for us pick up a baton from him and continue the truthful and non-compromising race of the struggle towards the true liberation of our country South Africa. Aluta Continua! Continuare La Lotta!

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