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In the quest for a new economic order in our country – one that would see black people access the economy at a much faster pace than we’ve seen since the democratic dispensation, we at UnCensored welcome last week’s cabinet reshuffle. We join the majority of South Africans who say we are sick and tired of this country’s Poverty, Inequality and UnEmployment….

We must ensure that this radical economic transformation happens in our lifetime, if not for us then for our children and generations to come. The lives lost and the blood spilt for this freedom would have been in vain otherwise.

We must ensure that Radical Economic Transformation does not end up on the heap of the plethora of terms that have come to characterise South Africa and have presented no real difference in the lives of the majority of South Africans.

While we appreciate the cabinet reshuffle of last week, it would be of no use ushering-in a new group of ministers and deputy ministers who would continue on the same economic trajectory that has seen a society where the black majority remain on the margins; economically, culturally and institutionally. It cannot happen.

For the past twenty-three years we the citizens of this country, who have put the ANC in government have allowed all forms of capture of the ANC and the government. We have been patient in the hope that the government we put in power and which preaches its commitment to eradicating poverty, inequality and unemployed, will really deliver to its people and not the handful of people that dominate the economy and government’s procurement spend.

As Khotso Molekane put it succinctly in the first of a series of discussions we must have on radical economic transformation, we must take over our power. We must define what radical economic transformation is and give practical means by which it can be attained. Here are his proposals http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/sp-downgrade-offers-opportunity-explore-options-without-blackmail-rating-agencies/

UnCensored therefore calls on progressive South Africans to contribute to the discussion of radical economic transformation.

Contributions of any length, preferably not less than 350 words, can be sent to: uncensoredopinion1@gmail.com

We look forward to a robust discussion.



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  1. Government spent about 8 to 900 billion rand per year procuring goods and services. Ringfence 60% of that amount for the first three years in procuring only from black (100% black owned and managed) firms. Thereafter it should only go up. That would amount to radical economic transformation.

  2. This debate is very relevant and interesting and should be taken to all walks of life where a man on the street, and ordinary worker, a racist farmer, a CEO of a big cooperate firm or a cabinet minister can be able to access it and make a contribution.
    Khotso has given a good concept we can work on moving forward and like he rightfully say, the Radical Economic Transformation should now take shape and not remain a slogan which will never see the daylight.
    My main focus as long term goal moving forward will be on quality and education orientation our people receive from primary schools to institutions of higher learning in our country.
    The Problem with education at its current form is that it teaches a black person that everything that is African is inferior.
    The so called middle class people living in the suburbs which I always stumble upon in supermarkets on weekends, speak to their children in English and when there is a granny who happened to be around and ask why is the child spoken to in English; The answer will be: “Akasazi IsiZulu” or “Ga itse Setswana” meaning he/she does not understand Zulu or Tswana which are supposedly his/her mother tongue and you will see how proud the mother or father feel after giving that moronic response. This shows lack of confidence on who you really are.
    When you interrogate this further, you are then asked: Where will my child work with an African language?
    Now you get it. Black children are taught to be workers not employers and that is part of the reason why you find so many black graduates sitting at home with their degrees. The employment market cannot absorb them all given the fact that the number of students graduating from universities has largely increased in recent years.
    It then becomes very clear how deep an African mind is captured, enslaved and damaged by colonialist education system.
    The education system needs to be remodeled completely to bring back African men and women self love, self respect and confidence to compete in this competitive world as Africans and not as a fake Europeans.
    We must teach our Children to be employers at a very tender age and tell them that they are as good speaking their language as anyone who speaks English as a mother tongue.
    It must be noted that Germans, Chinese, Russians learn in their mother tongue at school and they have produced best scientist, engineers, doctors and teachers in the world. You can do English as a subject in school but it is easy to learn and understand learning in your mother tongue.
    For Short to Medium Term Goals I suggest:
    1. We push our government to enforce Skills Development Act, and ensure that Industries comply (heavy penalties for the defaulters) so that we can produce skilled and experienced graduates who are entrepreneurs and can create job opportunities.
    2. TVET Colleges are very important and skill like plumbing, carpentry, welding, bricklaying, etc. are in massive demand and the same process as in university graduates above can be followed for Artisans as well, and this can be a catalyst to Radical Economic Transformation realization. It must be noted that black Artisans wait on the streets to be picked-up by white contractors who in most cases don’t even have a clue on any of the skills shown above but because they have entrepreneurial skills, they employ and in most cases even exploit these guys.
    3. If the concern that local industry will produce skilled but brainwashed people persists, then I agree that the Government has relationship with Countries like Russia, China, Cuba and India and we can send our people to be trained there.
    Our Government has been training doctors in Cuba therefore I don’t think that training other professionals in foreign countries should be a problem.
    But as for attitudes, for me this should be a long term goal starting from very early child wood learning because, if a person is a brain-washable person who was taught that he is not good enough as a Sotho, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa or Zulu in his/her early life, then it will be to late at College or University Graduate Level. He/she will be long been brainwashed by monopoly capitalist by that time.
    Our main focus is to Economically Transform our people thus improve their lives (we can deal with their attitudes later), everyone disadvantaged by WMC (even if he/she because of his/her ignorance thinks that he/she is advantaged by WMC) must benefit from This Radical Socio Economic Transformation, and I Think that might contribute to attitude change a bit.
    The Government Policies to make this happen are there but the problem is non-enforcement which was also highlighted many times therefore the new crop of ministers coming in must make sure that there is enforcement of these policies.
    And PK, I will really appreciate it if we can try to expand this Platform to reach many people than it does now because I see that there is a lot of good that can come out of this.
    A page in the New Age maybe, call it PKs Platform or Forum (that will increase their sales as well) or a slot in ANN7 TV Channel or SABC.
    Just a suggestion.

  3. From the enterprise perspective, I see low hanging fruit in state procurement. A 5 year audit of procurement (R) value spent on Black enterprises is essential if not critical, this being conducted on state owned enterprises. We have to ask how much each soe spends on procurement of goods and services annually, and how much is spent on black enteprises and white ones likewise. With that information at our disposal we can begin serious economic transformation negotiations with boards, ceo’s and leadership of soe’s. Afrikaners got empowered economically through this vehicle.

  4. Inkulumo kaZuma izwakala kancono kuSABC,HHAAYI koANN manga7 no ENemenceza CA.I just had mind blasted to RET WonderFullLand.Today the President was crisp clear.The debate must happen fast.

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