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FOR over two-and-half years we’ve allowed our readers access to UnCensored content free of charge. Even our enemies visit our site, sadly mostly for nefarious reasons. But with the rising costs in the production and dissemination of the blog, we simply cant keep it going with our limited resources and donations.

We have therefore decided to close-off most of our content (Premium content) and open it to readers who are willing to assist us by paying a monthly fee of approximately R200 or R2100 annual membership fee. 

To Sign-Up To Our Membership go to the Membership page and complete the form. 

Those who wish to continue donating, can do so by going to the Donate Page

We are grateful to all those who have donated in the past and implore those who read UnCensored regularly to do so. It is the only way we can keep alive alternative voices and stories that mainstream media bury. 

For donations you can use the Paypal system or offline donations to:

Account Name: Uhuru Press
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62583256625

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