Are Protests in “Coloured” Areas about Service Delivery or Part of DA regime-change efforts?

By Brian Ebden


We can argue of course, that Zuma has successfully resisted repeated attempts by white monopoly capital to remove him from power. From his “rape” case, to his corruption trial and the call to leave office by subversive elements from within the ANC and its alliances to new quasi-political organisations to the general public – largely white and of course, the DA and EFF. All attempts to make Mister Houdini disappear have failed. The President has easily eclipsed the tremendous resilience of the great King Moshoeshoe I of the Basotho nation when it comes to dealing effectively with white settler trickery and aggression in whatever form it comes.

Slowly but surely more and more black South Africans are awakening to the fact that there is far more to the repeated attempts to remove Zuma from power than meets the eye. The President has come out openly and stated that 2017 is the year for Radical Economic Transformation which includes the Land Appropriation Bill which he has stated will be altered to fit in with this transformation. Obviously this has created significant angst within the white community and represents a virtual death-blow to white monopoly capital who we all know; controls every facet of the economy in the country but more importantly owns the bulk of the land and its resources.

The low intensity war against the President has recently been stepped up and the background to total war is busy being created. In as much as the so-called uprising in the largely so-called ”Coloured” community in Eldorado Park and now Ennerdale (both being Democratic Alliance strongholds in a city managed by the same DA) is supposedly about service-delivery together with the war playing itself out in Cape Town townships; in terms of the ongoing gang-violence –  will be used by those who wish the President gone – this will undoubtedly create an atmosphere and backdrop of anarchy and will begin their planned violent regime change.

The President now needs to be ultra-vigilant on both overt and covert attempts on his life and to closely watch those senior members in the military who will be offered ridiculous sums of money to stage a military coup. Whatever spooks the President has in his arsenal must be set into motion – whatever assistance he can get from Russian special forces – he needs to move on them now. The black public at large must condemn any and all action to remove the President.

The time to unite and support the President against white minority capital and the illegal occupation of our country is upon us. We are at war – WAKE UP!

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  1. I think Deven was having nightmares, to get up at 02:00 am look for uncensored blog only call us all Idiots.
    That’s a clear sign of some kind of metal disorder….

    1. Dear Deven

      Welcome to UnCensored. Our motto here is to trade ideas, debunk each others’ perceptions and not trade labels. We know the easiest way out of a debate is insults but we don’t pander to your little minuscule tactics. One liners and catch phrases on this blog don’t work. You need to substantiate your line – which we shouldn’t really entertain but we shall. Those like you have failed to return.
      We hope you make our year and respond….


      Pinky Khoabane

  2. I myself is Part of that Jumbled Mix created by the Apartheid of being a subdivision of Coloured people.

    That has never deterred me from the Fact that reality was always about Black & White. The in between was intended to narrow the majority of us & create identity crisis amongst ourselves.

    So when I speak against the oppression of black people, I speak on behalf of the natives of this country which is Khoi nation & the black nation owners and founders of this country.

  3. 6. “The Group Areas Act defined three races, [Group Areas Board chairperson] Dr Van Rensburg said – ‘white, native and coloured’. All those who fell between white and native were regarded as coloured. But the Act allowed the coloured group to be subdivided into Indian, Chinese, Malays and those commonly known as coloured people. The Malays were regarded as Malays only as long as they lived in their own group area … If they moved into another area, even across the road, they became coloureds.” – Cape Times, 1961

  4. TRC should have been only dealt with after the second phase of our Democracy.

    #“When land is returned or equaly shared “

    # When economonic control imbalances and eqaulities are rectified.

  5. Service delivery protest are genuine thus we need to support the notion of Radical Socio-economic Transformation as championed by the president.
    But I think what Brian Ebden failed to mention here is that, there were comments by the some of the protesters claiming, I quote,”We are the descendants of the Khoisan People therefore the first inhabitants of this country”.
    Please note that the WMC has been pushing this narrative of saying that there was no people here except the Khoisan People (or the Bushmen as the Apartheid Government written history books is calling them).
    But true history has proven them wrong, there were people here in South Africa long before the white man came here and starting to write his distorted history of Africa (go to Maruping when you are not sure what am I talking about). You will be surprised that in fact, the oldest human ancestory is in Africa.
    So, the grand standing by protesters saying “We are the first to have lived in this country” is worrying.
    Where does that come from?
    Is not coming from the Divide and Rule Agencies which are the same WMC Agencies.
    There is a rat here.
    But the Government must deliver services to the people so that these Counter Revolutionary Forces can be defeated.

    1. Dear Mzi

      Context is everything. Those of us who don’t watch or read news now get a sense of the context within which the article is based.

      Thank you.



  6. Dear Brian Ebden
    A good article

    Am however disturbed by certain extract in your article.

    Your ref to Aldorado Park & Ennerdale as “so called Coloured Areas”

    The Protest in theses areas are nothing new and they are about service delivery!

    yes like all protest in every area there certain elements of criminals that take advantage of the situation for their own gain

    Gangster ism & drag dealing problems in cape town has been going on for decades, govt provincial & national have failed to deal harshly with these criminal, people live in fear every single day in these areas.

    Hence to suggest or assume that these acts relate to regime change is absurd!

    Please retract

    1. Dear Jeff

      I find your response contradictory. If it is good, why should Brian retract?



  7. Ebden, i tend to concur with Aus Pinky. Government has not delivered services fast enough to all communities. It is as clear as mud. If u listened to the people of Eldos and Ennerdale as well as those in Mpumalanga and Limpopo then you must realise that the problem is universal. It is in fact not just those in so called “coloured” areas. We should guard in delivering fake and conspiracy theories, People are fed up of not having decent services delivered to them. In the economic heartland of South Africa we should all endeavour to serve our people better.

    1. Jannie, I truly am not convinced. But I must say, I can’t always publish what I agree with.

  8. Thank you for publishing Sister..We all agree that service delivery is a legitimate gripe. But the element that infiltrated these protests and the violence and looting that followed makes us suspect that we have a “colour revolution”, Arab Spring uprising for regime change upon us..

    1. Thanks Sean.

      You see the article doesn’t explain what it is that is different about this protest to make us believe it is part of regime-change campaign. Looting and violence have become part of today’s so called service delivery concerns which have made many people to lose trust in the legitimacy of the concerns raised. We know that gangsters & agents provocateurs infiltrate every legitimate struggle for socio-economic & political rights. Its nothing new.
      The article fails to point us to why we should believe this is regime change and not just the usual thuggery.

      I implore you or Brian to write us another article explaining the make-up of these “elements that infiltrated these protests” that have raised your suspicion that “we have a colour revolution”.



  9. Good Day

    I read your articles without fail and post them in other social media platforms. I do this because they awaken most of us who have been in slumberland on critical issues in our young democracy.
    Having stated the above I am not convinced though that the service delivery unrests in so-called Coloured areas is an attempt to or a program to bring regime change. Service delivery unrests in this country have become the orde of the day due to lack of basic services and or due to perceived failure of the star to defend and protect the vulnerable members of our communities. It is actually not even the first or second time that Eldos is up in arms. You will recal that under the ANC administration in JHB the President had to visit the area. Edenpark in Ekurhuleni had similar protests under the ANC administration for as far as one can remember.
    In my view it is therefore unfounded to sweep so-called Coloured people with one broom and claim they are anti Zuma. In fact if more research is done you could find out that there are more people who are progressive in those areas. It’s also not necessarily factual that these areas are populated by so-called Coloureds we could be surprised that there are more Africans in those areas.

    For me this article is misleading and gets my big thumbs down as it’s actually perpetrating racial biasness against the so-called Coloured people.

  10. Dear Brian

    I will be honest and say Im not completely convinced that these protests seek to overthrow the president. I accept that there is a regime-change campaign underway and we’ve written about it extensively here on UnCensored. But I don’t see how these particular protests are any different from the ones that have occurred around the country in the past and in recent days.
    I think we must guard against sweeping-under-the-carpet the government’s failures in delivering basic services to the people and camouflaging it under all manner of other issues.
    I will however not dictate to the reader what they will make of this view hence I’ve published it. In fact the measure of free speech is allowing and protecting the views with which you don’t agree and dislike.



    1. Hi Pinky….I love and respect your vocabulary more especially on how you do your reporting, corrections, accurate writing on political articles and giving advice without bias…….At least i can learn more from a journalist like you……. keep up the good work daughter of the soil….

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