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President Zuma needs a fresh team of lawyers to advise him honestly


By Pinky Khoabane

President Jacob Zuma will need a better legal team than the one that showed-up in court today if he’s to stave-off the unrelenting pressure for regime change.

In a last minute U–turn, the President today, withdrew his move to interdict the release of the report into State Capture. I’m not a law expert but it was clear that he was within his right to demand that he be afforded the right to cross-examine witnesses interviewed in the investigations into State Capture and was not granted by the right by the former public protector, Thuli Madonsela.

So why go to court to interdict the report instead of approaching the new public protector to appeal for more time to do what is his constitutional right and interview the witnesses?

If the court decides as is now being demanded by the opposition parties, that the report be released within 24 hours, where does it leave his right to challenge the report? Again, Im no lawyer but the intention to interdict and then withdraw leaves him in a position of weakness and a suggestion, he may have had no case at all.

Then we have the Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane’s case to interdict the State Capture report, which is to be heard next week. What happens now that the president has withdrawn his case?

The Nkandla issue for which the president finally conceded after putting the country through one of the most painful time, should have ended when Madonsela first recommended that he pays a portion of the costs that went towards non-security items on his home.

We are at a time in our history where we have little faith in some of the institutions that are supposed to uphold the law and deliver justice. The rush of the state capture report by the previous public protector together with the charges against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan which were instituted by National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and swiftly withdraw ahead of massive marches, many funded by white capitalists, leave us with little faith in these institutions.

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  1. This withdrawal robs the country of an opportunity to fully understand the nature of the Public Protectors processes. Does she have to follow the same processes as a court of law?

    Secondly, if the report is taken on review, it will interesting to find out if the President can be instructed to institute a commission of enquiry.

  2. I have to agree with you on that one . The president certainly has to look into re-vamping his legal team . I personally feel that he had a very strong case . His advisers however let him ( and by extension , the broader liberation movement ) severely compromised in the face of the counter-revolutionery assault .
    In so far as our constitutional institutions are concerned , their credibility has also been severely compromised .Former Public Protector Madonsela’s readiness to play to the public gallery , together with the strong perception that she was always inclined to pursue matters on behalf of the opposition parties while she was hostile to the state , have left the reputation of the office in tatters .
    Finally , ( and I know that this is one topic which very few are comfortable discussing ) , the attitude of the North Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa ever since the Al Bashir saga leaves a lot to be desired . Fortunately I do not serve in the executive because I would be very distressed if I were to be come before those judges.

  3. Why interdict a public report, instituted by the public, through a public institution,(Public Protector) for the public, with public funds??? The legal advice, at public expense, leaves much to ponder…..

    1. Which public instituted this narrow investigation into state capture? The DA does represent the public. Its politics sponsored by capitalists who it (DA) protects.

      I have no problem with probing Guptas and everybody else that has captured the state.

  4. On zuma getting new lawyers,does zuma listen I doubt, he is narcissist and had his lawyers instructed him to release the state capture report without all these vacillation he would snub them,infact zuma likes listen to the voices of apostate people who don’t make sense eg manyi,sipho seepe and many new lows, his fate is sealed zuma and anc must go

  5. Whether funded by capitalist or not is not an issue what is important is for the marches to send a noble message that anc has stoop low and no knowledge about administrative law,the marches has send a strong message and prepare anc to start to prepare themselves for 2019 exit.take the case of abrahams isn’t what we are seeing incompetence,sars,eskom,sabc and saa in fact anc rule has been deplorable is time the must prepare and accept that their president is failed project and owning up than distancing themselves from that

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