Pravin Must Subject Himself to Cross Examination If He’s Telling The Truth

By Akuba Mokoena

PUBLIC ENTERPRISES Minister Pravin Gordhan has reportedly refused to be cross examined by former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane at the State Capture Commission.

We’ve said it here and will say it again. Gordhan seems to think he’s above the law and he isn’t. It would be in his interest to subject himself to cross examination by any implicated persons so that his testimony can be taken seriously.

The basis of his refusal, is among others, that this is a veiled effort to use the Commission as political platform to advance Economic Freedom Fighters’ campaign against him. What a load of nonsense? What campaign is this against him?

Gordhan had constantly refused to be subjected to any form of accountability and his refusal to do so is protected by establishment media as he’s their darling. Every time he’s supposed to account for his actions, we are told about a “Fight back by elements of state capture”. That label cannot hold forever Mr Minister.

This is a minister who has unlawfully removed people from their positions under the guise of cleaning SOEs. While this itself isn’t a problem, he has abused his power and shown the courts which ruled that the sacking of these people was unlawful, the middle finger. Imagine the public outcry if anybody had overruled the courts as this man has! But the public’s response is dictated by establishment media which has protected Gordhan.

When Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane subpoenaed Gordhan to answer to allegations relating to the early retirement of former SARS Deputy Commissioner Ivan Pillay when he was SARS Commissioner, he campaigned through the media, projecting himself a victim of some campaign against him by former President Jacob Zuma’s allies. He and Ranjeni Munusamy who broke the story, went as far as to break the rules of the Commission which prohibited them from disclosing the complainant in a protected disclosure. Gordhan wrote to the State Capture Commission complaining about Mkhwebane and accusing her of abusing her power. He also named the complainant in the Pillay matter which is against the rules.

Today he refused to be subjected to Moyane’s cross-examination. What has he got to hide? Surely if his testimony is true it ought to withstand every scrutiny, including the so-called campaign by EFF.

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