Plethora of ANCvANC Cases An Indictment On Secretary General’s Office

By Pinky Khoabane


ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe

THE plethora of cases in the courts, with one faction of the African National Congress (ANC) pitted against another is a serious indictment on the secretary general’s office and points to the ineptitude and need to strengthen that office. Stemming from these cases, it is also clear that the ANC needs to familiarise itself with its own Constitution unless it is being deliberately misinterpreted for personal agendas.

In the latest case, held in Pietermaritzburg yesterday, the ANC KZN provincial executive committee (PEC) appealed an earlier ruling which annulled the PEC and declared the provincial electoral conference of 2015 null and void. Judgement was reserved but Advocate Dali Mpofu who is among the counsel representing many of the disaffected ANC members in these cases tweeted that it would not be long before the current PEC would have to leave office. “After listening to legal arguments & questions of the judges it looks most likely that the KZN PEC will be booted out of office next week….”. Whatever your views on him, the truth is he and other lawyers have been winning these cases.

The day before the Pietermaritzburg case was the ruling in Mangaung which annulled twenty-nine (29) ANC Free State branches which held their branch general meetings (BGMs) between August and September this year. The ruling said the BGMS were “unlawful”, “irregular” and “unconstitutional”. As the case was being heard, the Free State was also holding its hastily convened provincial general council (PGC) to consolidate the nominations made by the branches. Some say the same branches whose BGMs were before the court were being counted in the PGC. You have to ask yourself why anyone would want to convene a PGC within 24 hours notice when it was scheduled for three or so days later.

Last week, Acting Judge C Moosa annulled the Ekurhuleni 6th ANC Youth League Conference that sat on 5th May 2017. The Judge, like others across the country on procedural matters of how ANC conferences are conducted, found the event to be “irregular and inconsistent with the ANCYL Constitution and ANCYL Congress Guidelines”. He declared all Youth League branch executive committees in the region to be null and void. He further instructed the regional youth league structure to “re-organise, re-establish and coordinate the Ekurhuleni Region and branches as per clause 7.2 (c) of the ANCYL Constitution”.

On 13 December, the Johannesburg High Court will hear a case against the Ekurhuleni ANC Women’s League’s regional conference.

These words – “irregular”, “unlawful” and “unconstitutional” – run through all the judgements. It must concern the ANC.

Many lament the fact that ANC members resort to courts but in truth, the complainants have gone through the internal processes with absolutely no outcome.

Many of the disputes currently before the dispute resolution committees following complaints about BGMs in most provinces have not been resolved. Again, the ANC faithful will have to resort to courts to bring urgent matters to finality.

The incoming secretary general needs help in dealing swiftly with complaints that come before the office. Comrade Gwede Mantashe has not executed this function well and the plethora of cases against the ANC bears testimony to this fact.

Like the ANC’s elusive call for unity this year – in the name of Oliver Reginald Tambo no less – the call to nominate competent leaders doesn’t seem to have mattered much. It is under Comrade Senzo Mchunu, now touted for the secretary general’s position on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s slate that the “unlawful” and “unconstitutional” KZN provincial conference occurred. He was the chairman of ANC KZN then.

The ANC needs to revamp its constitution or ensure members understand and follow guidelines of its constitution to avoid internal disputes going to court. The proposal to increase deputy secretaries to ensure efficiency is no longer one to be debated but to be adopted. The secretary general’s office has been nothing but shambolic.


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  1. I thought the ANC subscribes to collective leadership. Suddenly one man has to take the blame. Very interesting

    1. It’s collective leadership and each man/woman must go implement decisions taken by the collective on his/her own. The various tasks as allocated by the collective leadership are done by individuals

  2. Let me start with NUM. Gwede Mantashe was the GS and he spliced AMCU was formed and he became the GS of ANC today we are having EFF. My question is, how long are we going to have incompetent people like him in the high ranks of the the ANC? If he occupy any office in the December I’m telling you at end of His term ANC will be history. Mantashe is a killer and will make sure that he kills the AND when leaving the office because he knows how to destroy. In fact he’s the weapon of mass distraction in every office he is deployed, he destroys. AND MUST BE AWARE OF GWEDE MANTASHE.

    1. Can you please elaborate on “in fact he’s the weapon of mass destruction in every every office he deployed”..

    2. I totally agree with that label of:

      “The weapon of mass destruction”

      That’s what he is & who he is! That man is very self centered, when challenged he quickly accuse you of being a non democrat(cheap way of running away from a debate)

  3. Yes what is true is Comrade Gwede Mantashe has totally failed in his execution of his function, resulting in these matters being refered to courts.

    Its a shame and a Sham how the office of the SG has been run, under the leadership of Cde Mantashe.

    With regards to Adv Mpofu comment that Kzn PEC will soon be kicked out of the office! While not a law expert I beg to disagree with that assertion,that can only happen after the pending SCA appeal fails.

    1. Cde Mantashe has failed the ANC faithful in that office. In terms of Adv Mpofu, I think he simply meant the KZN PEC is sure to lose the appeal. But yes, you are right Cde Jeff, only the SCA appeal can determine when the KZN PEC must dissolve & get out of the office.

  4. It all boils down to the leadership of Luthuli House CEO.

    It also goes to the core of the article you previously wrote about Ekurhuleni branch irregularities.

    But the buck stops with the CEO of Luthuli House and I have so much to say about how he messed up not only the ANC but the entire Alliance.

    1) It was under his direct involvement that SAFTU was formed. NUMSA’s Irvin Jim indicated how he wanted to have NUMSA sequestrated before they left COSATU.

    2) He is directly responsible for the formation of AMCU. After the disciplinary of Joseph Mathunjwa which did not find him guilty of wrongdoing in the NUM, it is reported that he Instituted A SECOND DISCIPLINARY HEARING CHAIRED BY HIM WHICH EXPELLED MATHUNJWA.

    3) He can be directly held responsible for the formation of the EFF.

    In 2012 during Mangaung, when Malema sent a letter of apology after being expelled from the ANC, he was interviewed on television and full of smiles he bragged that the conference did not even read Malema’s letter. This is proof that unlike other ANC breakaway parties, EFF was not formed out of anger as always alleged. It was formed after Malema was denied a second chance by Gwede Mantashe during Mangaung.

    4) Tshwane Metro went to the DA and EFF because of him IMPOSING THOKO DIDIZA.

    5) Nelson Mandela Bay went to the DA because of Mantashe’s failed Project Danny Jordaan.

    6) Denials of the Etolls by Mantashe’s ANC handed over Joburg Metro to the DA which they so conveniently blame on Zuma’s popularity

    7) Lastly his successful removal of Thandi Modise from Luthuli House who it was rumored he did not get along with before seconded to North West Premiership.

    But the list is endless.

    Mantashe messed up the ANC.

    I don’t want to include the Protests related to Demarcation board decisions which gave birth to the likes of AIC.

    1. Wow, what a list Kobedi. But I just wonder, could all these be blamed on one man? How do we ensure accountability of the Top 6 and the rest of the NEC in these kinds of issues? Where is their responsibility?

      One of the biggest problems that has captured the ANC is arrogance driven by egos. That’s why some ministers would go to the extent of saying they dont want dirty votes or drive through townships in a motorcade of expensive cars during elections when they as leaders have done very little to improve those townships. One minister for a long time spent all his time showing us pictures of his high life.

      Im not one to watch tv but if indeed Cde Mantashe went on television bragging about Malema that is pathetic. But even the spat between him and Cde Lindiwe Sisulu over the exiles was handled so poorly and in the public domain.

      Why? It’s a sign of lack of leadership because the matter should have been handled internally among the leadership and egos ironed out. Instead even Cde Lindiwe posted endless tweets on why she wasn’t royalty and moved on to attack Cde Cyril Ramaphosa. I mean….like….eish..

      1. Sis Pinky, I agree with you that it can’t be one man destroying the organization however what I listed above are individual actions of one man.

        Again if you contrast Cde Mantashe’s actions and pronouncements on issues he feels strongly against verses what he aproves you can clearly see through his deceptive conduct.

        Example: He is the one who always sings that people should take issues to their Branches and he does so only when he is directly opposed to the view being erred.

        When he feels strongly on something he will err it in public and not go to his Branch as he preaches to others, such as when he discussed his endorsement of Ramaphosa.

        Lastly, even if ANC leads through a collective, the other Top 6 do not oversee Administrative running of day to day issues at Luthuli House.

        That is left to him and one of the things Malema did when he was still there was to steal the spotlight from him.

        So he had a short-lived direct benefit of seeing Malema being removed from Luthuli House the same way he did with Thandi Modise.

        1. Give me an example here Comrade “Example: He is the one who always sings that people should take issues to their Branches and he does so only when he is directly opposed to the view being erred”.

          I agree with you on the collective vz administrative roles which is what I told Fishmonger.

          But I cant see how he can solely be blamed for expelling Malema and other issues.

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