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UnCensored is an independent online news platform that provides investigative journalism, news largely ignored by establishment media and historical events that shape our lives.
We are not backed by billionaire businessmen or politicians. We are self funded and rely on the donations made by readers and we are extremely appreciative of these donations.The advertisements that run on the pages actually make no money unless clicked through and we are not making any money from the advertising.
Our views are uncensored, independent and are not influenced by anyone. Our contributors submit whatever they want and unless it violates principles that govern free speech and are not hateful, they are published.
We know that over 2,000 of you are subscribers of UnCensored. We have, on average 4000 new views a week. The time you spend on each story tells us many of you read through the stories. Many of you have congratulated us on the educational value of the articles we post and we are grateful. We therefore don’t want to put up a paywall so that our stories are open and accessible to everyone.
But we simply cant run without financial injection and we therefore implore you to contribute financially to keep this platform alive. Ka se Afrika re re matsoho a hlatswana, izandla ziyagezana.
Our banking details are:
Uhuru Press
Account Number: 62583256625
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