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FOR years we’ve heard of the Spy tapes and have relied on whatever little information establishment media have given us with regards to the contents of the conversations contained in them. This week we’ve managed to find transcripts of these tapes and published them for everyone to read and make up their mind.

We receive many stories of corporate corruption which we cant investigate due to lack of resources. These are stories establishment media will never touch and if they do, will publish in some obscure pages using language that sanitises the fraudulent activity. Corporate corruption wherein big business come together to plot ways to defraud citizens, for example, is referred to as collusion; the Steinhoff R150billion fraud, the biggest in South Africa, is called a debacle while VBS scandal is called a heist. The faces of the men and women who steal in corporate South Africa are largely hidden and instead we are shown the logos of their companies. 

This is what Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman described in their seminal book, Manufacturing Consent – The Political Economy of the Mass Media, as propaganda for the manufacturing of public consent about a particular issue.

Unlike corporate media, we rely on donations and have begun a membership/subscription to readers as a means of bringing-in money to allow us to undertake the investigations we want to do. We thank the handful of readers who help us do our work, le ka moso.  We have just over a 1000 readers who visit our blog daily and we implore you to please donate. 

Please donate towards these investigations:

  1. We have just received information on an elaborate scheme by lawyers who act for parents whose children have been handicapped as a result of hospital negligence. It’s a painful story of poor people, many facing hardships of having to look after children who would otherwise be healthy were it not for the negligence of hospitals, and to then be “scammed” by a network created by the lawyers who say they are there to help. 
  2. The Surtie Inheritance 
  3. A woman stands to have her house repossessed in what she claims was a forged signature extending her loan. The bank said it got a signature analyst to verify the signature but the forensic specialist said she did not know anything about the matter. Pressed by the client to give her a letter to the effect, the signature analyst reneged and instead put her lawyers onto the client to try and silence her. 
  4. Collusion between lawyers and banks in what is called forced liquidation. 

There are many more….

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