Paul O Sullivan, DAEFF & Courts – all part of regime change campaign

By Magatshana Ntuli


Paul-OSullivanPaul O Sullivan

THIS has been another dramatic week in South Africa. The continued attempt to turn the country into a so-called banana republic unfolded with the usual actors shamelessly playing their parts.
We had the EFF inviting its darling media partners for another ANC bashing episode for sensational headlines and disturbing sound bites foisted down the throats of news consumers.
From the beginning to the end, the media briefing was an ANC bashing crusade, with the mainstream media cheering on the EFF leaders for the sake of catchy headlines.
Buoyed by favourable coverage from the mainstream media, which has now clearly joined forces with the opposition parties, the DA skirted real issues contained in the State of the Nation Address (SONA) and instead focused on insults and innuendo.
As if this wasn’t enough, enter private investigator Paul O’Sullivan, the SA media’s celebrated “crime buster”. O’Sullivan was arrested and his actual arrest and subsequent release provided a glimpse into the regime change agenda being pushed through destabilising and delegitimising state institutions.
He was charged with fraud, intimidation and extortion, but the High Court in Pretoria ordered his release on the grounds police didn’t comply with a court order that compels the police to give O’Sullivan 48 hours’ notice to present himself at a police station if they want to arrest him.
What nonsense is that? It’s difficult to accept that a competent court can issue such an order. While legal, the precedent it could set may be catastrophic. One wonders if the same court would have granted a similar order if a leading ANC figure had sought such.
The first 48 hours are crucial in solving any crime, but it looks like O’Sullivan has been empowered to even get away with murder because he will have all the time in the world to conceal or destroy evidence before he presents himself at a police station should they want to arrest him.
The shocking reality of it all is that other arms of state are being used in this destabilization of state institutions with the main objective being to eventually collapse the ANC government and replace it with a DA-led coalition government that would halt current economic reforms aimed at redistribution of wealth, land reforms, affirmative action and the real fight against racism.
The loose DA-led coalitions in the Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Metro councils are the bastardised template of a national government, white monopoly capital and it’s media are pushing to install in 2019.
Therefore, all issues and individuals getting positive prime coverage by the media are one way or the other willing participants in the regime change agenda.
It’s sad that the courts are now being used as a political arena and some of their judgments have not done enough to prove their impartiality.
O’Sullivan is presented as a corruption buster, but upon close examination, his role in the regime change agenda appears to be that of causing chaos and confusion within the country’s law enforcement agencies. And to a certain degree, O’Sullivan has been successful in causing divisions in the SAPS and the elite crime-fighting unit the Hawks.
He has also successfully placed a wedge between the SAPS and the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), two institutions that should be working together to ensure efficient, professional and corrupt free policing in the country.
Ipid under Robert McBride has become an anti-SAPS body and has teamed up with O’Sullivan to accuse police commanders of corruption.
Who is this O’Sullivan? He runs a private investigations organisation that offers an assortment of services according to his Paul O’Sullivan & Associates website. The website further says they have a desire and commitment to make SA a better place for ALL and “what sets us apart is that we go where others fear to tread”.
This is quite a false statement to make considering O’Sullivan largely picks on ANC appointed state officials. The one place O’Sullivan and his cabal have not treaded on is the banking industry. He happens to be the complainant in corruption allegations against acting national police commissioner Khomotso Phahlane, but will not tread on Standard Bank and Absa Bank, which are accused of price fixing, manipulating the price of the rand when selling and buying dollars.
The Competition Commission says these criminal dealings by the banks have been going on since 2007. Where was O’Sullivan, who treads where others fear, in the last 10 years when such illegalities were being practiced by these banks?
O’Sullivan’s investigations are politically motivated and his close ties to right wing Afrikaans grouping Afriforum establishes him as a proponent of regime change.

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  1. But why does govt allow people such as O’Sullivan and McBride to destabilize its institutions? Govt needs to remind them who owns the country and who is in charge. Its not dictatorship but defending our birth right. Do you think characters like O’Sillivan would survive in a country like Zimbabwe. Sometimes l feel our govt is too soft. And this will cost us the country one day. Soon we’ll be under neo-apartheid. I am shuddering!

  2. These two little twits namely Julius & Mmusi they both have an Identity crisis, they don’t know whether they coming or going,don’t know the different between right & left, don’t know whether they white or black, just confused little twits sitting on the nest high up on the tree, just about to fall off. Malema has become a Dalema to himself!

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