Parliament Wants Public Protector to Investigate DA Corruption

By Pinky Khoabane


DA Western Cape Premier Helen Zille

ALLEGATIONS of widespread Democratic Alliance (DA) corruption in Knysna are to be tabled and considered by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), the upper house of the Parliament of South Africa. This follows hearings by Parliament’s Select Committee on Petitions and Executive Undertakings on the Love Knysna Petition.

The provincial representatives of the Committee voted in favour of the following recommendations to NCOP:

  • That the National Office of the Public Protector investigate all the issues raised in the [Love Knysna] petition, which involves widespread corruption and maladministration by Western Cape Government and Knysna Municipality politicians and employees
  • That the National Office of the Public Protector further investigate the reluctance on the part of its Provincial Office to investigate the complaints raised in the petition
  • That the National Office of the Public Protector report to the Committee on the progress it has made in investigating the issues raised in the petition, within 60 days of the tabling of this report in the House.

The petition was submitted to the NCOP by Mike Hampton, a community activist and blogger. Submissions to the Committee were made by several activists in Knysna over a period of a year. The petition raises the following allegations against the Knysna Local Municipality (Municipality):

  • 1.1  The alleged criminal funding of Knysna Tourism with tax payers’ money;
  • 1.2  The alleged illegal awarding of the Integrated Strategic Development Framework (ISDF) tender of the Municipality to Knysna Creative Heads, a consortium which had not scored the highest points during the tender process and is headed by a conflictedlocal property developer;
  • 1.3  The alleged illegal appointment of Grant Easton, as Municipal Manager by theMunicipality and the irregularities committed following his appointment as Municipal Manager as well as in his previous appointment as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Municipality; and
  • 1.4 The alleged unconstitutional blocking of his communication at both a local and provincial level as a result of the allegations contained in the petition.

Hampton tables a litany of alleged corrupt activities in the municipality including massive cover-up involving just about every structure of government – DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s Chief of Staff Geordin Hill-Lewis, DA Eastern Region manager Jaco Londt, the Hawks, the local SAPS, the Knysna Magistrates’ Court, the Cape Bar Association and the Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela. “The response has been shocking, suggesting provincial allegiance to the DA no matter the cost to the public,” Hampton writes in his blog.

Here’s Mike Hampton’s article on the matter: http://www.knysnakeep.org/parliament-public-protector-investigate-democratic-alliance-corruption/ (note that there are factual errors and many omissions
e.g. several politicians made false statements to the media
but Premier Helen Zille did not do that. However, she is implicated.)


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  1. Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!! Just when I was beginning to accept that there are different moral standards for the DA as compared to the ANC ,it really does do make feel a little bit good inside.

    1. Cde Greg the corruption in Knysna is simply incredible. The DA is behaving like some Mafia gang and the media and all other structures of government including the media are completely silent.
      Imagine how many other municipalities they run which are as corrupt but dont have crusaders like Mike Hampton?
      Let’s see where this goes!

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