Pan-Africanism: The Only Solution to Neo-Colonialism

By Sebastiane Ebatamehi

Africa must consider Kwame Nkrumah’s message of Pan-Africanism now more than ever before because as he rightly prophesied in 1965, Neo-Colonialism is upon us!

In the wake of Brexit, one can vividly see the true colours of Europe and Britain as regards their pernicious interests in Africa. Within a space of one week, British Prime minister, Theresa May and the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel led high level diplomats and trade delegates to Africa as they battle to dominate Africa. China on the other hand like a venomous viper, is employing a subtle but shrewd approach in its dealings with Africa. Under the pretence of investments, they have penetrated and taken over the economies of many African countries like Ethiopia. Within a space of one year, Nigeria has gotten loans from China totaling over $10bn and the Nigerian president like many other African leaders in their lack of wisdom and greed jump at these opportunities which are baits to further open the African borders to substandard Chinese products and human exploitation.

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