The Ordeal Of Yet Another Rape Survivor


Lehlogonolo Mlambo – this is her Twitter profile. 

I just received a message in my private inbox on Twitter from Lehlogonolo Mlambo. “Please Mama, retweet, I need those men found”. My response: “What men?” When I didn’t get an immediate answer I thought to go to her account to see what men she was talking about. I just could not believe that the men to whom she was referring are her rapists. As the young people say: I wasn’t ready.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 3.47.31 PM

Tears just welled up in my eyes. This is the young woman whose head scarves I posted here when I wrote the piece about Buying Black.

This is a business run by a young Black woman

These are the head scarves by Hloni

I’m deeply saddened by her ordeal and that of the many other women who find themselves facing the brutality and barbarism of some men. Like the many women who live to tell their story, she is on Twitter. She’s not in hiding. She’s demanding that law enforcement helps her find these horrible individuals. We need men to stand up and fight this scourge alongside women and say: Not in our name.

I’m meeting a few Young Lions in a couple of minutes and I hope I can encourage them to take up this fight. I hope our readers – men and women – can help in this fight too.

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  1. What a story.

    Hloni on behalf of the all the men I know, we are saying sorry for your ordeal and hope and pray for you find peace through this tragedy.

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