Opposition to the introduction of nuclear energy in SA not new


Since the days of former President Thabo Mbeki there was already opposition to the introduction of nuclear energy by those with colonial links ….Mxolisi KaNkomonde

There has been a lot of negativity surrounding governments’ plan to add nuclear in our energy mix, largely led by the liberal media and the DA with the EFF joining the fray after announcing that it would vote for the DA in Johannesburg and Tshwane. Their reasons for opposing this reliable form of energy, more so for industrial purposes, are claims of corruption, nepotism and the potential collapse of the economy.

Opposition to nuclear energy is not new. Even former President Thabo Mbeki’s administration had to face a series of litigation from environmental NGO, Earth Life. Mbeki had a vision of an African Renaissance and that renaissance included developing industrial energy sources in Africa since Africa has been exporting almost 100% of her resources raw from 1884, the dawn of direct colonial rule.

Mbeki visited China in 2002 and saw a working prototype of a pebble-bed modulator reactor (PBMR) and decided that government should invest more in this technology which had already been procured from Germany in 1993.

The London based Africa Confidential was the first international media outlet to attack the nuclear programme. In November 2002 with their article titled “A nuclear waste: Eskom’s nuclear programme appeals to national pride, but it may not succeed.”

Eskom funded this innovative nuclear energy programme until former Chief Executive Officer of London based AngloGold Ashanti, Bobby Godsell, who was Eskom’s chairperson in 2009 handed out a list of “unfinished business” to Eskom’s management which included a review of Eskom’s support for the PBMR project and a discussion of long term coal contracts.

The PBMR project was eventually canned by Public Enterprises Minister Barbara Hogan in September 2010.

President Jacob Zuma’s administration has since re-election in 2014 rekindled the idea of adding nuclear to our energy mix with vigour and the attacks against him and the idea of nuclear energy have been constant.

DA leader Mmusi Maimaine wrote an editorial for News24 with a headline: “DA will do anything to stop Zupta’s bribed-soaked nuclear deal”.

What is surprising about this editorial is that Maimane highlights one out of thirteen service providers from which the Department of Energy has procured services to assist on an advisory and transactional basis, two are part of the big five accounting and auditing firms. The DA’s leader seems to be promoting the same narrative as Soros funded Mail & Guardian that cited “Zuma’s pal Vivian Reddy benefits from nuclear deal” although the Department of Energy had issued a detailed statement of the contractors and the services they would be a few days earlier.

It is also important to highlight that the DA is funded by the Oppenheimers who own the London based Anglo American conglomerate. Anglo American subsidiaries mine and exporta basket of South Africa’s minerals raw to the global market. Anglo American subsidiary AngloGold Ashanti is a majority shareholder in Rand Refinery with 42.41% and Sibanye Gold 33.15%.

Rand Refinery is one of the largest gold refineries in the world and Africa’s largest so most of the gold mined in Africa is refined at this refinery. The most significant mineral mined by Anglo American is platinum through their subsidiary AngloPlatinum which sells 40% of all newly mined platinum in the world.

What is very questionable about the anti nuclear pundits is that all of them are also calling for regime change and Zuma to step down with all of them sharing strong links to London and the colonial establishment as well.

  • Bobby Godsell – Former CEO of London based AngloGold Ashanti who pushed for the canning of PBMR and is co-chairperson at Citizens South Africa an NGO which has called for President Zuma to step down
  • Barbara Hogan – Former Minister of Public Enterprises who canned PBMR, married to struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada who was awarded City of London’s Freedom of the City Award and has openly called for Zuma to step down
  •  Julius Malema – Openly called for the removal of the current government, vehemently opposes nuclear energy and has a well published “speaking” tour in London where Rhodes- Milner Chatham House was one of the venues
  • Mmusi Maimane – Has built his entire political career around President Zuma,opposes nuclear energy and another Rhodes-Milner Chatham House “speaker”
  • Neal Froneman – CEO at Sibanye Gold which controls more than 70% of Rand Refinery with London based AngloGold Ashanti and has openly called for Zuma to step down
  • Sipho Pityana – Current CEO at AngloGold Ashanti and has been calling for regime change without ambiguity Its also important to note that colonialism is all about extracting resources from mineral rich Africa using African labour, ship them to the west and then sell them back to Africa as final goods so industrial energy sources are a serious threat to the colonial establishment which has been looting Africa’s resources for more than a century. Research done by NGO, War on Want in July 2016 states that 101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s resources. Kwame Nkrumah,first President of an independent African state had a grand economic programme for African independence and industrial energy source was at the centre with his Volta River Project which he said: “It is my strong belief that the Volta River Project provides the quickest and most certain method of leading us towards economic independence”. Unfortunately Nkrumah was overthrown by a military coup sponsored by the CIA as former CIA Chief John Stockwell articulated in his book “In Search of Enemies: A CIA Story” before his vision could come to fruition. The US government initially dismissed this claim but it was later corroborated by declassified MI5 documents from the British. Industrial energy such as nuclear energy is not just energy in Africa but a political tool which determines African independence from the colonial trade system. The question is therefore this: What are the real reasons for opposing nuclear energy and links to the call for the removal of President Zuma?
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  1. I wish more black south africans understood how transformational nuclear energy could be. The PBMR could have been the next SASOL, a game changing industry where SA engineers would see themselves being deployed around the world to build these small modular reactors much like KEPCO is building reactors for UAE. Domestically it would potential change the coastal towns and Karoo because not only is nuclear good for electricity but it has been proven to be an efficient way of creating man made rivers by desalinating sea water. Namibia and SA has abundant uranium which could be changed into things we want electricity, water, food, steel, hydrocarbons – basically any industrial process that is energy intensive. Nuclear is the future, it is blatantly obvious if you understand the physics which is why it is being attacked on costs and personality. Ludavic, it worth noting that France and USA are becoming project managers, they just sub-contract the key components to the EAST

  2. Thanks for clarification on this matter since the propaganda of this neo liberals has distorted the whole thing because is not favouring their agenda, The looting of our economy has been there for decades by the Western colonial masters.

  3. If the nuclear deal was going to France or the USA the media would be praising it but because its going to Russia they damming it

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