OPINION: White Monopoly Capitalists target change agents

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In response to the article “Why apologists of white capital are attacking Molefe” http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/apologists-white-monopoly-capitalists-attacking-molefe/, Vilakazi, one of our readers says white monopoly capital targets people who are transforming institutions and state enterprises. Here’s his opinion.

“Take a look at the caliber of people which white monopoly capital (WMC) wants fired and on whom they have systematically set their Celebrity Public Protector (CPP) – former public protector Thuli Madonsela.

  • Bheki Cele (fired from the position of National Commissioner of Police). Under his leadership crime was going down in South Africa.
  • Brian Molefe (Resigned after CPP released her controversial and flawed State of Capture report)  excelled and turned-around all the entities he worked for including Eskom. We don’t need anyone to try and convince us that Molefe had done something wrong at Eskom hence he needed to clear his name. The CPP and her handlers (WMC) knew that they would find no dirt on the former ceo hence they denied him his constitutional right – as in the case of all those implicated – of being interviewed, and clearing his name before the report was released. This was the Kangaroo Court by WMC.
  • Dudu Myeni: She’s not fired yet but WMC wants her gone. Her sin is that, she uncovered that of the R24billion SAA Procurement Expenditure, only 2% goes to black people and a whooping 98% goes to WMC. The WMC also want Coleman Andrews, a former SAA CEO who after bankrupting the airline, gave himself a R200m handshake, so that the looting of SAA by WMC can proceed unhindered.
  • Hlaudi Motsoeneng: (Deliberations on whether to fire him or not are still ongoing in Parliament after the CCP has condemned him to work-death). WMC hates him because he offered 90% time slot in SABC Radio and TV to local musicians and producers. WMC want to capture SABC just like they have captured all other media houses (except Gupta Media obviously).
  •  President Jacob Zuma: (Illegal regime change campaigns are ongoing). His biggest sin is trying to liberate South Africa from the racist International Criminal Court (ICC), International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), Corrupt Rand Fixing Banks and the corrupt Rating Agency bullies slavery.
    WMC’s plans to maintain white supremacy and oppress our people are assisted by surrogates like Sipho Pityana, Mmusi Maimane, Julias Malema, and others.

I think the real challenges now are:

  •  to make sure that our good soldiers like Brian Molefe and others, are protected and given space to continue making a positive contribution to the country’s well being
  • making our people, especially the black masses (middle class and poor) out there aware that the news that they are being fed by Mainstream WMC Media is fake and aimed at maintaining the Status Quo whereby a few white people own everything and the rest of the country’s population is left to fight for crumbs down there.
    If we can overcome this challenges, I am sure our country will change for the better, especially for the poor.
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  1. Aluta!!! lets not be easily swayed by those who paint our progressive men and women with the corruption brush. WMC will do everything they can to hold on to resources and block every effort towards the emancipation of our people. As for Helen Zille and her patronizing tweets… I’m speechless!!

  2. Dear Pinky,
    I will like to disagree with you when you say the Nkandla Saga is one of the issues which attracted negative publicity to the State President (Mr. JG Zuma).
    Well, his matrimonial life might be problematic to some people but, hey, as far as I know polygamous marriages are legal in South Africa.
    I want to state categorically that, I am not, by any long shot, a defender of the President, and I feel that he must account for all his actions just like all the country’s citizens. He is not above the law.
    But like anybody else he must be treated fairly, not discriminated against,with respect and dignity and he has got a right of association.
    I am a Professional in the Construction Industry and I will therefore explain why I say the Nkandla debacle sanctions were very wrong and have White Monopoly Capital (WMC) influence written all over them.
    It must be remembered that, once the WMC accuses a candidate vying for government Senior Positions (Chief Justices, NPA Bosses, Police Commissioners, Public Protectors, etc.) of being close to Zuma, that candidate is put under tremendous pressure to adopt anti-Zuma stance.
    Most of the unprejudiced (that is how civil servants should be) Senior Officials in government like the Public Protector (Busisiwe Mkhwebane), Acting Police Commissioner (Khomotso Phahlane), Director of Public Prosecutions (Shaun Abrahams) have been accused by WMC for being closed to Zuma. In these positions, WMC will like to have their preferred controllable candidates who will carry the WMC agenda forward.

    A Construction Project is constituted as follows:
    1. A Client (the owner): who identifies the need and has a budget (SAPS in the case of Nkandla)
    2. An implementing Agent/Department: who has/must source all the required resources in terms of expertise, skills and knowledge of delivering a construction project (Public Works in the Nkandla Project).
    3. The Professional Team: consists of a Project Manager, a Principal Agent (either an Architect or Engineer depending on the nature of the project) an Architect, Engineers (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Acoustic if necessary, etc.), a Quantity Surveyor, OHSA Agent, and specialist service contractors (lifts, etc.) where applicable.
    4. Specialist Professionals can include Heritage Consultants and Landscape Architects where required.
    5. End Users: (The President and his family in the case of Nkandla Project).

    Now let me give a breakdown of the functions of the Professional Team members mentioned above:

    1. The Project Manager is employed by the Implementing Department in-house or as a consultant: to oversee and manage the Project in terms of Scope, Budget, Quality, Time, Risk, Resources (human and material), Communication, Procurement, Concept and detailed Designs, Stakeholders, etc. as follows:
    1.1 There is no budget overrun,
    1.2 There is no Project Time/Program overrun,
    1.3 There is no Poor Workmanship and Quality is of acceptable standard as specified in contract documents,
    1.4 There is no unapproved additional work (Scope Management) with cost implications,
    1.5 There is no sub-standard materials used,
    1.6 Relevant qualified people (Artisans, Technicians and Engineers) are used in specialized services, etc.,
    1.7 Communication hierarchy is understood and followed by all Team Members,
    1.8 All members of the Project Team which includes the Principal Agent and the Contractor reports to him.
    2. Engineers: are appointed in-house or as consultants by the implementing Agent.
    They must oversee that the project runs well in terms of their specialized fields, for an example:
    2.1 An Electrical Engineer must make sure that all electrical works comply in terms of approved standards and must certify the work for compliance (COC) at the end of the project,
    2.2 The Engineers must not issue any instructions for unapproved Scope Change or Variation Orders whether omissions or additions, if they do so, it will be for their own account,
    2.3 The above applies to all Engineering Professions in a Construction Project.
    3. The Quantity Surveyor (QS): is responsible for everything regarding the Project Budget, from Elemental Cost Estimates to the Final Account/Payment figure.
    3.1 The Quantity Surveyor certifies all interim payments as per percentage progress of work done.
    3.2 The QS must not certify a payment for unapproved Scope Change/Variation Orders whether omissions or additions and if he/she do so, it will be for his/her own account.
    The Question in the case of Nkandla Project is why was the Implementing Department not made to account by the Client for Unapproved Scope Change/Additions and delivering poor quality work with all this Capacity at its disposal.
    You see, in a case like this the Client under normal circumstances, will complain to the supplier/implementer or Agent about poor quality of goods delivered or service rendered.
    The Supplier/Implementer or Agent must inspect the works/service rendered or goods delivered and take remedial actions. Remember, the Client is paying and in any good business practices, Customer satisfaction is paramount for the survival of that business entity.
    After the Agent has done all remedial work, then he can take his employees to task, if they are found to be the cause of the damage.
    The Questions here are; Why did the Project Manager allow the additions to the original, approved Scope of works to proceed without his/her approval. Why did the Engineers Issue Instructions to proceed with unapproved addition to the scope of works? Why did the Quantity Surveyor certify payments for all unapproved additions to the scope of works? SAPS drafted the scope because they are experts in security and they knew what they wanted as Clients, why did they not make sure through their Implementing Agent that there is no Scope Creep which will have negative cost implications. The fact is, Professional teams are appointed to make sure that all these things do not happen and should they have error of judgement, they will be held accountable. That is why they have their Professional Indemnity Insurances.
    Let me give an example of end-users in construction projects:
    1. Football Teams and Spectators when it is a Stadium,
    2. Principal, Teachers, Students and SGBs when it is a School, etc.
    Now, let us take a Building of School Project for example;
    The Implementing Department decides to build a sport-field in addition to the 16 Classroom School which is as per the Scope of Works or Project Charter approved by the Client (Department of Education).
    The Professional Team give the Instructions to the Contractor to proceed with this additions without the approval from the Client.
    Who must pay for the sport-field? the end-users being the Principal, Teachers, Students and SGBs? No! They don’t approve the Project Scope of Works. The Implementing Department and its whole Project Team must account and pay for unauthorized expenditure.
    Why doesn’t the same logic apply to Zuma? Is there any proof that he issued written instructions for additions to the Scope of Works? In fact a competent Project Manager will inform the Contractor in a Site Hand-over (to the contractor) meeting that, he must not take any instructions from the Client, End users and anybody else except the Professional Team and they (instructions) must be in writing.
    Zuma was taken for a ride in this case, unless someone can give evidence beyond reasonable doubt that he did give instructions in writing (instructions must be in writing as rumors can not be taken as fact) that works which are deemed not to be part of security measures must be proceeded with at all costs.
    He was firstly hard done by the Celebrity Public Protector (Thuli Madonsela) for the WMC and then by the courts themselves.

  3. I cannot keep quiet any more about all these allegations about black people in top positions that tried to effect economic transformation then they get named and shamed for being corrupt ways. The interesting part is that the media houses that were founded in the apartheid system like those under Naspers quickly write off their bosses’ corruption. Not even use the word alleged…

    Even the highly rated State of Capture Report was nothing more than hogwash based on media allegations. God forbid that our leaders get hammered on fake news and lousy investigations.

    Look at how the Guptas were treated because they entered mining sector that was run by the white Oppenheimers. Then the white driven banks closed their accounts without any clear proof of wrong doing. The compromised minister of finance obviously fought along side the white imperialists. It is sickening to see the way news is presented.

    Black means corrupt, crime driven and stupid. White is pure, intelligent and law abiding. No condemning of criminal activities by our big banks, no word on corruption of big white companies that strangled black counterparts to death in the name of black economic empowerment. Blacks are politically free but enslaved economically and as long as our finance ministry don’t get transformed, it will stay that way. Our president, His Excellency, Honourable Jacob Zuma was criminalized because of moving South Africa away from the imperialistic International Monetary Fund and white capitalism that benefit only a white elite.

    It break my heart to see how everything that goes wrong in the country get conviniently pinned to black leadership. Even the inability of the DA to fight gangsterism in their flagship, Cape Town, gets pinned on national goverment. The same will happened in Johannesburg…mark my words.

    1. Dear Vyri

      Would you not accept that the President had some hand in the negative publicity that he has received ? There’s no doubt that commercial media is out to get him but he’s also given them a stick with which to whip him. Let’s look at the Nkandla issue and the upgrades that didn’t form part of security, for example. Could he have not saved the country by accepting the cost – which he eventually did – so that he didn’t put the country through what we went through?

      Because I don’t follow commercial news, I have not followed issues around Hlaudi Motsoeneng. But I was alerted to Dudu Myeni’s economic transformation agenda by the BlackLandFirst. The point I stand on is that I don’t want corruption to be covered-up, irrespective of who is doing it. Commercial media covers up corporate corruption which is where our focus is on UnCensored – to unveil it and to expose the double standards of commercial media.

      Tomorrow we will be running two articles that show that the battle for SASSA’s dispensing of grants is more commercial than concern for the 11m beneficiaries. A lot of money is at stake for the banks. But could the matter have been handled in a different way regarding the communication – yes.

      So, while the enemy is out there, there are too many own goals too.

      Kindest regards


  4. JT, please give us examples of Zuma’s corruption. You are saying his corruption is alarming but you dont even cite one example for us. Enlighten us so we, like you, can be in the know.

  5. What’s concerning is that the Competition Commission is exposing more and more Corporate corruption a.k.a collusion and the surrogates and their cheer leader media are silent on exposing further details on the implicated persons. The Change Agents in Pres JZ, Bra-B, Motale, Uncensored Team, ANN7, etc must keep up the good work exposing the corruption washed down as collusion. We want serious transformation of the SA economy.

  6. WMC seriously helped the “turn around” at Escom by switching off furnaces at steel producers, metallurgical facilities and mines. Some of them permanently.

  7. Ms Khoabane – Is someone paying you to write this drivel? Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the previous board have ruined the SABC. Cele signed a corrupt lease deals with business tycoon Roux Shabangu. Everyone in the industry knows that Molefe’s hand over of the Optimum coal mine to the Gupta-owned Tegeta firm stinks to high heaven. Zuma… do I even need to say anything about “bullet proof divide and conquer” Prez Zuma? Are you REALLY defending these people? You are not doing anything for the advancement of Black capital by defending corruption – calling these people change agents is not only sycophantic it is deluded!

    1. Ah but Dear JT

      Did you see that Im not the writer on that article? Welcome, I don’t recall seeing your name.

      Kindest regards


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