OPEN LETTER: Rupert: Not All Blacks Are Afraid Of You

By Tiisetso ‘Afrika’ Makhele

Dr Johann Rupert

Firstly, let me indicate to you what you already know. Your money is dirty and stinks of our people’s blood. Your billions are not a product of any sweat. They are stolen from our African people. When your ancestors came here they were wearing khaki shorts. They did not have land, minerals, livestock or tobacco. They only harboured intentions to steal, and they stole a lot.

When the ANC, the movement I adore, took part in negotiations for democracy, little did they know that they were fattening monsters like yourself. Little did the ANC know that your likes are not willing to transfer land and wealth to its rightful owners, but simply wanted to exploit Africa further.

You have recruited fallible Blacks into your kraal, who today sing your tunes. Please know that it is not all Blacks who can be recruited by creatures like you. You have bought some spineless Blacks with money, so that they speak rotten English to defend your ill-gotten wealth, at the expense of the Black majority. Please know that I, Tiisetso Makhele, am not intimidated by you, or your self-appointed bodyguards.

In one of his teachings, world renowned ANC stalwart, late President Nelson Mandela urged us to forgive, but not to forget. In his wisdom, President Mandela knew that if we forgot the atrocities of the past, snakes may want to distort our history, claiming to be peace-time heroes, whilst undermining our reconciliation agenda.

Let me remind you, that in 1958, the Congress Alliance and the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) boycotted the buying of cigarettes from your father’s firms. These movements contended that your father, Anton Rupert, was “a capitalist architect of business Apartheid”.

It is common knowledge that your wealth is a product of White Afrikaner privilege. The White supremacist Afrikanerbond or Broederbond, and its driving agenda of ‘volkskapitalisme’, which rose out of wholesale exploitation of Blacks, land and economic dispossession of the African peoples, and the illegal enrichment of the White minority, are what led to this wealth that you flash today.

I do not want to mention the Sanlam-Naspers-Momentum gangsterism, or the Urban Foundation-Old Mutual-Rembrandt connection because your late father probably told you about them when he was inducting you.

Radical Economic Transformation is a noble desire of all the Black majority in this country. For you to equate such a noble agenda to theft is an insult to the people whose land and resources have been stolen. It is an insult to the thousands who died during the struggle for liberation. You must indeed spit saliva on your navel.

As a beneficiary of Apartheid and colonial theft, you must humble yourself in front of those who remain victims of the ruthless epoch of Apartheid and colonialism. Rather than project your pompous pride, you must first apologise to Africans in particular and Blacks in general, and continue to willingly share your ill-gotten wealth with them. You must then summon your fellow choristers, like the Oppenheimers, to do the same. Our silence is not a sign of cowardice. Reconciliation is not a tool for emotional and psychological blackmail. Our patience is definitely not unlimited…

Makhele is an ANC member in Bram Fischer Branch, Mangaung Region, Free State. He writes in his personal capacity

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  1. This man just think about money not about our country our people he, wmc and his crime partner gordhan just want our hard work money for their own fun.

  2. The thing is that a many people don’t realize that they are being tricked by the wmc media to concentrate on things that have no importance at all.

  3. If the KPMG incident is anything to go by, then together Rupert and Gordhan, along with their paid cronies and journalists, will soon have the economic control they so desire.

  4. Rupert needs to understand that all his power and all his money cannot buy the faith and respect of the South African people.

    1. And his vile acts, like the pressurizing tactics he showed in this KPMG debacle, are not going to be tolerated forever. He should be investigated before anyone else.

  5. None of the black people are afraid of Rupert. We draw strength from people like president Zuma and swear to drive him away from south African soil.

  6. The KPMG fiasco shows that these whites will go to any level to avoid inspection into their activities. Execs resigning surely shows there has been foul play. No smoke without fire. Sever arm twisting has been done by Mr. Rupert and his tails.

    1. The KPMG debacle is the biggest give away. Rupert may have felt cornered and scared about the truth contained in the report. Very conveniently got it checked.

    2. KPMG culprits resigned and got away. And the company is still trying to hold on to its license by pleasing Rupert and Gordhan. Shameful.

  7. Rupert and gang have very conveniently stopped the KPMG report from getting out. A lot of dirt on them would have come out. KPMG needs to quit the country asap.

    1. Not just KPMG all this WMC Auditing firms all of them need to be put out of business, they are all bunch of crooks, this country is in this financial crissis because of them. Judge Nel identified this problem in 1998.

  8. Lets not forget the Real Enemies of our Revolution: Monopoly Capital in general and White Monopoly Capital in particular.

  9. A Severe Impact? Comrade Staying, I so wish that I can believe that but, if I look at the Divide and Rule Strategy so successfully employed by Johaan Rupert and his cronies, we must put more effort and resources into this war against the WMC.
    The most dangerous thing the WMC has done, is that it has divided the Ruling ANC apart and has been able to convince ‘clever blacks’ that corruption can only be black.
    There is still a lot to be done comrades.
    I think we can start by boycotting WMC products including isolating their cronies.

    1. well articulated Mzilikazi… The same old divide and rule ploy by Mr. Rupert and his wealthy associates. Isolating their businesses would definitely be a good start.

  10. Matla cdes. Let us keep the enemy of economic freedom extremely busy. Rupert is a thieving bufoon

  11. When the enemy starts making loud noises we must know that what we are doing to them is having a severe impact. WMC is now feeling the pinch. Aluta continua!!

  12. After I read books like Africa before the white man came, Looting Africa the economics of exploitation, How Europe under developed Africa, Apartheid Grand corruption, The Afrikaner broederbond 1927 till 1948 and many other books and articles. I saw a pattern in state looting and economic exploitation of the black masses by imperialistic capitalists (white and black). The name of Anton Rupert, Harry Oppenheimer and Clive Menell are very prominent from late 1960’s. It is not a suprise that Johan Rupert followed in daddy’s shoes with his hand in every pie in relations with state capture and exploitation of ordinary south africans. Sad indeed that state capture only concentrate on one family while the white imperialists continue to control the economy and exploit our people.

    1. Thanks for sharing this knowledge Vyri..I’ll try to procure these books as well. As a student of history, my opinions are almost the same as yours based on facts. Plundering resources for personal gains has been the priority of white leaders in underdeveloped nations under them.

      1. I concur with Thabo. In fact, we should have a books review – but it will have to be driven by the readers. Just send in books which you think we should read.



    2. These are good reads. History is kind of repeating itself with the Ruperts doing the part where they oppressed people and entire nations for power and wealth.

  13. Inflaming arrogance, the people’s patience and resolve to constitutional reform is being tested here. I think he must retract that statement. .

  14. Rupert is proud for eating the bread of sorrow.We not dealing with humans they have no soul.Black people must wake up and dry the swamps which make them fester.bloody vampires.

  15. Well this Rupert guy is very famous. I do hope that he gets even more famous so doctors can name a disease after him.

  16. Well said Cde Makhele!

    This man continues to provoke us with his arrogant & his mentality of the perception of being untouchable is going to create racial war in this country!

    1. Seriously…If these allegations and counter allegations and rumor mongering by the wmc media doesn’t stop, racial tensions could lead to major unrest. Can’t believe there are South Africans supporting this guy. Reeks of ignorance.

      1. There would hardly be any true South African who supports this guy without being paid for it, in other words, being a part in his looting.

  17. I hope the gullible ‘clever blacks’ will now realise who the real ‘State Capturer’ is: “BAAS, DIE UWE, KONING VAN DIE BROEDERBOND LAND EN DIE SPIN-DOKTER VAN SY VADERLAND SUID AFRIKA: MENEER JOHAAN RUPERT.
    This is how ‘clever blacks’ like Sipho Pityana and those who are in the ANC Stalwarts who are deliberately trying to divert the attention from the real ‘State Capturer’ to the Guptas who were never really found guilty by any court of law but they are portrait as the worst demons in this country, for Rupert’s and company own greedy State Coffers looting agenda.
    (Remember the SARB CIEX REPORT and the PPs Report).
    Rupert is angry because people who were working for him in Treasury have been removed.

  18. Agree with you mr Mashaba..he has a baaskap mentality,,but at the same time we have blacks who have a lekgoa laka mentality who have embolded these creatures to pronounce statements like these..jaa our patience is unlimited.

  19. Johan Rupert represents the most politically backward elements of Apartheid racist tyranny. Over two decades since the demise of white minority rule, he still holds on firm to the baskaap mentality which made him and his forbears the scum of the modern world. He is without shame despite the humiliation and suffering visited on our people by the policy of Apartheid. Johan Rupert, you might have the media and your black puppets on your side, but the people of South Africa under the leadership of the ANC will prevail over you and those you represent. There is no place for you here and your cohorts , for you are the devil personified. Go to hell where you belong!

    1. well articulated Alex. People like Rupert have ensured that the apartheid never completely left our nation.

    2. This comment encompasses everything that needs to be said. The economic power needs to get back to the people of the country, not the plundering white monopolists.

    3. Like the way you think Alex. Their main agenda is to create differences between the blacks in order to stay in control and mine money off the county.

  20. Makhele.
    You must have been Smoking some weard Shit?
    What did you do for this Country? How many families do you support? Do you pay your staff proper?
    Think again

    1. It’s spelled ‘weird’, William. And besides indulging in ‘Whataboutism’, do you have any positive things to say about Mr. Rupert we can all think about?

      1. No he doesn’t. Because no positive thing has been done by them for the grassroot people. William may be contemplating for years to come up with an answer.

  21. What a disgrace this man is. Indeed, Blacks were swept away by the euphoria of 1994. We were fatigued by all the bickering and squabbles and wanted to rest, and go on with our lives. Imagine our horror when we discovered the “heroes of Codesa”, Ie CR17 etc were selling us down the river, to prolong our suffering, and give Apartheid a beautiful face. In fact Economic Apartheid never ended. Now Rupert, who lived from the fat of the land and the cream of the crop, is crying crocodile tears. We are not irked, by your childlike tantrums and antics King Rupert. RET in our lifetime!! Viva!!

    1. For real economic freedom, we need these money hungry pigs out of the nation. Wich is easier said than done considering the enormous chunk of the country’s wealth that is controlled by them.

      1. Not just out but prosecuted for their crimes. The KPMG execs shouldnt get away by resigning and going back to their country. They should serve time.

      2. The KPMG debacle calls for a proper investigation. Rupert’s influence and arm twisting in this case cannot be ignored.

    2. A disgrace indeed. To add to it, he has the audacity to call RET an excuse for theft. Justice must be served to this sick fellow and his minions!

    3. Disgrace is an understatement. More like scum of the earth. His devious schemes backed by his enormous media houses have created havoc and tension among the public. They do not know what and who to believe anymore. This is exactly what the wmc wants. divide and rule.

      1. Now we see how they influenced KPMG too. the truth may have been suppressed but anyone can see the fat Rupert hand behind it.

  22. Rupert and team actually think they can get away with all the filth they have perpetuated in the country and I have a feeling that they might. Because high ranking politicians like Ramaphosa are backing them, for personal benefits.

  23. Forget economic control, the participation of Africans in the running of their own country seems to have been highly restricted. The shots are called by these wmc members and their innumerable media houses. As a black citizen, I feel betrayed by the leaders and their greedy intentions.

  24. Not only have they made money off Africans, but have also indirectly limited their rights and concerns. The media is with them so an unbiased voice for the people is missing. Between these corrupt politicians and journalists, the countrymen are going to the dogs.

    1. you got that right Mapu. This is saddening to see that the nation’s own people suffer while money grabbing monopolists like Rupert profit at their expense.

  25. It is shameful how Rupert and his white cronies own the media and make the people see the news that they intend them to see. People are misled and misguided. A very shrewd ploy to keep public attention averted while slowly gaining economic control.

    1. Totally agree with you Bambi. Unless the power is with the people, any significant progress to enrich the country will be difficult.

      1. Radical Economic Transformation can only empower us now and end the economic Apartheid plaguing our country. People like Rupert must be imprisoned, and his resources seized/ auctioned by the nation.

      2. And to get the power we must first dispose of these greedy money minded whites who give a rat’s ass about the citizens.

    2. Worst part is that most people don’t even know that they are being fooled by the wmc media to focus on things that have no relevance whatsoever.

      1. Most people do know but there is not much that can be done. When leaders like Ramaphosa and people like Gordhan are in Rupert’s pockets, what can be expected of middle class Africans to do?

      2. The people need a wake up call from a clarion big enough that it reaches in from the flesh into their bones, grips the spine, and pops their eyes out so they see the truth for what it is.

    3. I read an article that suggested the Ruperts are being investigated as per the Ciex report by an asset management firm. Hope their assets are revealed and all malpractice exposed.

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