By Adil Nchabeleng


Johann Rupert – a white monopoly capital racist. 

In a recent statement in Switzerland at the Richemont AGM regarding South Africa Johan Rupert South Africa’s richest man said,

“Radical economic transformation is just a code word for theft. That is what’s happening there. They‘re raiding the state coffers. And it’s public knowledge”.

John Rupert must be told in no uncertain terms that Radical Socio-Economic Transformation (RSET) is no longer negotiable. We are resolute and determined to push forward with radical socio-economic transformation with the urgency it deserves, even if you and your stooges are opposed to it.

We refuse to live in perpetual poverty and squalor conditions while our country’s wealth and resources are enjoyed by apartheid beneficiaries and a few black sell outs who sold their souls to you and your clique. We refuse to be marginalised and side-lined in the economy our country any longer. We refuse to continue residing in apartheid built townships without hope for a better life any longer. The poor standard of living and material conditions of our people must and will improve.

To many like you who have made illicit profits all these years from directly looting the South African economy, the state and unsuspecting ordinary South African consumers through your cartel corporations and companies controlling almost everything in the South African economy, your statement does not come as a surprise, this is the kind of statement which must be expected from a white monopoly capital racist. Your statement speaks volumes and if properly understood, it tells us clearly how low you think of the general SA black population.

To you South Africa remains a colonial enclave outpost where only you and your family and looting friends must enjoy all the rights and freedom to prosper, economically, at the expense of the majority of black people, in return the majority black people must remain economic slaves and consumers to your un-ending stream of income and businesses which make massive illicit profits and income. You are a member of the same family who are an apartheid beneficiary and amassed a lot of wealth, power and influence during the height of apartheid. You used the same blood stained apartheid wealth and money to unfairly build a bigger, stronger unrivalled economic capital empire that continues to undermine our post-apartheid democratic State of South Africa.

Please note that, at times wealth and power knows no limits to modesty and sensitivity, whenever statements of this nature are made by you and owners of likewise companies who in the past colluded with apartheid and supported an apartheid regime. You are an unruly accessory to the pain and suffering which was unleashed in the most ruthless and inhuman treatment towards black people for years while the likes of you and your family were reaping huge dirty profits.

Do you assume that we are fooled to think that you ever cared for the plight of black people who suffered under apartheid and those of us who continue to suffer to date – years after apartheid supposedly ended, with no hope of ever coming out of poverty and suffering? No you don’t care for us and you will never care for the plight of black people, all you do is render lip service to the suffering of our people. John Rupert the truth is that you only care about your wealth, money, profits and the extent of your power and influence you show off from time to time.

The reason why a white monopoly capital racist like you can make such reckless statements is that you know the truth about the many years has this economy has been manipulated by you and your ilk, without any repercussions.

Even though history is always written by the victor, at times it never lies. South Africans must be told the truth about the reasons why they are still suffering, years after been granted freedom, years after Mandela walked out of prison and years after the unbanning of all liberation movements.

Indeed, you must explain to us ordinary South Africans how come you call yourself a devout Afrikaner a.k.a African and yet you run and control companies listed and managed outside South Africa with no single black person seating on the board of Richemont corporation and yet continues to classify yourself as an African who is only concerned about the preservation of his family’s wealth and blood stained apartheid riches. It clearly explains why most of your wealth is stashed in Switzerland and other financial safe havens around the world and not in South Africa. It is time that wealth is returned to South Africa.

You must be reminded about the active role you played during apartheid. We know that you were not a supporter of the liberation movement, instead you supported apartheid and separate development policies that apartheid advanced. The end result of this painful separate development is that today South Africa is made up of vast majority of poor black people and well off middle and high class minority whites. It is time that South African apartheid companies be made to pay apartheid reparation for benefitting from apartheid gains.

As much as you hate our leaders and consider black leaders thieves and savages just remember that at the end of the day, they are leaders whom we as the majority of RSA have proudly chosen. They are the ones whom we support irrespective of what you think of them. No one has ever called you or your family thieves and yet you were part of those that looted and ransacked the coffers of South African Reserve Bank and treasury. Your companies continue to make money in all sorts of questionable practices and business activities some including industrial sabotage, collusion, price fixing and industrial monopoly.

The era of economic policies centred around apartheid legacy have ended and we are ushering in a new wave of radical socio-economic transformation across the country. And this time black people are heeding the call to take control and change ownership patterns of the economy of South Africa and participate as equals in the economy.

Our new mzansi black youth generation will not be deviated or deceived by your machinery of deception. Our people felt the full wrath of the pre-liberation era all their lives. They witnessed and felt the state machinery deployed against them and the parents.

You wrongfully reaped great rewards and protected your narrow self-interests driven by nothing but supreme arrogance and sheer greed with the conscious and /or unconscious support of the State.

You and your circle of billionaires have socially engineered the state of black poverty in this country. You’re directly responsible for our people’s poverty and economic suffering while you continue to frustrate the progress of our economic transformation.

The government owns a fraction of the economy, it is upto the private sector to be the biggest supporter calling for investments in the country; instead you have been opposing the South African call for investors. As the biggest beneficiary of apartheid and the new democratic system, the least you could do is to represent our country well internationally.

As a beneficiary of the corrupt Apartheid system; you have no locus standi to speak of looting or stealing. You and FW De Klerk belong in the same boat. You’ve committed worst crimes, built your wealth and status on the back and sweat of Africans and today you want to act holier than thou.

Our advice to you is stop using your wealth on oppressing black people. It is a shame to oppress one who has no power against you. There is a limit to everything, you too must know your limits, and we say enough is enough, every civilization or power structure has its own lifespan limits. This is our humble advice to you.

Nchabeleng is President of TransformationRSA

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  1. @ Mash,if you have evidence of ALL the looting that you say Zuma,his supporters, Children and NDZ.I hope you have opened a case for prosecution. If not please do not write a long story about hearsays. As for your last paragraph may be you are talking on behalf of the haves and rich who are a few and NOT me and the majority of the inhabitants who cannot see benefits since our political freedom from 1994.This country has been glorious for a few before and after 1994.

    1. Evidence? You must be joking or not living in SA. There is evidence all over and cases have been opened by different people from different walks of life. I have heard this before from people like Duduzane and Ajay.They say this because they know they have captured those structures meant to uphold the rule of law. This will change soon because the masses of this country will at the end liberate the country from state capture.

      The ANC agrees and this was confirmed at the previous party policy conference that we don’t destroy everything but we work with capitalists to move from monopoly practices to all-inclusive practices. The fact is you don’t start by destroying what you want to share and leave nothing to share. If it is about building an all-inclusive economy for the benefit of all (the poor and the Rupert’s of this world) you work with capitalists to build the desired economy.

      Ignorance and arrogance won’t solve the problems of the poor of this country. It can only make the ground fertile for Zuma and cronies to continue looting. How do we see that Zuma is involved is no longer a question. His inaction is clear for everyone to see. You really sound like Duduzane, are you one of the beneficiaries of state capture?

  2. WMC doesn’t like smart indigenous people of this continent.
    People who get Honorary Degrees from the Westernised Universities are stooges who always want to be validated by a White Man.
    That is why Mugabe was stripped all of his Honorary Degrees by the West.
    No matter what is said about Mugabe, his people love him and that is why they always vote him into power.
    If the West was so concerned about the well being of others and will interfere in all democratic governments whenever they feel that people are harassed.
    Why don’t they interfere in Donald Trump’s government?
    Because people are totally unhappy with Donald Trump’s administration.
    If you are a black man and you are smart enough, it will be easy to distinguish between good and the bad black leaders.
    Those who are the favourites of the West are the bad ones and those who are hated by the West are the good ones.
    They’ll put their favourites in power and they must toe the line.
    If they don’t, they will be removed, more often than not brutally so or even be killed.
    I will therefore like to say that, the President of the ANC in December will be chosen by the ANC (branches), not the sellouts who want to kill people’s movement.

  3. I support every programme intended to transform our country. On the other hand I fully understood what Anton meant when he said WMC is a code word for theft. He was referring to Zuma and his supporters that there was nothing genuine about them singing WMC. It is a term they are using to deceive ANC members to vote for NDZ in the next coming conference so that Zuma and his cronies can continue to loot our government and not be answerable to the more than R100bn they and friends have already stolen. All we should be saying was to join Anton and say to Zuma and friends “please don’t play with our people’s minds by using WMC because you know the concept is sensitive and very close to our people’s hearts whereas you know all you want is power to be able to loot the state and influence on our democratic institutions to serve your greed”. That’s what Anton is talking about. SA needs an orderly and systemic transformation and I think even people like Anton understand this.

    Have NDZ ever asked her children and others within the family how are managing to outperform their peers and get so rich so quickly? The answer is no. She too benefits from the theft and she is fighting to become a leader so that they can continue living like they are doing now. An ANC vote for this woman would be a disaster for this country.

    They are buying votes to ensure her win. If they succeed in urge CR to emerge with ANC The Legacy and we will support him and leave them with a weaker ANC. We have numbers, Cosatu, Sanco, Sacp,almost half of each of all the leagues and provinces, business,religious groupings and the population at large. Only if we are serious about restoring our glorious country to the trajectory it was in before it was taken over by thieves we will always vote with conscience.

  4. As long as Rupert continues to operate his influence, our country will never get to see true welfare as he knows very well to control the trickle-down economy.

  5. Gordhan, Ramaphose and several others in this gov have close links to Rupert and work as per his motives. We need to shun them out to decrease his influence.

  6. What else could we expect from Rupert? It’s a shame. Why would monopolies have any qualms on the subject of the welfare of our nation? It is in their strong interests to maintain the status quo.

  7. We need to see through all the dust that people like Rupert are trying to throw over RET for their own profits.

  8. RET is the need of the hour. Anyone who opposes it so defiantly is doing so for their selfish interests.

  9. Rupert’s influence in our affairs is ubiquitous and people now don’t dare to speak anything against him. This is the perfect reply to such a disgusting statement.

  10. For me I hear it all but I think we need more action on the ground as well as soldiers on the ground and for that I cannot agree more with the call for the President to reconcile with Julius Malema.

    I would love to see the President use his peacemaker credentials and bring Malema back to his corner.

    This does not have to mean EFF/ANC merger but there are many benefits of mutual interest that NDZ Faction can reap from a Malema/Zuma peace treaty

    1. While the idea is good, that’s wishful thinking!

      Malema with never accept it!
      that young man has vengeance steaming out of his pores!

      Let alone what it will do to his political aspirations.

      On the positive note, Malema will cooperate with the Anc after 2019.

  11. I have so far heard NDZ17 and Dr D Baloyi President of Black Business Council decrying what racist Rupert had said about RET programme of action. Not a word from CR17,MP17,LS17,ZM17,BM17,both SACP and Cosatu secretariat and other anti JZ/GUPTA loudmouthed.Possibly they are all captured by Rupert.Well articulated Mr Nchabeleng.

  12. Where have you been darling? You are spot on, wish South Africa could read this super, well researched piece.

  13. Very well said. I have great hope for this country when our youth are telling it like it is.

  14. “Code name for theft” is:

    “Grapevine Project”, which changed name to “Spiderweb Project”,

    Which is operated from Stellenbosch & funded by the same Johan Rupert.

    He can’t accept the fact that we eventualy broke this spiderwed operation,as he under estimated our intelligence.

    Times for games are over Mr Rupert!

  15. No Nkosi,
    South African Capitalists Party didn’t not answer to these insults by their master.
    They see nothing wrong when racist Johaan Rupert insults poor indigenous people of this country but they see everything wrong when the president speaks about Radical Socio-economic Transformation of the country which seeks to empower the poor and downtrodden masses in this country.
    The FAKE SACP is now in Johaan Rupert’s payroll.
    You didn’t miss out on anything comrade.
    We have been sold out by by the SACP which has the C standing for Capitalists.
    They speak about Parasitic Organisations which are supporting the ANC but they are the worst Parasites who have been crippling the ANC for years by their greedy demands.
    If you have heard their SG speaks this days. He speaks about having enough share of the animal they help the ANC kill. They want more positions in the ANC Cabinet.
    To him now, voters are a meal ticket to enriching himself and his cronies.
    Not concerned about the plight of the poor people at all.

    1. No you haven’t missed out. SACP will surely not condemn such utterances as they have long ceased to be party for the people.

  16. Well and frankly said, but the blame should also be placed at the door of our government and us black people; economically our government is still supporting the Ruperts and their likes. And blacks go and get married at wine estates in Stellenbosch and drink expensive Ruperts wines; most blacks priorities are misplaced, because they dont or pretend not to know what white monopoly capital is.

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