Open Letter to Mduduzi Manana: iba indoda, Man Up & Resign Immediately

By Zizamele “Zamo” Madlala


Deputy Minister Mduduzi Manana

Dear Honourable Deputy Minister

I am saddened and angered by your deplorable behaviour Honourable Deputy Minister. There are no words that can accurately articulate how much you have let yourself, young people, the black nation and your organisation down. If I had the power I would turn back the hands of time with the hope that you would behave accordingly.

Deputy Minister, whether she called you gay or whatever else doesn’t matter. You are a seasoned politician and have been insulted many times. Therefore you should not only know how to handle such a situation but you also had a duty to behave impeccably in the face of whatever was cast at you. But alas, you have failed the test and the question that therefore arises is, what now?

I write this letter on behalf of the Black Empowerment Foundation (BEF), which is an apolitical organisation that is the voice of the masses of black individuals within the Republic who find themselves in abject poverty, excluded from participating in the economy and denied the benefit of the natural riches of the land of their forefathers. You know very well that our sisters, mothers and aunts have borne the brunt of this abuse. I note with extreme concern and shock that Minister Bathabile Dlamini who is also President of the ANCWomen’s League (ANCWL) has come to your defence during women’s month . Now, you have to man up, iba indoda! 

We therefore ask the following from you, honourable deputy minister;

  1. Take responsibility for your actions and tender your resignation as a deputy minister with immediate effect. You have brought your organisation into disrepute.
  2. Engage in serious introspection so that you can determine the root cause of your behaviour and address it. Yes, it may appear that your career is over but I believe that there is brilliance within you and you must take your punishment like a man.
  3. Get professional help!
  4. Lastly, find an organisation that advocates for the rights of women and get your hands dirty, not slapping them but working for the advancement of their cause. We hope that in that time you will come to realise the words of Caiphus Semenya, “a woman is not an entity, she’s got a right to be…”.

I do not wish to enter into a diatribe as there will be no hole big enough to hide you nor can the powerful ANC defend you. Uzenzile mfowethu, kanti uzenzile akakhalelwa, kukhalelwa uzumekile! Deputy Minister, do the honourable thing and resign my brother, this is a forgiving country and in time and with true repentance on your part, you may be forgiven. The rest of us will continue to celebrate the women of this world in the month dedicated to celebrating their being and existence.

My brother, heed my advice as your actions are placing the President in a difficult position in deciding what to do with you.   You decided your fate when you assaulted a woman! Minister Dlamini attempts to protect you by allegedly  saying there are those worse than you is utter nonsense.

Resign baba, with immediate effect!

Yours truly

Zizamele “Zamo” Madlala

National Spokesperson

Black Empowerment Foundation

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  1. I agree Zamo, the people’s movement has got more than enough enemies who are even trying devious ways to bring it down as it is right now.
    So, it does not need people within it who will justify the fake Regime Change Narrative pushed by the enemies of Black Revolution that the ANC government is evil and it must be taken down at all costs.
    For the sake of the people of this country to always have a people centred government,
    Please Resign Mr. Manana.

  2. One thing that the ANC does with flying colors these days is to shoot themselves in the foot, and this issue clearly shows us that and with regards to Bathabile Dlamini’s utterances……..Im really confused there!!!!!

    1. Mam’uBathabile really did say some confusing things in her interview . I’m still yet to understand uba what did she mean by others worse than the above mentioned Minister.
      I came to a conclusion that maybe she was misquoted or isilungu is not our mother tongue after all…..

  3. Sishi, Hlokohloko, elimnyama elisindwa isisila sayo. I respect your opinion and views, but I am sceptical about how you and others view this matter. I always say this with both celebrities and politicians, at the end of the day we are all human, irrespective of our standings in society, this goes for women as well, the mood, the venue were conducive of the events of the day. Many women get abused in these establishments in many ways. While growing up, from stories I heard after some of my peers had attended such occasions or patronized those places, made me come to a conclusion that, I will never be a patron of any stokfel, shebeen or Club back then. I valued myself very much to subject myself to such women abuse. It is said that it takes two to tango, respect goes both ways. If we call others derogatory names, and expect them to turn the other cheek, simply because of their standing in society, it’s not fair. There’s always a reason behind every situation, none would reveal at this juncture for one to call another a condescending name. I have three beautiful daughters and I preach to them to respect themselves when they are out there, because one way or another, their actions would haunt them and come back to bite them where it hurts most, same advice goes to my two boys. What I am basically saying is, let’s learn to respect each other as respect goes both ways and a long way!!

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