Open Letter to Kriegler: Does Tyne Doyle donate to the Mandela Fund?

By Pinky Khoabane

Dear Judge Kriegler


I come to you because through your organisation, Freedom Under Law, its evident that you’re a man who works tirelessly in pursuit of justice, fairness and the law.

Almost around the same time in 2010, one Neil Esterhuyse approached your son, Martin, with a story of an alleged forgery of a manuscript, Mandela with Love. The manuscript was compiled by his brother, Jan Willem (JV) and was published under his former live-in girlfriend’s name, Tyne Doyle after his death. She titled the book, The Children’s Mandela.

I have over two years, investigated this story and have seen evidence, dating back to 1997, which suggests that JV had conceived and worked tirelessly on this book project. He had approached the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to partner with him in a joint venture deal which would see the Fund get 60% of the proceeds of the book. Only his name appears on the NMCF contract.

There is overwhelming evidence including a contract JV signed with the BBC for the publication of the manuscript which points to him as the sole copyright holder. Even the graphic artist who worked on the original layout of the book confessed to have been surprised that JV’s name was not included in Doyle’s book.

Even forensic scientist, Dr David Klatzow, with whom I’ve spoken, said the two books, Mandela with Love and The Children’s Mandela were identical copies, the latter with minor changes from the original copy.

Check out the similarities in the covers Judge. arch5-1two-covers

Here’s the full  story, well sort of http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/jeff-cronenweths-wife-accused-of-forging-mandela-book/

On 15 November 2010, upon discovering that Nedbank had sponsored Doyle’s book, Niel approached the bank’s CE Mark Brown to alert him of the facts surrounding the book. Although he didn’t get a response from Brown he finally got to have a meeting with some of the bank’s representatives.

Such was Klatzow’s conviction that The Children’s Mandela was a forgery, he accompanied Neil to a meeting with Nedbank. The standard response from the bank is that it couldn’t intervene in a copyright matter. Their’s had been to simply sponsor the book, they say. Does that sound like a cop-out to you Judge, cos it certainly does to me?

Apart from restoring copyright to his brother’s work, the biggest driving force behind Neil’s campaign has been to ensure that the NMCF was getting the proceeds as per the wishes of JV. He needed someone who could help him establish if Doyle was paying-over the money.

And this is where your son, Martin, comes into the picture. The two attended the same school and knowing that you were a Trustee on the NMCF, Niel approached him with the story and with a request for you “to delicately check if the donation was being made to the NMCF”.

After perusing the documents, Niel says Martin agreed and shortly before Christmas of 2010, your son told him he had spoken to you.

At the beginning of 2011, on his return from a holiday in Europe, Niel contacted Martin who again, said he would remind you and it would be upto you to decide.

It’s been six years Judge Kriegler and the question is whether you have had any knowledge of this story. Niel says he has no reason to believe that your son didn’t tell you about it when he said he did.

You’ve been extremely busy defending our Constitution and Saving SA and so forth, it may well be that you have forgotten.

And so I ask you on behalf of the Esterhuyse family if Doyle is donating 60% of the proceeds from the book. You are after all, still a Trustee of the NMCF, no?

I’ve asked Doyle and her publisher, Iain Bryant, and they have refused to answer this question.

If she isnt, this would be misappropriation of funds from both the sponsors, Nedbank, and the children to whom this project was initially dedicated.

Nedbank uses shareholders’ money – who include Old Mutual, Corronation, PIC and other smaller shareholders  – to donate to charities and pay sponsorships. I doubt they would be tickled to hear their money – well over a R1m it is rumoured was paid for the book – has been inappropriately spent.

Like Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and SARS officials who you said had suffered greatly, both emotionally and financially, through the HAWKS & NPA investigations, the Esterhuyse family have had years of torment going back to 1998 when JV took his life in London and the ensuing years of trying to get, what his 83 year-old mother Rita, called closure.

And so as I wish you a Merry Christmas, I trust you will make Neil and Rita’s a happy one and simply answer this burning issue.

Yours truly,

Pinky Khoabane

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  1. Dear Sister Pinky. I have been following you quitly. I am humbled by your efforts. Like Queen Esther, I can say ‘you are also born for such a time as this’! Me and a group of women,:we will always keep you in our prayers. For you are shaking the kingdom of darkness. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    1. Dear Tsholofelo

      Thank you so much for your kind words. My love and regards to all the women and you.



  2. Good morning

    My sister Pinky M, I don’t know you but I want to acknowlegde that you one of the greatest journalist in the world. The woman who stands for the thruth without prejudice. I hope there were more of you in SA, UNFORTUNATELY the deceived masses are following the propaganda by the white controlled media. The news are full of fake news and and false campaign but our people can’t even see because they are blind and ignorant. Like Russia Today news outlet, you stand out like David facing Goliath. I want you to know that there are people out there who is supporting you fully. I personaly copy your stories and send to others in order to spread the hidden truth. May God give you more strength to do more. Stay blessed my sister

  3. Your brave spirit is inspired
    Black Girl You Rock
    Watch out, you can’t do what you are doing and have them not come at you

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