OPEN LETTER: Judge Kgomo, Let’s Meet For A Full Brief on Investigation Into Alleged Corruption By Rupert & Others

By Justin Lewis


Johann Rupert

Here’s an open letter by Legal reform campaigner Justin Lewis to the newly appointed Judge Nare Frans  Kgomo who heads the Directorate For Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) – a unit based in the South African Police Service (SAPS) which oversees the Hawks.

The letter is part Lewis’s campaign to expose what he calls courts capture by banks and their powerful representatives. His interest in allegations of court capture dates back fourteen years when he was involved in a property development project which eventually saw thirty-six clients liquidated. He was then requested by Lloyds of London to investigate potential corruption between banks and the courts in the contrived liquidation of these companies. He says allegations of collusion between banks and courts are rife and stories of forged signatures of court registrars, forged high court orders, and judgements pre-written for judges, abound. Here’s an article we wrote some months back http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/call-mogoeng-mogoeng-recuse-secret-ballot-case/

Dear Justice Kgomo

Re : Investigation into alleged corruption of DPCI investigations authorized by your predecessor the Hon E Moosa into Johan Rupert and others.

I am the principal (state witness) whose evidence led to the initiation of a category two investigation into the alleged corruption of the courts and the DPCI, approved by your predecessor the Hon Justice Moosa at our meeting in December last year into Johan Rupert and others

At that meeting your predecessor referred to this form of alleged corruption as,”organised syndicated crime”, by banks and their representatives, into the alleged orchestrating thereof as a result of our 15 year investigation into this form of conduct.

Since the investigation was not completed due to the untimely passing of your predecessor, I respectfully request a meeting with you as soon as possibly convenient in order that I may more fully brief you in the developments that led to the initiation of the investigation, and developments since then, including new evidence from the Royal court of Jersey(UK).

Which developments include as per my correspondence with the SA parliamentary committee on finance attached hereto, by whose invitation I and others were invited to make submissions in confirmation of the above in February and May of this year, which might assist you with further background information.

As a result of which Parliament as per the advice from its interim report is to propose the initiation of an Inquiry into this alleged corruption, to be announced soon. I was also asked to submit a brief to the UK parliament in the Bell Pottinger scandal given that this form of alleged corruption has international repercussions given its alleged promotion of fraud in contrived liquidations.

As a human rights lobby group we await your earliest advice as to our request and am most encouraged by your statements in the press confirming that you will stand back for no one no matter how powerful, which implementation I undertake to assist with to the best of my abilities.

Yours Faithfully

Justin Lewis
CASISA – jrmlewis@hermanus.co.za; 0827291467

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  1. The late hawks judge referred to this conduct as organised crime, which is why he initiated the investigation.The investigation will also form part of the proposed inquiry into the financial sector. The fight against corruption is lost before it starts if corporates support it as confirmed in the Bell Pottinger scandal. I have asked the rector of the university of Stellenbosch for a meeting as Rupert is his Chancellor, and may well be required to resign to prevent reputational damage to the university as chancellors cannot be associated with alleged corruption of the courts and organised crime. Ruperts refusal for a meeting appears to follow the same strategy as KPMG and McKinsey and we all know what happened as a result. Civil society cannot hold government accountable for corruption unless its private sector leaders lead by example.The longer this takes the worse its going to get

  2. Justin Lewis
    You are my kind of a brave man!
    Keep up the fight!

    I myself have been fighting these wars even when there was no light at the end of the tunnel I continued,& i will continue the fight till the day I die.

    1. I have a group of consumer/human rights campaigners – rottweillers – who are not afraid of the banks and the powerful. Extremely proud of the work you do Jeff, Justin, Emerald – simply impressive. We are all broke but we wake up each day and say we will go after them.

      Keep strong and keep fighting. Eventually good triumphs over evil.

    2. After saying the good eventually triumphs over evil and then I post Thomas Sankara’s remembrance, am not sure of the idiom. Hahaha. Keep going though

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