Open letter: Dear Men Of God

By Batandwa Ngxangana

WHEN Europe invaded our land, they told us through their missionaries, that our christianity was superstition and that theirs was scientific. And they made it impossible to adopt their christianity without abandoning our culture and tradition hence we are where we are today, fully western christianised and culturised.

Religion should not serve to pacify black people so that they can rest in landless peace.
The gospel speaks of freedom and many other things. It does not only focus on individual sins, but national, communal, racial and global sins.

You will not get your land back because you have not stolen, or committed adultery. Do not steal, do not commit adultery are well and good to keep morality in check but it is not the end but a means to an end. Apartheid was not only a crime to humanity, it was a sin to mankind. Colonialism was the biggest sin because it was the foundation of other sins to follow like apartheid.

Lets say you do live clean, i.e you dont commit adultery, you don’t steal, etc. Will you have land??? Will racism and poverty crawl back to their cracks? Will inequality be a thing of the past?? Will blacks be finally financially liberated??

The promised land in the context of black people is,
1)the return of their land
2)benefiting from their God given minerals
3)participating meaningfully in their economy with own banks, asset management firms, insurance firms, etc
4)decolonized education
5)independent black political party that will champion the mandate of the masses, not of capital/the establishment.
6) create a constitution that is based on African values and our way of life.
-reform the judiciary system

The word of God should never be isolated from reality. The church should not be an escape from reality, it should help deal with reality.

Stop limiting the word of God to ”do not steal, do not commit adultery” or’ ‘we are living in the last days repent” or  ”in 3 days you’ ll receive a miracle”
May you also prophesy that in 3 years Blacks will get their land back, there will be 3 black owned banks, Black owned mining firms, education will be decolonized,  unemployment will be at 3%.

God gave us this African land and deposited minerals in it so that we may not suffer and never know poverty. Genesis 2:15 refers.

More than 2000 years ago Deutoronomy warns us if we rest on our laurels, it says ” the foreigners who reside among you will rise higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. They will lend to you but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, but you will be the tail”. Deutoronomy 28:43-44 refers.

Leviticus 25:23-28 puts it so clearly how we should be dealing with land in particular.

Other relevant verses for people who dispossess indigenous people of their land and create a constitution to protect stolen property are as follows, Micah 2:2-3, Deutoronomy 19:14.

May the God of Abraham, Jacob and Moses give you courage to contribute in the true liberation of the masses of our people, for you have a bigger responsibility.

Revolutionery regards
Batandwa Ngxangana

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