OPEN LETTER: Dear ANC NEC, Subject MPs to Lie Detector Test & Discipline Collaborators In Accordance With ANC Constitution

By Mlungisi Myezo


ANC Top Six: Jessie Duarte, Gwede Mantashe, Baleka Mbete, Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa  and Zweli Mkhize

Revolutionary Greetings

In the year of one of the greatest fathers of our nation, OR Tambo, I humbly send our revolutionary greetings to you.

Esteemed Comrades you were set the unenviable task of guiding the ANC since the Mangaung conference until this coming December. This you have done to the best of your ability given the constraints and divisions that have presented themselves from time to time. The events of the 8th August 2017 have made the sunset period of your term of paramount importance, not only to your term of office but in terms of maintenance of the organisational culture and discipline of the ANC going forward.

In short, you need to find the members that went against party line and discipline them in accordance with your constitution. The fact that the ballot was held in secret is of no consequence, you have the precedence set in Mogale City where individuals were requested to participate in a lie detector tests. These rogue members of parliament need to be dealt with even harsher than the members who openly defied the instructions of the NEC as we shall leave their fate to the branches at conference. This is a gentle reminder of how the movement used to be infiltrated by double agents who were hell bent to destroy the fight against apartheid and the oppressive regime.

This letter is not proposing a witch hunt but for the organisation to acknowledge its power and exercise it accordingly. Have no fear, you will be damned if you do and damned if you don’t but keep in mind that history will be the final arbiter.

We would like to address the matter surrounding fellow members of your esteemed body who have openly and publicly defied the decision that you have reached as a unified body. These members of your body have made public pronouncements against your standing decisions and in our humble opinion bring your body into disrepute. You cannot be held to ransom by people who are NEC members, hold crucial positions deployed by the ANC and further proclaim a lack of confidence in their leader because it sets bad and poor precedence for all levels of the organisation. One must also question their commitment to the cause of radical economic transformation and consider whether their existence will derail the program of the ANC that should be executed by its deployees. The BEF is pained by this open revolt based on purported conscience and the willingness of these members of the NEC to throw away the power bestowed upon the ANC by millions of South Africans. Given their warped sense of consciousness, we cannot ask nor expect them to do the right thing and as such it shall fall on you to deliberate on this matter and arrive at a unified resolution that will inform how you address this matter. Do take heed of the fact that children follow the acts of their parents and in whatever you do, be aware that the lower structures of the movement are watching closely. Don’t allow this ill-discipline to continue unabated and on your watch!

The ANC constitution states the following:

“25.3 Any member, office bearer or public representative who fails, refuses and/or neglects to abide by the provisions of the Constitution of the ANC, its Standing Orders, Rules, Regulations, Resolutions and policies adopted or made in terms of the Constitution shall be liable to be disciplined in terms of this Constitution.”

“25.4 The ANC shall have jurisdiction to discipline any member, office bearer or public representative for committing any act of misconduct as contained in Rule 25.17 below as a member of the ANC and/or by virtue of his or her contract of deployment and/or by virtue of his or her membership of any of the structures of the ANC.”

“25.17 The following conduct by a member, officer bearer or public representative shall constitute misconduct in respect of which disciplinary proceedings may be invoked and instituted against him or her:

“25.17.3 Failing, refusing or neglecting to execute or comply with any ANC Policy, Standing Order, Rule, Regulation or Resolution adopted or made in terms of this Constitution or breaching the provisions of this Constitution;

“25.17.4 Behaving in a manner or making any utterance which brings or could bring or has the potential to bring or as a consequence thereof brings the ANC into disrepute;”

“25.17.9 Participating in any organised factional activity that goes beyond the recognised norms of free debate inside the ANC and which threatens its unity;”

“25.17.16 Prejudicing the integrity or repute of the Organisation, its personnel or its operational capacity by: impeding the activities of the Organisation; creating divisions within its ranks or membership; doing any other act which undermines the ANC’s effectiveness as an organisation; or acting on behalf of or in collaboration with:

1. counter-revolutionary forces;

2. a political organisation or party other than an organisation or party in alliance with the ANC in a manner contrary to the aims, policies and objectives of the ANC;

3. intelligence or the security services of other countries; or

4. any person or group who seriously interferes with the work of the Organisation or prevents it from fulfilling its mission and objectives.”

You are seasoned cadres of the movement and we trust that you will hold and exercise your mandate accordingly until such time that your mandate expires in December.

Yours faithfully

Mlungisi Myezo
Steering committee member – Black Economic Foundation


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  1. Hey! how many times did we say we want Zuma to be president until 2019.
    The problem is WMC surrogates always want to dominate (holier than thou Attitude).
    When did vote to see how many people are for Zuma and how many are not?
    I can assure you that people who are for Zuma are by far the largest number but because the WMC Mainstream Media want us to believe to the contrary for their own political gains.
    Only morons will believe them.

  2. To suggest that disciplining people who defy the directives issued by the highest structures of the organisation is “unANC” only serves to promote the interests of the opposition, an opposition which has consistently displayed its hostility to democratic processes and principles. The attitude and strategic intent of people like Makhozi Khoza , Pravin Gorhdan and Mcebisi Jonas has been clearly displayed in their sharing of platforms with the most hostile opponents of the ANC . They have taken part in their discussion forums and marches. They wave the flag of the enemy from within the confines of our offices . They seek to destroy the organisation from within. As Comrade Sipho Sithole says, if they cannot subject themselves to the discipline of our organisation they must tender their resignation. They were not coerced into joining: not only are they free to go, the sooner they do so the better.

  3. ANC is a voluntary movement – if its values and norms are not compatible with your conscience, its simple – get the hellout..

  4. I concur with writer that what the +- 35 MP’s did was counter revolutionary, they behaved like rats destroying our movement bit by bit, they are worse than Askaris.Had their action succeeded our movement would have imploded by now. The 365 loyal members of our movement would have been jobless today with no income whilst these rats who are in the pockets of WMC would be smiling all the way to the banks that people like PG have shares in.They must just be EXPELLED as they committed the worst treason to our movement and who knows how the loyal people(as shown by the crowds that marched FOR the President and the movement would have reacted! This country would have been in a civil war just because of these few REGIME CHANGE agents.

  5. I stand with Themba its definatly un ANC. Firstly ANC is a reconciliatory movement when it suits it. Two this is not a household movement, it represents a diverse people who need consideration in whatever. As you state, one is deployed that is we the masses have several times asked Zuma to step down to no avail. So we thought our deployees through their consciousness, not forgetting integrity, would do the right thing and vote in favour of removing Zuma from a position he has misused time and time again

  6. This is High Treason case punishable by death in other countries.
    I just don’t understand why other people are trying to defend the indefensible.
    These people must be subjected to a Lie Detector Test and be fired from the organisation.

  7. Naming or assuming which MP’s who voted with the opposition without having tangible facts is unfair to this members but I agree with you on that disciplinary actions must be taken against those who have openly declared or confessed on voting with the opposition

  8. I agree on the point that ANC members who has openly defied the resolutions taken by the ANC should be disciplined accordingly but assuming which MP’s voted for the motion of no confidence against the President would be unfair to those members

    1. Dear Comrade Readers

      I never want to dictate but in the spirit of debate and to enrich one another, it would be so much better to expand on our views. Why for example, Themba is it unANC? The writer has given enlightened us on the ANC’s Constitution, please help us understand your viewpoint.



  9. Glad that KZN and FS ANC are pushing for the punishment of the collaboraters ,,as for my province(Gauteng) aaii the leadership its dead

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