OPEN LETTER: DA’s Black Stooges, While At SAA Go Via Ekurhuleni & Remind Your Councillor Who Accepted “Bribe” from FNB, You Dont Tolerate Corruption

By Pinky Khoabane


DA Marchers: Mmusi Maimane & Black Members

Dear Mmusi Maimaine and Phumzile Van Damme

It with much excitement that I heard you would be taking your “State Capture” march to the South African Airways (SAA) this coming Tuesday.

Excited because for starters, your protection of white privilege and supremacy has forced you to turn a blind eye to grave corruption by white-owned companies. Two forensic audit reports into SAA reveal that white-owned companies are the beneficiaries of massive institutionalised corruption. The details are below.

Your silence in the face of runaway corruption exposed by the

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  1. The Democratic Alliance blacks are a CAPTURED lot and it is of no use really to ask them to ACT on real corruption as it is like pouring water on the back of a duck.

  2. This is as you said Pinky not only corruption of the highest level but an unlawful conduct which is crimianl in nature.
    If the DA do not suspend thie man Lapping and proceed with procecution against Lapping and Jacques Cilliers the CEO of FNB, private prosecution is a option.

    1. Dear Emerald
      I heard private prosecution demands a lot of money. The courts want a huge sum to be paid to ensure the legal team of the opposition can be paid. I’d imagine going against DA & FNB would require millions!

      But an option.



  3. This is one DA march I will support if they address these listed issues. This is looting of the worst case based on those Forensic reports by the auditing firms – hope they don’t get squeezed to change the reports at the last minute like we saw with another infamous auditing firm.

    Can Mmusi also plan another march to National Treasury relating to the IFMS project please under the watch of the former Finance Minister and his deputy and DG. It will be the second DA march I will support.

  4. i do not understand how corruption at SAA has to do with the DA. the ANC is in power and if corruption is uncovered whether by a black or white company, the government must deal with impunity. i am of the opinion that we look at the DA and measure ourselves against them as if they are more holy. the DA is just made up of humans. Corruption is corruption whether done by blacks or whites. Corruption is robbing the poor of resources so it must be dealt without favour. Let us not look at the colour of the guy committing the corruption but the deed itself. i am black by the way

  5. PK well articulated we await the response from honourable Maimane and I bet he will duck this one because it does not serve his white master interest. Always he always says that people of South Africa as if he represent the view of people on ground yet he represent those who loath EFF and ANC but he is bed with EFF for power only because he has realised that DA will never rule this country with vote of the middle class only hence he is chasing coalition for his white masters.He is black but he behave like is white the less said about van damme the better.

  6. Excellent and revealing piece. You bet DA and it’s stooge in Chief will not bother to react to your letter. As for Van Dam she is a juvenile who is confused of her identity and made a zombie by those who control DA. Black Nation you are on your own.

  7. For someone who is allegedly a Church Pastor you would expect Mmusi to stand for the Truth and be against Corruption regardless of who commits it but I guess He first has to protect the side where his bread is buttered. So much for stomach politics.

    That’s why I usually say the biggest source of corruption is the Church.

    Corrupt eyes cannot see corruption.

    They are selective about the wrongs they want to see.

    1. THe Church was involved in the struggle and it was appreciated by you and the ANC, and these encourages more political churches be built to support the ANC, real church has remained inact, and to be where you are is the church, i will support DA, a South African party, me fellow blacks will do the same,If you can’t help yourself , then stay we will our best, ANC wasnt a better organisation but the alternative to Apartheid, You never talked about our been necklaced by fellow blacks, the killings happened daily, the destruction of public buildings and other assets by you Pro-anti South Africa, i know better, killing by blacks is as painful as killing by white or any race

      1. Mabele, if you would have time with me I would Teach you the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

        I mean it seriously not sarcastically.

        The Church has been corrupt for time immemorial, you just lack both Historical and Biblical knowledge.

        I am a liberated Christian not a Brainwashed one.

        The Catholic Church recently apologized for the Inquisition. Google inquisition and the Catholic Church apology, biggest murder of people in numbers throughout history.

        It was not Church policy that fought Apartheid, it was individual Church leaders.

        Religious Leaders murdered Jesus Christ for political reasons because he was attracting more numbers at the time than the ruling Pharisees sect.

        Read John 11:47-53, the plot to Kill Jesus.

        Read John 12:10

        The Religious Leaders plans to murder an innocent man Lazarus as well.

        I can lists so many things that you know already but have been reading them from the angle your Pastors presented you.

        You will see the Corruption in Religion only if someone like me shows it to you unless if you choose not to see it deliberately.

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