Open Letter To Corruption Watch CEO David Lewis: There Was A Time You Wanted To Get To The Bottom Of Allegations Of Corruption Of Courts..

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David Lewis of Corruption Watch (left) Johann Kriegler of Freedom Under Law (centre), Johann Rupert Billionaire bought a farm in alleged trial fixing case (right). The author claims he was involved with Corruption Watch in investigating allegations of court corruption. Kriegler blocked the investigation. Rupert endorsed the investigation but seemingly lost interest when he was the beneficiary of a farm bought through alleged trial fixing & contrived auction.

Dear David

RE: Case 62470/2015 Corruption watch vs NPA head Adv Abraham’s fitness for office

As First Applicant in the application requesting the removal of Adv Abrahams as head of the NPA, I thought given our history in the investigation of alleged corruption of the courts that Ella (of Corruption Watch) and I worked together on, which initial investigation involved alleged trial fixing in the Lloyd’s insurance fraud allegation that was blocked by FUL Judge Kriegler despite Johann Rupert’s support thereof

I was able to brief the FCA (UK) authorities in London a month ago about that matter, who are continuing with the investigation ( see confirmation thereof included below from the Chancellor of the Exchequer (UK) and the ex-Archbishop of Canterbury – and my letter to the Minister of Finance – in the correspondence included below)

Prior to that brief a year ago almost to the day I had also briefed the Hawks Judge Essa Moosa at the request of the Hawks, on a related investigation of alleged court corruption in what is known in the UK as the “UK widows case” of which Johann was a beneficiary of , which investigation the late Judge referred to as “syndicated organized crime”.

As a human rights activist and not a lawyer, I was invited to be a “Mackenzie friend” at the Royal Court of Jersey(RCJ) on Friday last week where this related investigation was officially placed on the court roll; The case is listed on the Court table (item 9)

Click to access ID%20RCTable%2015.12.17%202%20CR.pdf

I was able to brief the FCA (UK) authorities in London a month ago who are continuing with the investigation. The listing of the matter on the (RCJ) court roll could only have been possible as it is alleged as a result of what the late Hawks Judge referred to as trial fixing.

One of the profound implications of this alleged conduct regarding concerns of alleged trial fixing is;
Given that the Judge involved in the allegation came from the Gauteng High Court, and FUL (financed as I am advised by Rupert), are the second applicant in your matter, until the RCJ matter is finalised it is my duty to report the concerns to the Judge President Mlambo in pursuance to the right to fair trials and the combating of corruption as alleged

I have also been asked to approach the State attorney as well but before I do so I wanted to bring you up to date as it were and brief you on the progress on the investigation that corruption watch and I worked together on.

And also given that as first applicant your case may well be affected by the investigations referred to

I include below my communication with Adv Abraham for your attention in further explanation of why I am contacting you given the potential effect your case for the removal of Adv Abraham

Please contact me should you have any queries and if you could be so kind as to pass this on to FUL Judge Kriegler as I do not have his email address, I would be most grateful

Kind Regards

Justin Lewis

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