Nuclear Energy Now and Fusion Later, or It’s Genocide

By Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

I have waited until now to comment again on our nation’s energy policy, to see whether any clarity might emerge from the Ramaphosa government. But I now believe that I can wait no longer, and shall here attempt to provide the leadership our present government seems unable to provide.

The late Lyndon LaRouche, who founded the movement I represent, was the world’s leading physical economist. He developed the concept that the key to economic progress, and human progress in general, was increasing the intensity of energy available to people —what he called an increase in energy-flux density—and increasing also its absolute amount.

Increases in energy-flux density make possible the development of an economy and of its physical-economic output, thereby enabling the improvement in well-being of human society.

That is why we must move from energy systems using less dense to more dense flows of energy, as we have done throughout history—that is, we moved from burning wood, to burning coal, to burning hydrocarbons derived from crude oil. But an increased density of energy flow also requires combining the energy source, such as coal, with a technology to capture and control its energy. Instead of just burning coal in an open fire, we added a boiler to convert the heat to steam. Turbines convert the steam to mechanical power, to drive machinery for various purposes, and with additional advances in technologies, to generate electricity, which can be widely distributed. These advances in technology for energy capture produce exponential increases in available energy-flux density.

Now we must make another upward shift to the most-dense currently available source of energy, controlled nuclear fission reactions. At any given time, we will use a mix of these energy sources and related capture and distribution technologies, of course. But in order to achieve a general improvement in the human condition, through higher rates of physical-economic production and distribution, at increasing levels of efficiency, we must increase the density and quantity of the energy we produce.

Mr LaRouche further demonstrated the correlation of the rate of increase of energy-flux density to the rates of increase in relative potential population densities, measured over a given area of land. From this scientific understanding of the physical economy, it should be easy to see that lowering the energy-flux density of our baseload fuels and the associated technologies, and limiting their availability, is a prescription for genocide.

Efforts to substitute more expensive, but less-dense means of energy production for the more intense energy sources that are already in place, will collapse levels of physical-economic production and lead to a population holocaust at a level that would have made Hitler green with envy.

The ravings of brainwashed and delusional climate-change hysterics, with their claims of a coming global warming catastrophe—claims supported only by pseudo-science—drive the fears of the uninformed. These ravings serve as a cover for the likes of His Royal Virus Prince Philip and their blood-curdling, ghoulish desire to rid the planet of billions of ‘undesirables’, especially those of us with darker skins. Such policies, as with their pushing of their drugs on us, are designed to induce us to support their policy decisions that are intended to kill most of us.

As my movement has thoroughly documented in a recent report, ‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy, this evil movement, supposedly ‘to stop climate change’, was created and is supported by the imperial financial oligarchy and its paymasters—paymasters such as that former helper of the Nazis, now billionaire, George Soros. Their proposals for so-called Green investments cannot save their bankrupt financial system, but they can be a hammer to force nations to adopt policies that will lower energy-flux density and thereby promote genocide, while getting their victims to pay for their own extermination through taxes and austerity.

Such pathetic dupes as Greta Thunberg, and her Lord-of-the-Flies-like children’s crusade for radical carbon reduction policies, and the fake media that promote them, are meant to intimidate the misinformed masses to support this new Green fascism. Population reduction is not some monstrous mistake, but the evil intent of a decadent oligarchy that wants to preserve its power and privileges in a world of less than one billion people.

This brings us to the recent ‘Green finance’ plan that the Ramaphosa government was recently considering, a plan to establish a fund of R160 billion backed both by the big banks and so-called ‘development finance institutions’. It would lend to Eskom at favourable rates, provided Eskom will accelerate the shutdown of coal-fired power plants in favour of more expensive and unreliable windmills and solar power.

The ‘Green finance’ plan, which was supposed to be President Ramaphosa’s sacrificial offering to the UN Climate Summit on 23 September, was withdrawn just before the summit. Although it was written by the Eskom Sustainability Task Team appointed by the President and was touted in the international financial press, it has not been made public and its name, if it has one, has not been published.

Despite the other massive deficiencies in the government’s energy planning, the ‘Green finance’ strychnine plan has at least been put aside, for now, thanks especially to the courage of Energy and Minerals Minister Gwede Mantashe. No one should imagine that it is now gone for good, since this comes not from South Africa, but is part of a global policy push by London and Wall Street, as shown in the article, ‘Forget Greta: The Central Bankers Are the Real Eco-Fascists’, in the Executive Intelligence Review of 4 October 2019.

Such policy recommendations, based on the substitution of less-dense and unreliable energy sources (wind, solar) in place of coal and petroleum, should be rejected as both economically disastrous and unscientific, from the standpoint of LaRouche’s science of physical economy. The true intention behind these recommendations can be seen in their total rejection of nuclear energy as a ‘renewable’ energy source (their words), even though nuclear power plants emit zero carbon dioxide, only water vapour.


This attack on South Africa is a strategic attack on all African development, the which cannot take place without South Africa playing a crucial role.

It is only through a vast increase in energy throughput that the development of Africa—guided by one or more large programmes such as China’s Belt and Road Initiative—becomes possible. Energy is the key to everything, including the provision of limitless potable water through such means as nuclear-powered desalination. Nuclear power is the key to lifting most of Africa’s current population out of the murderous underdevelopment imposed by the global financial cabal, centered in the City of London and its Wall Street satrapy. The energy programme for Africa must make use of coal, petroleum, and natural gas in clean-burning plants, and we must vastly increase the amount of power provided by building clean, safe nuclear energy, including from the small modular (pebble bed) designs coming from our own scientists and our own nuclear industry.

The Republic of South Africa has vast supplies of coal; it must use its coal wisely to generate power. We are among the few places on Earth that have large deposits of uranium and thorium that can be used for nuclear fuel, and we must use them wisely as well, not only for our own needs, but for all of Africa. South Africa has the largest number, per capita, of scientific and engineering cadre in Africa, who are highly regarded globally in their fields.

If the world is to defeat the anti-scientific climate change movement—and the intended genocide that its carbon reduction and anti-nuclear policies will bring—then South Africa must play a critical role in achieving that victory.

And if the world is to move as quickly as possible to the next, higher platform of productive, economic activity by harnessing nuclear fusion—the same process that powers the Sun—our nation must play a crucial role in the international research and mobilisation to bring that about.

I urge our government to reject the dangerously incompetent recommendations in this (or any) ‘Green finance’ plan, and to work with our highly competent scientists and others in developing an energy programme for a bright future. We must continue to resist all misguided efforts to break up, privatise, or otherwise dismantle Eskom, and instead place it where it belongs—at the center of a new energy development policy for our people and for all of Africa.

I stand ready, along with all my colleagues in the LaRouche movement, to assist in this effort. To do otherwise is to accept a new genocide, and I for one, will never do that.

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