This is No Work of Fiction Mr Rupert – Koorbanally drops some bombs

AN OPEN LETTER By Jeff Koorbonally

imagesChris Stals

Messrs Stals, Mboweni, Manuel, Gordhan and Misses Ramos and Marcus,  please take the challenge to come out on public a platform and defend yourselves on Absa & South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in collaboration with the Treasury’s biggest theft, fraud and corruption.

Let the Truth be known!

I have much more to disclose on Absa and SARB looting/illicit financial out flows through illegal bond issues underwritten by Sarb which was not limited to public funds & Surtie inheritance, but widespread to include two other known secret blocked accounts with similar antrecodes.

I also have evidence that the source of funds used to buy shares from Old Barclays by Anglo American to form FNB 1986 was from the same looting of Absa & SARB and not from Anglo American! It is the reason they benefited billions out of that deal when they sold their shares to RMB –  that’s if they sold it or were given it.

This all amounted to Hundreds of Billions’ gains to Absa and Associates, Fnb and Associates, and all old Sarb shareholders.

”Its time to pay back the money”

I also have evidence of R3,8 billion smuggled out of the country in March 2009 by Steven Booysen (former Absa Ceo) and others  using the SADEC free trade agreement.

The money was smuggled to Mauritius (Investec Bank) the transaction was done via Johan Koen Forex Cape Town. This was done to reward Steven Booysen for his role in the Absa/SARB collaborated fraud and theft by the Broederbond now known as ( spiderweb).

The money was returned to the country but Koen was instructed to wait until the Rand/Dollar exchange was R8. This happened a few days before the official opening of FIFA world cup. This constituted to an Act of inside trading by banks.

The profit they made out of this inside trading was used to form a new private investment bank in Sandton of which Booysen and others from Stellenbosch are the Executives thereof. That bank was launched on the same day of the opening of the FIFA world cup. The record of this Fact is at the Reserve Bank.

This was reported to both Tito Mboweni & Gill Marcus and as protectors of the looting of the apartheid regime, Absa and SARB, they chose to do nothing about it.

I call on President Jacob Zuma  to institute a full probe (Commission of inquiry) on SARB, ABSA, and FNB. And this should solely be a commission into the apartheid looting which must include Project Hammer -allegations of the country’s Gold Reserves misappropriation.

It is my further humble view that:

The ownership of the Reserve Bank should be reviewed if we are serious about saving this institution and ridding it from the corrupt past.


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  2. Just because mainstream media aren’t reporting about it some amongst us, citizens of this country don’t believe this. Thuli and the other Goldman Sachs employees who were once in government will not be exposed because their new bosses have them covered.

  3. its so unfortunate that I work under these criminals…but Steve was my best Ceo..very disappointed. .pay back the money…crooks

  4. You keep going on that you have evidence. Where is that evidence you talking about?
    Secondly…why waited so long to report this if you dealt with such investigations? Still not compensated yet your efforts?

  5. Surprise, surpriseThe Supreme Court rules in favor of the white firefighters in so called 'race bias' case in New Haven.The court by a 5 TO 4 decision ruled that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race..Come to think of it, has a white plaintiff ever lost a diroiiminatscn case in the Supreme Court?

    1. Any form of corruption should be exposed new or old. Report it to the law enforcement, if they refuse to take the case expose them also!

        1. Hi Rebecca & Sidney Mullins I have had several readers ask about the status of the case. I have sent Jeff an email requesting an update.



  6. How can the President institute a commission of inquiry when he is implicated in some of the cases involved? A commission of inquiry, yes, but not by the President. The highest Judge in the land should take care of this.

    1. Dear Peggy

      Which President is implicated in the CIEX commission? In answering that you will be able to answer you question methinks….

    2. Only a President can institute a commission of inquiry & appoint a judge, not chief justice.. Thuli recommendations on state of capture report were wrong! Whatever arguements may be, it will remain wrong

  7. Just an observation. Why are all these issues coming out now when the Guptas are given cart-blanch to exploit South African resources with impunity. If all these issues were raised earlier before, long before the Gupta Saga, I would not take all of this with a pinch of salt. If others have looted should we continue to allow others to loot?

    1. Dear Peggy

      Have you followed the issue of apartheid economic theft? It doesnt look like you understand that apartheid thugs stole this money before the Guptas even arrived in this country.

      Please our sister, read, understand and then make a conclusion. You are not familiar with this topic because you wouldnt make these unnecessary remarks.



    2. You have it all wrong, these things are not new!
      I waited for 5 years hoping that Thuli will restore justice and reveal this corruption without fear or favor, in the same manner she did with previous cases. Wrong of the past does not justify wrong of today.Corruption, has no time factor, nor colour or race.

  8. This revelation is both upsetting and despicable; makes Gupta’s State Capture Report looks like Sunday pick-nick. My next question is WHY did Thulie(former PP) drag her feet when coming to this?

    1. Dear Thami

      This battle isnt about the Guptas – it is about world politics. West v East. Capitalism v Socialism. The ANC had until now been captured by Oppenheimers and Ruperts. They have failed to capture Zuma. And he’s ungovernable so to speak – he hangs out with Indians, Russians, Chinese, Brasilians (enemies of the world’s economic power) – when he could hang-out with US/British financial systems.

      The Public Protector’s office under Thuli Madonsela like rating agencies have now become political tools with which opponents can be tackled.

      WE know why Thuli Madonsela couldnt conclude the 6yr investigation into apartheid era looting. She’s going to work for the Stellenbosch Mafia – implicated in the theft.



  9. This thing of banks collaboration wrt apartheid looting goes far and this administration to start it now and via Public Protector and other organization like BFLF is disingenuous and smark of playing politics and unfortunately these banks are going to get away with murder.
    You watch the space…

    1. Dear Martin

      None of you read it seems. This investigation dates back 6 years ago. It’s NOT now. If anything, what you should question is why Thuli Madonsela sat on it for so long when she was able to investigate other allegations within two months if her masters demanded she do so.



    2. This has nothing to do with Politics, its reality that was unkwown to all of us.Banks getting away with it!! “Not this time” watch this space…

  10. I refer to the following paragraph of the article

    “The profit they made out of this inside trading was used to form a new private investment bank in Sandton of which Booysen and others from Stellenbosch are the Executives thereof. That bank was launched on the same day of the opening of the FIFA world cup. The record of this Fact is at the Reserve Bank.

    With refernce to the word “Fact” I accept that that the spelling is incorrect and should have been “fact”

    If it is a “fact” , what was the name of the “private investment company?

    1. Yes indeed they formed a private investment bank in sandton gauteng. When questioned who were the shareholders they gave a bizzare story that the shareholders was a deceased estate one beneficiary royal member of swaziland, and yet we just bailed them out with R2,5 billion, while they have money to invest in private banks!! Hey thanks for spelling correction..

    2. Dear Emerald
      As financial foresic investigator/auditor, I investigate banks irregularities,internationally,as and when required to, my speciality is trace and recovery of missing funds.Whatever irregularities I come across I report it to the relevant authorities,am bound by proffesional ethics to do so. The corruption am exposing in this article is: Absa involvement in an act called “inside trading” this messes the flactuation of a country` currency,withthe sole intention of making huge profits. Let me just illustrate to you just how much billions absa made out of this particular one & how is was done. 1.March 2009, Absa makes a public announce of a deal of and investor into absa share, their shares suddenly rose something like R76-R125 =billions of profit to shareholders.
      2.Smuggle some of the profit R3,8 billion out of the country using Sadec agreement(exhange it to Dollars at R5 per dollar)
      After a year bring it back to the country @ R8 to Dollar that equated to 200% profit. Hence the name of the new bank is not an important factor, but information disclosed makes it easily traceable. Now you’ve learnt something I hope.

      1. Now you will also know, why none of them are taking the challenge of “Open Debate” have much more Bombs to drop, that can shut that corrupt reserve bank tomorrow. The only reason I have not gone there yet, am giving the President an opportunity to Save this country from all of these Thieves mentioned & put all of them in jail. If our laws in this country indeminifies them, as that what they do change Act to commit white collar crimes. I will bring internationallaw-Enforcement in, but that’s going to come at a huge cost to this country! Its either we stand together against these serious financial white collar crime,or be doomed as a country. That’s not going to go down with us people of color who gave our blood & sweat to the liberation of our Democracy!

    3. 2017 is Declared:“ a year of rebellion against Spiderweb Operation` white collar crimes & Corruption.

      We will protect and defend our State Vital Organs Like “Treasury” & our National Interest in that Corrupt privately own reserve bank.

      We will rid it of all corrupt Ministers,Governors and Officials & nobody is going to hold us at Ransom with threats of junk status or market or economic crash!.

      Never again will anyone be able to Capture/ Corrupt /loot that Institution (Treasury) anymore, we are watching it from every angle, for the survival of this hard fought Democracy! Corrupt Ministers will come & go faster than they came in! That’s a guarantee!

      Its about time our Govt listen and take action against this evil scourge called Corruption old & new.

  11. Once again Mr Koorbanally is challenging people to come forward and prove him wrong. They wont. They will wish for this to go away. As South Africans we must start getting fed up of this corruption/looting by a few. I thank activist like Jeff an PK (Pinky Khoabane) who say these things for they are not beholden to big business and their cronies elsewhere. Expose them, and let the people decide how whe deal with that.

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