When Nkrumah & Sankara Land On My Desk As Gifts

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THOSE of us born in January are accustomed to the no-gift birthday. It’s a time when everyone is broke from the festive holidays and schools have just commenced. “We’ve bought you Christmas clothes and school shoes, what more do you want?” my parents would always say, as if my siblings hadn’t received the same.

And so a birthday gift for us Janworry kids is a massive surprise and when it is books – a collection of books by Kwame Nkurumah and Thomas Sankara, no less – then the appreciation for the gift shoots straight through the roof.

One of my friends from Twitter who I suspect very much is one of UnCensored readers sent me a collection of these books and a beautiful scarf

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Sending books as gifts is never easy – you never know if the person has read them or if they have an appreciation for the subject or the author, and I must say, this gift matched my taste spot on.

I’m deeply moved by the generosity and kindness I’ve received as a result of this platform.

Kea Leboha

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  1. You yourself my dear Cde PK are a great gift to the people of South Africa. Not only have you made a significant contribution to the deepning of intellectual debate in our fledgling democracy, but you have tirelessly sought to help those amongst us, both regular contributors and readers, who are struggling to make ends meet. In so doing you have often put the interests of others before those of your own. That is the true mark of a real revolutionary. We shall forever remain indebted to you. Uphile kade ntombi!!!

    1. Cde Greg, ke leboha haholo ka mantswe a hau. Thank you so much my Comrade. Likewise, your contributions to the struggle for our liberation and on this platform are highly appreciated.

  2. Great gift PK!
    Enjoy them

    Nkrumah published about 16 books during his life. Only two of these: Revolutionary Path and Rhodesia File were published posthumously in 1972 by the company he set up. All sixteen books are available through Panaf Books.

    1. What an achievement – how many presidents can even speak of having written a book?

      Thanks Cde Jeff – will post the other submission as a post.

  3. Rea golebogisa Pinky
    I wish I had such thoughtful friends as yours!
    Treasure those gifts!
    People no longer give these!
    Enjoy them

  4. Perfect gift for an opinion leader.

    Having read the Class Struggles in Africa almost ten years ago. I remain in awe, witnessing Kwame Nkrumah’s prophesy coming to pass right in front of our eyes.

    1. Well, dont know about the opinion leader bit. Hahaha.

      The beauty of such books is that you can read them again and again. As I said in my piece yesterday, there is always something educational about non-fiction – it’s hard work – with all the research that one has to undertake but one always knows, the reader will take something away from it.

    1. It may sound like Im boasting Teddy – actually maybe I am – but they are six books. LOL….Why dont you try internet search, you might be able to buy from there.

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