Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma on being “Ex”


Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has hit out at critics who have associated her ascendency in politics to President Jacob Zuma, to whom she was married and divorced in 1998. She’s one of several candidates contesting the ANC presidential race whose outcome will be decided at the ANC National Conference in December 2017.

“I divorced him in 1998, when I was health minister, and long before he became president. He wasn’t even deputy president. He was an MEC in KwaZulu-Natal. I was already in government and had a career for myself.”

“But people are quick to forget. I was never first lady of South Africa. And I have no aspirations to marry a president. I have kids with him, so it is inevitable that I will see him from time to time. When you are divorced, you don’t have to be enemies. But I am not his wife,” says Dlamini Zuma. “Even when we were in exile I hardly saw him; we lived together only in Lusaka.”

“It’s mischievous people who use their patriarchy to smear my name. It’s worse when it comes from women and fellow comrades, who know I have my own track record in the ANC and in government. I am a doctor and one of the longest-serving cabinet ministers under former presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. Before Zuma became president.
“Why would people now think I can only succeed with him pushing me? Why are they raising this issue only now, if not to discredit me and unfairly judge me? Their agenda is clear: women can’t lead. There has to be a man behind them.”

“There will always be sexist people in society. They even go to the extent of printing fake news. They say the ANC will lose the 2019 elections if a woman leads the party at the polls. Only a man can unite the party and help us win, they say.”

And it gets worse: “The Sunday Times printed a fake story that I live at Nkandla, that I even have a house there. It’s pure fabrication to push a particular narrative – that I am being propelled to the top by Zuma”.

In May The Press Ombudsman directed the Sunday Times to apologise to Dlamini-Zuma for stating as fact in its headline the allegation that she has recently spent a lot of time at Nkandla. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/sunday-times-must-apologise-nkosazana-dlamini-zuma-ombud-rules/


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  1. This only confirms that We urgently need the issue of MEDIA TRIBUNAL to be expedited to deal with deliberate misinformation and I don’t the we need to ask the culprit’s opinion on this as self regulation has brought us to where we are where journalists act with impunity.

    How many apologies must be issued by Newspapers after destroying people’s characters.

  2. Pinky is right; NDZ is being attacked on the grounds of sexism. I would also like to draw our attention to the fact that some comrades in the ANC have turned to be so selfish. All they are looking for is enriching themselves and they don’t care about what is happens to the people of this country. They are not attacking NDZ from the point of ignorance. They know very well that what they are doing is wrong and is killing the nation. They are attacking her from the point of what they will gain if they stand up against her. People are just looking and focusing on what goes into their pockets. As long as they are making money, they will do and say anything those with riches command them to say and do. It is so sad that because of money; people will sell out on their souls…on the truth…the open truth.

  3. It is her reaffirmation of the RET and acknowledging the existence of WMC.Her pronouncements are sending shivers down the WMC apologists and therefore all these unkind words. She is showing all that she is too strong for a person who will never entertain Capitalists.

  4. Sis Pinky I do get it she has always been on the progressive side of discourse…are you saying she is attacked because of sexism or patriarchy?? I doubt that,,people who are attacking her are not only males but females as well most who will be categorized as enlightened liberals…not disregarding other candidates but the most with support are NDZ and Ramaphosa and everybody knows they believe in different ideologies …so I believe these attacks stems from her reaffirming her support for RET

  5. It is disgusting that some people will bow so low to the level of smearing Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. She is a woman of high status. She worked hard to be where she is. She is highly respected in the ANC and in the entire world…for her services. Please just accept her for who she is and for the great contribution to the struggle. She will definitely make a wise and a powerful president of South Africa. Just leave her be. Nkosazana we are fully behind you. This is the time for a woman president in Mzansi.

  6. Ngibuyile Comrade Pinky….It is certainly great to be back home , that is , here on uncensoredopionion….

  7. Given the current political situation in the country , it would be inevitable that there would be concerted attack on the candidacy of Comrade Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma from the right-wing. Such attacks must not only be seen within the context of partriachal attitudes, but also within the context of Cde Nkosazana representing the progressive formations within the ANC and its Alliance partners who seek to promote the radical economic transformation agenda. As we move towards the Elective Conference in December we are certainly going to see an escalation of such attacks , some of which will be based on fake news, innuendos and conjecture , splashed on the front pages of our Sunday newspapers.
    I wish to repeat that we must not see such attacks only within the context of narrow and political backward partriachal attitudes. After all the very same dark forces which seek to thwart the election of Cde Nkosazana to the highest office in the land represent the same forces which always sought to promote former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela as the messiah and the serviour of South Africa. They represent the same formations who have been sharpening their knives and plotting to stab Adv Busisiwe Mkhwebane all over and to thwart all of her attempts to wrestle control of the office from the clutches of opponents of radical economic transformation .
    Cde Nkosazana has ( very much like our current president ) very strong liberation struggle credentials.She has also served our people very well in various capacities as a public servant since the advent of democracy in 1994.She has also served with distinction as head of the African Union.
    Hillary Clinton , former First Lady of the USA and former Secretary of State in the same country twice sought to run for election to the office of president of that country. The fact that she was married to a former president was never an issue in both the USA and elsewhere . Not so in the case of Cde Nkosazana ; her unapologetic stance regarding radical economic transformation and the real possibility of her defeating the preferred candidate of big business has sent shock waves through the air-conditioned offices in Sandton , Stellenbosch , London and Washington.Let all those who support radical economic transformation unreservedly support her candidacy.

  8. Not only sexist and by the so called liberals…all these attacks started when she mentioned RET and WMC

    1. I actually disagree that the sexist remarks started with RET and WMC. It started when her name was being mentioned as a potential candidate for the next presidency. Mme NDZ has a track record for challenging WMC & winning. I wrote a piece which I must find on why she’s feared, not because she’s an ex but because she’s not bought.

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