News24 Senior Journalist Named In Hostile Takeover Plot

By Pinky Khoabane

A SENIOR NEWS24 journalist’s name features in two audio recordings in which former employees of Bosasa, now African Global Operations, make an offer for their reinstatement as part of a bigger plan to have the Black shareholders ousted and have a complete takeover by whites. In one recording former Chief Operating Officer Angelo Agrizzi, speaking to CEO Gavin Watson’s son, daughter and nephew says:

“These kaffirs have done nothing for your father….” “I will help you…I have no animosity towards you, your sister….” “What do you need those kaffirs for? What is it they are holding over his head?” “What I need from you for now is to take the whip. …You don’t need Papa…..You don’t need Joe….”

Papa Leshabane and Johanness Gumede are the two Black directors who have since opened a case of crimen injuria against Agrizzi at the Douglasdale police station following revelations of the recording.

City Press published a story “Big Boss In K-Word Tirade based on a recording which may, from what was published, be similar to what UnCensored received.

We published this article yesterday:

The help Watson’s children request from Agrizzi is in the context of addressing continued negative press, largely from News24 over several months. Watson’s son wants to know what help Agrizzi could offer given that banks could “close down accounts” and clients are “getting nervous”.

“We are gonna lie a little bit because we must…” a voice allegedly of Agrizzi’s continues…..”The reason Papa didnt like me is because he couldnt fix up the press…..why did I form my alliances with the press, with all these people. I did that four years ago, not now….”


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