NEWS24 Editor Adriaan Basson Responds

In an article UnCensored published yesterday, I mentioned contents of an audio recording by racist Angelo Agrizzi in which, apart from calling his former colleagues kaffirs, he among others, boasts about his relationship with the media including News24 editor Adriaan Basson.

I approached Media24, Basson’s bosses for comment on the allegations made by Agrizzi in that recording. They said they had listened to the recording and had also undertaken an internal investigation and had found no wrongdoing. I asked specifically about the issue of a journalist who visits a source regularly and that in another recording someone says “Adriaan will fix it” in the context of the incessant negative press Bosasa was facing.

Basson has responded and this is his full text below. And he correctly points out that I didnt get in touch with him for comment but as I say above, I spoke to his bosses who claimed there had been an internal investigation. They did not deny the contents but instead said he had not violated “business ethics”.

Dear Ms Khoabane, I note an article you published today that make false claims about me. * I categorically deny that my children and I are “regular visitors” to Mr Agrizzi’s house. * I categorically deny that I am in any shape or form involved in an “elaborate plan” to destabilise Bosasa/AGO. My investigative journalistic work on Bosasa is well-documented since 2006 and has always been done in the public interest, according to journalistic principles in an effort to expose corruption in South Africa. I further record that you have not asked me for my comments before publishing this defamatory article. I request you to remove the defamatory article by 12:00pm tomorrow (15 October). All my rights are reserved. You can contact me on XXXXXXXX in future.

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