News24 Editor Adriaan Basson Named In Plot To Destabilise Bosasa


NEWS24 Editor Adriaan Basson, and his children, are regular visitors to the home of racist Angelo Agrizzi who, in an audio recording calls his former colleagues kaffirs.

Basson’s name features in two audio recordings in which former employees of Bosasa, now African Global Operations (AGO) make an offer for their reinstatement in return for having the Black shareholders removed. Having been rebuffed, the former employees have turned hostile.

Agrizzi boasts in one recording that he has cultivated good relations with journalists including Basson over four years, who will assist in “cleaning up” the company. In another, a voice said to be that of the former chief financial officer also mentions Adrian who will “fix” the mess.

Bosasa has been plagued by a litany of allegations involving government tenders.

Media24 has confirmed listening to the recordings and says there is nothing untoward in the conduct of the editor. It said AGO had previously levelled allegations against its editor, Basson, in a court of law and failed to prove wrongdoing. It denied the contents of the recordings which claim Basson was a regular visitor at Agrizzi’s home or that he would “fix” Bosassa’s mess violated business ethics.

Basson has denied the claims made that he ever visited the home of Agrizzi with his children. He confirmed he had been to Agrizzi’s home once. “I have never visited Agrizzi’s house with my children, who are both in diapers. I have only once in my life, on my own, visited Agrizzi’s house for a meeting about him potentially assisting me with information for my investigation into Bosasa, that started in 2006″. He also denied being part of a plot to destabilise Bosasa.

In what is an elaborate plan to collapse the current structure of the organisation, Agrizzi, a former chief operating officer and the former chief financial officer, allegedly hatched a plot to activate a media campaign which would trigger several events among various stakeholders with the ultimate goal of a hostile takeover. They plan to haemorrhage the company to a point of forcing current directors to accede to their demands or force a sale at a much lower value than it currently is.

A schematic plan, allegedly found on the computers of the former employees shows how the media campaign would unfold. They would leak stories to all media; print, Carte Blanche, social media and online, on a weekly basis. The stories leaked are targeted at specific groups. For example, they would leak stories of CCTV cameras installed in politicians’ homes, VAT and Taxes, and expose allegations of bribery – all this with the objective of triggering the attention of opposition parties Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), government institutions, regulatory bodies and parliament’s oversight bodies such as the public accounts watchdog SCOPA.

Speaking to CEO Gavin Watson’s son, daughter and nephew, Agrizzi assures them that the company doesn’t need the Black directors. “Those kaffirs have done nothing for your father….I will help you…I have no animosity towards you, your sister….what do you need those kaffirs for? You don’t need Papa,”

Papa is Papa Leshabane, one of the directors who together with another director mentioned in the recording, Johannes Gumede, have since opened a case of crimen injuria at the Douglasdale police station.

Agrizzi among others, calls his former colleagues kaffirs who are “lazy” and questions what they have done for the company.

“Im telling you they are kaffirs…..they are screwing your father.

“The Darkies have told him

“What right have they got….I worked for 3 years without asking for a cent….I spent hours working…cleaning the….these kaffirs have done nothing for your father…..”

Agrizzi boasts of the media contacts he has cultivated over the years: “Dont you realise why Papa didn’t like me. He couldnt fix up the press. How did I form my alliances with….Derek, with Adrian, with all these people..why? I did that four years ago. Adriaan would be here with his kids…..he would play here..” The Adriaan he’s referring to is Adriaan Basson.

He boasts about two other influential people he brought to his former organisation who include the person who worked on social media Twitter for Adam Catzavelos, the racist who while on holiday, rejoiced at the fact that there was “not one kaffir in sight”.

He mentions a name of the person “who pushed tweets for the Greek on the island to record levels”.

Watson’s son wants to know what help Agrizzi would offer given that banks could close down accounts and clients are getting nervous.

“I’ll help you clean up….we’ll get there…” he assures Watson’s children who are worried about the impact of Agrizzi’s leaks to the media about the company. “We are gonna lie a little bit because we must….”, he says.

Agrizzi left Bosasa under a cloud of allegations of financial mismanagement. A settlement, which two sources said was around R40million, was reached between the parties. In leaking stories to the media, News24 in particular, he has violated the terms of the agreement and this issue is raised in one of the recordings. And the assurance is given to Watson’s son that “Adrian will fix it”

Agrizzi was instrumental in many of the allegations of corrupt activities but his defence has been that he was authorised by CEO Watson to do so.

After 8 years, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Will Finally Take Bosasa to court

After 8 years since allegations of bribery and corruption against Bosasa now African Global Operations (AGO) emerged, the NPA will finally take the case to court.

Agrizzi is among the respondents in the case. What will he do now that he has become a “whistleblower”? Only time will tell.

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  1. Agrizzi is busy selling up. His dainfern property is on the market for R13million, his daughter is advertising the Ferrari memorabilia on Facebook, and his Ferraris are up for sale .MAKING a dash for Australia?

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