We Must Adopt The Boycott As An Arsenal Against Racist Companies

By Pinky Khoabane


Yet another racist advert emerged last week – this time, a Black woman having used Dove’s body lotion – a Unilever product – turned white. Like all the other racist adverts that have met the backlash of consumers, it was followed with a lame apology about “missing the mark in representing women of colour thoughtfully”.

Radio 702 recently posted a tweet comparing two Black toddlers with dogs: “Aaaw! Dog VS baby…who’s cuter? Go ahead and evoke those broody feelings…”


It was later changed to: “Aaaw! Babies and dogs participating in the #MTN702WALK will evoke those broody feelings‚” referring to the popular radio station’s big walk

Primedia Broadcasting issued an apology following a public outcry: “We apologize unreservedly for an offensive tweet published today. You have every right to be angry and offended. We strive to uphold the highest standards in our communication with you”.http://www.702.co.za/articles/265538/we-d-like-to-apologise-for-our-tweet

Before that was the Outsurance racist Father’s Day advert which used only white men with their children. In response, OUTsurance posted a short tweet to apologise for the advert. “We apologise for our Father’s Day video. It did not appropriately represent SA’s demographics. It was an unintentional oversight”.

We’ve covered extensively on this platform, the racist practice by First National Bank (FNB) in charging Blacks in the low cost housing market a different interest rate to that by Whites. This bank owes these Black people billions in Rands overcharged in interest rates. These are among the poorest – their houses having just cost around R60,000.00 but after 21years, they still owe the bank more than the original bond amount.

We’ve also brought you stories of how the same bank treated a White man, now DA Councillor Simon Lapping, when he was in arrears of only R400 on his overdraft and credit card. He was treated like a king. Paid R3,500 to close his credit card and overdraft. The now CEO of FNB, Jaques Celliers, offered him R100,000.00 “to go away”. He was given a home loan of R125,000.00 despite being unemployed and having had a bad payment record on his other bank accounts. And into that home loan, FNB deposited R155,000.00 and his transfer fees of R7,000.00 were also paid.

Contrast the paths of the Black clients (there are thousands of them) and that of the White man Lapping. The Blacks ripped off by FNB have been waiting to go to the Equality Court for years and have their day but FNB has been employing delaying tactics. Some of these clients have even died waiting. Some have had their houses repossessed. When I went to see them earlier this year, one of the complainants stood next to what used to be his house which was repossessed after he missed a few repayments as a result of being retrenched. He said he never knew for how much the house was sold. He now lives in a squatter camp.

The White man, on the other hand, sent an email to FNB and by the next day he had the attention of head of credit, Celliers and a deal was put on the table. He only got his payment of R155,000 three years later because he wanted to cheat his wife out of the deal as he was going through a divorce. He’s now a DA councillor.

This is the same bank that fired four Blacks for supporting the ANC. How many of its staff including it’s ceo support other parties and are still employed?

Here’s the thing. Blacks are the majority in this country. We are a power bloc. If we decided to boycott these companies tomorrow, business will shift and our economy will shift.

Boycotting these companies is the one way we can exercise our consumer power by deciding where to spend our money and where not to. Spur restaurants are in trouble financially following the incident in which Nico Viljoen accosted Lebohang Mabuya in front of children and threatened to:  “Ek sal jou ‘n poesklap gee.” Translated from Afrikaans, it crudely means: “I will give you a cunt slap.”

There’s always that argument that a boycott can harm the people it’s meant to protect but this is the pain that must come with protest.

But when well-targeted and strategically executed, consumer boycotts absolutely should be part of our arsenal against racist corporations.

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  1. Agree my has been using Dove products a lot but not anymore now. I must say it took some serious convincing but what was more encouraging is that my 7 year old daughter was listening and she asked some crucial questions which made me realize that the more we spend our time educating the little ones about these things the more they will become active citizens of this country in future

    1. Kudos to you. Yes, we must teach them from an early age to grow caring and active citizens of tomorrow.

  2. Sis Pinky, if I didn’t know better I would say someone shared my Whatsupp with you.

    Exactly my sentiments.

    Businesses understand only one language: Loosing money.

    If you take a Rand Instant of Blacks, in other words, if you count R1 of every Black South African IN AN INSTANT(This is my innovative Index by the way), you will have atleast R30 Million Rand IN AN INSTANT.

    This R30 Million is spend in white Interests/Businesses every INSTANT, be it a Minute INSTANT, hour Instant or Day instant.

    But if you take an hour Instant,you should multiply that by 60 however to be conservative, lets work on the assumption that every Black person on South Africa spents ONLY R1, then we are giving White Businesses R30 Million everyday, an ammunition to further exploit us.

    But tell that to many Black people.

    It is easier for a Camel to go through an eye of a needle than to convince Black people to see what they really need and what action will lead them to that goal.

    It remains privileged knowledge for a few people like you and I to know what we know about what needs to be done and have the requisite consciousness to pursue it.

    Take for example the NWO, the NWO is to the World what NDP is to South Africa except it’s a secret Global Policy.

    You see it’s manifestations in all walks of life, the media, Business, work of Societal groupings as well as in most Governance approaches, yet it takes something as simple as a label (conspiracy theory) to make everyone stop paying attention. It is difficult to convince people to see the real danger they face until they are actually feeling it.

    We worry for example every day about Johan Rupert, but honestly, those who know enough will tell you, Johan Rupert is the least of your worries, the people he serves are the ones you have to be concerned about.

    Of course he serves a master.

    He serves a master more powerful Rupert, he makes Rupert become just a porn in the chess board. Yet many of us are worried about Rupert. Little do we know that Ruperts master can replace him in an instant with whomever and the master will still achieve the same set of results.

    Johan Rupert is actually the least of our worries.

    Our worries should be with his boss, who happens to also be George Soros Boss as well and the boss of many others like them.

    How do we make people understand these things?

    Do we even have to bother?

    People like you sacrifice time and resources, and you have been doing it for long, to worry about the affairs of the majority who do not support your cause let alone even see that you are fighting their cause.

    I sometimes give up. Yet the fighter in me refuses to see suffering and evil go unhindered.

    But without the support of those you fighting for and are trying to protect.

    At times I feel they are right when they say when the battle is not yours,Join the winning team.

  3. Good day sisi Pinky i fully support your proposal. i thinks its time we stop as black people being social media warriors and only complain on social media structures. we need action and i support the move to boycott these institutions. how about we start to mobilising?

  4. If FNB believed that they will get away with racial discrimination by charging black clients of Low Cost Housing a higher interest rates on their mortgage loan than those of white bondholders – sometimes with as much as 7% – and believed that no one will exposs their illegal and unconstitutional behaviour, they were wrong. I do have all the internal documentation to proof that the bank did discriminant against blacks.
    Thousands of Black people have already started to boycott FNB by closing their accounts and I am of an opinion that any boycott action will be highly successful against FNB.

  5. Well done. Please know that there are many white guys, myself included, who are 100% behind this stand against endemic racism, particularly the incredible stupidity and lack of awareness.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your response. I know that the movement to boycott would be endorsed by all right thinking people who dream of equality – whites included. Watch the space.



    2. Mike it’s because of white people like you and many others who are my friends, who contributed to my success that I sometimes cringe at the use of blanket labelling of white people the same way I would feel when someone used the wrong of one black person to generalize all Black people.

      I agree with you 100%, there are white people who fight for equality who are 100 times 1 of the sellouts we have as politicians in this country. Aluta!!!!

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