Mmusi Stop The Hypocrisy & Have DA Cllr Lapping & FNB’s Jacques Celliers Charged With Bribery

By Pinky Khoabane

Dear Mmusi

By now you know the case of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Simon Lapping of Ward 17 in Ekurhuleni who in 2008 approached First National Bank (FNB) with information about its use of “NAEDO (Non Authenticated Early Debit Order) system to scan clients accounts and to “grab” money without an authorised debit order”. What follows is astonishing details of what is tantamount to a bribe by Jaques Celliers, who at the time was FNBs CEO of credit cards and is now the CEO of the bank.

In an affidavit signed in 2015 and whose authenticity Lapping has confirmed, he says Celliers offered him “R100 000 to go away” following a meeting of the parties in which he put it to the bank that their conduct of NAEDO was “unacceptable” and “in my view unconstitutional”. He also raised the issue of the constant harassment by the bank’s collections company which was “harassing” him for the R400 arrears on his FNB credit card and overdraft facility.

Part of Simon Lapping’s Affidavit

The net result of that discussion is that Lapping ended up with R3,500 paid to him by FNB just to close these two accounts. But that wasn’t all. He was later given a bond of R155,000 even though he had no job and no income and FNB paid R155,000 into his bond which had an outstanding amount of R125,000. He was then paid the balance of R30,000 in cash. Here’s the full affidavit Simon Lapping Affidavit

Nico Niemand, for whom Lapping wrote this affidavit has since laid charges of fraud against Celliers. The docket has been lying at the Johannesburg Central Police Station since 2015.

And the question is why this case is not with the Hawks as it has all the hallmarks of case that should be handled there instead of a small police station where the investigating officers are intimidated by the likes of Lapping and Celliers.

This case involves high profile people and involves over R100 000. Why is it languishing at the Jhb Central police station? Why has the DA done absolutely nothing about these allegations despite being aware of them. You have not bothered as has become your style of doing things, to see to it that charges laid against Lapping and Celliers come to fruition.

Instead, what we have had over the year are Lapping’s threats including those on his behalf to UnCensored to remove the publications.

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