Mmusi Lies Again & Again About Bosasa & The President

By Pinky Khoabane

THE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (DA) released information at the weekend that Bosasa (now African Global Operations) had denied having any contract with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s son, Andile, following it’s Public Access to Information Act request that the company release details of the contract.

This was carried in a number of establishment media outlets and as usual, the headlines were similar and the story misleading.



Business Day

What DA leader Mmusi Maimane omits to tell the media is that his PAIA request specifically requested that the company divulge information on “The contract and invoice of R500,000 financial consulting services provided by the president’s son, Andile, to Bosasa (Now African Global Operations)”.

Bosasa in response to the PAIA request states: “There exists no record that fits the description “contract and invoice for R500,000 financial services provided by the President’s son, Andile Ramaphosa, to Bosasa (now African Global Operations”.

And so between Maimaine and establishment media, the public is fed a lie telling them Bosasa had said there exists no contract whatsoever between Andile and the company. This is grossly misleading. It is actually a blatant lie.

The truth is that even as Maimaine sent the PAIA request, he knew there existed no such contract of R500,000 between the President’s son and Bosasa. When he waved the affidavit in parliament on November 6, he knew the money never left Bosasa but was from the personal account of Gavin Watson, the CEO.

The affidavit which we have shown here at UnCensored to have been fraudulent, signed in one place and authenticated at another, some kilometers apart, and on different dates, states clearly that the money was from Gavin Watson’s account and was never deposited in the accounts of any of the Ramaphosa family. Maimaine knows this and he has pushed this lie for as long as there are no journalists willing to ask him to corroborate his lies.

The affidavit  Maimaine has been waving was authenticated by warrant officer at Mosselbay on 18 December 2017 while Petrus Venter allegedly signed it in George in the Western Cape on 19 December 2017.

Venter’s Affidavit signed

UnCensored requested a copy of the affidavit the DA used to level claims against the President. We then sent questions to Maimane’s Chief of Staff Graham Charters on 30 November to get clarity on whether they were aware that the affidavit was fraudulent. We also wanted to know if the source of the fraudulent affidavit was a former employee of Bosasa, Angelo Agrizzi who had launched a hostile takeover campaign against the company. UnCensored has several recordings in which Agrizzi names among others, News24 editor Adriaan Basson, as people who can help restore the negative image of the company, which he orchestrated, once he and his group take-over. The DA never responded to our questions.

We also wanted to know if the DA received the fake affidavit during a visit to Agrizzi’s home by DA’s Glynnis Breytenbach and Werner Horn.

Background to the saga

The issue began at the beginning of November when Maimane, during the parliamentary inquiry into VBS, asked Ramaphosa about a questionable donation that was made by Bosasa into his son’s account for his presidential campaign. The President responded by saying his son provided consultancy services to the facilities company and a payment could have been for that.

The President’s son denied there was such a payment into his account and it has now emerged that the payment was never made into his account. The discrepancy comes from the Venter affidavit in which he says in October 2017, Watson instructed him and Natasha Olivier to pay from his personal account the “R500 000 to EFG2 with an ABSA Bank account, I was merely told it was for a foundation/ trust of Andile Ramaphosa, the son of the Deputy President of the republic of South Africa….”.

Ramaphosa’s campaign managers clarified that the money was never paid into any of the Ramaphosa family accounts and that a law firm was responsible for administering donations for his campaign.

Ramaphosa, on being alerted to the donation, wrote a letter to Parliament’s Speaker Baleka Mbete, clarifying the matter. He claimed he inadvertently misinformed the National Assembly but had not done so intentionally.

“I have been subsequently informed that the payment referred to … does not relate to that contract.

“I have been told that the payment to which the leader of the opposition referred was made on behalf of Mr Gavin Watson into a trust account that was used to raise funds for a campaign established to support my candidature for the Presidency of the African National Congress.”

Law firm edelstein, farber, grobler Inc has since emerged as the firm that administered a trust account EFG2 in respect of funds received from donors of the CR17 campaign.

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