Minister Gigaba: Markus Jooste Is Not Alone, Rupert Is Investigated By UK Authorities in Panama Papers Case

By Justin Lewis


Johann Rupert’s  farm which he bought through a contrived liquidation is a subject of investigation in a UK court case

Dear Minister

Steinhoff and disgraced SA billionaire Markus Jooste are under investigation by German authorities whilst billionaire Johann Rupert is under investigation by UK authorities in a court case linked to the Panama Papers in the Royal Court of Jersey.

I support your, “call on all SA corporations to maintain the highest practises of Corporate Good Governance.”

Given the international concern for the above, we call upon you to widen your call to all leaders of South African corporations, including the Rupert’s investigation by UK authorities for reasons as amplified below.

But here’s is part of the story on the Rupert farm now the subject of investigation in the Royal Court of Jersey


1 December 2017

Dear Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Re : The corruption of the SA courts to facilitate alleged organised syndicated crime as per papers filed in the Royal Court of Jersey case 343/2015

Last week an Order of Justice was issued by the Royal Court of Justice containing allegations of alleged “organised crime syndicates” (as described by the late Judge Essa Moosa as the then head of the DPCI office whom I briefed on this matter known an the “UK widows case”, who authorised an investigation before his untimely passing.

I include below my communications with the European Union Minister of finance which includes my brief to the UK press given the alleged syndicates use of tax havens to promote the alleged corruption of the SA courts to launder funds from SA to enter the UK financial system unlawfully

Which brief includes messages of support from the ex Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, and the Chancellor of the exchequer for the UK the Hon Philip Hammond MP, as well as Baroness Richmond as head of the UK Supreme court

“Financial crimes committed in SA through UK financial Institutions” has international repercussions as evidenced by my letter to the EU Finance Minister, with profound implications for UK and EU investment into Africa

I respectfully submit that this alleged corruption would not have been possible without the following as alleged;

i) The corruption of the SA courts

ii) The interference of a DPCI investigations by members of the bar and side bar involved with the point above

I am still awaiting a reply for a request to meet with the DPCI Judge Kgomo F, to complete the investigation initiated a year ago by his predecessor, given that the Order of Justice approved by the UK Judge contains confirmation of the allegation of SA courts being corrupted through contrived liquidations, which had the original DPCI investigation not been interfered with, would have come to the same conclusion of alleged corruption now being exposed in the Royal Court of Jersey.

As the “UK widows case” commences in the Royal Court of Jersey within two weeks, your office’s support to the office of the DPCI Judge to complete the investigation initiated by his predecessor which the court papers filed in the UK courts confirms was correct to initiate, would be appreciated

Yours Faithfully

Justin Lewis

From: Dr Rowan Williams
Date: Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 7:43 PM
Subject: your enquiry

Dear Mr Lewis

Thank you for the material you sent, which I have only seen today (I have been away from my desk for most of the last week). The case you describe is clearly a serious injustice, facilitated by financial practices that urgently need reform. I believe this story should certainly be more widely known, as it gives a human face to the cost of all those mechanisms that make such exploitative and heartless results possible.

If you wish to quote me to that effect to the FT, I am happy for you to do so.
Good luck and every blessing with your efforts.

Rowan Williams
——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: RE: “Financial crimes allegedly committed in SA through UK financial institutions”
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:00:49 +0000
From: Enquiries, CEU – HMT <> <>
CC:Enquiries, CEU – HMT <>

Dear Mr Lewis,

I am writing on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government to thank you for your email.
Please rest assured that the contents of your letter have been registered by the relevant officials in the Treasury, who will follow up with the FCA on the matter you refer to.

Thank you also for taking the time to write to the Chancellor with your suggestions for judicial reform and how to hold the enablers of financial crime to account. As it is not practical for Ministers to respond to all the letters they receive, I was asked to reply on their behalf.

Kind regards,

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