Media Racism, Non-White Slaves, And The Rule Of Law

Letter To Eusebius McKaiser By Mike Stainbank

Mr McKaiser

South Africa listens as you and your colleagues at Radio 702, loudly so, grow your personal brands on social issues like racism and the rule of law. The force behind your respective trademarks guaranteed national coverage for the panel discussion you moderated on 21 March 2018. Over the past 17 years, the magnetic pulling power of the trademark that I registered in 1990 has, through racism, organized crime, fraud and money laundering, secured about R2Billion for the owners of the Gold Reef City Casino License.

Mr Mandela and the ANC feature prominently in our attached dossier. The venue you chose for a conversation on sell-outs and the betrayal of the Black oppressed is a complete example of collaboration between racists and the non-white slaves they keep. And, as you know, the Krok brothers proceeds off crimes against humanity financed that racist edifice. This dossier fully answers the question your panel refused to resolve. With Ms Lebohang Pheko as the one courageous exception, Gold Reef City Casino must be grateful for the endorsement that you and your employer lend to the outlandish political myths that tie-in with their unlawful use of my registered trademark: The Apartheid Museum™. The rule of law, in the context of a judiciary controlled by racists, could in future become a fitting conversation for Human Rights Day.

Mr McKaiser; racism remained pivotal throughout my conceptualization of the mission and vision of The Apartheid Museum™. Your silence, on all the evidence you’re aware of, explains why racist savages work against all efforts to liberate the minds of their non-whites slaves.

Mike Stainbank is the Founder of The Apartheid Museum™

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