Where are media freedom advocates in Motale’s case?


One of our readers, Khothatso says…It’s all silence from our proponents of free speech and media freedom when it comes to the suspicious suspension of the Citizen’s Editor, Steven Motale. Details of his suspension are sketchy but he was suspended following articles on allegations of  wrongdoing by Deputy Chairpesron of Rothschild financial dynasty, Trevor Manuel.

Where is Sipho Pityana, lips with masked tape brigade, Jackson Mthembu, SANEF, FUL, Helen Suzman Foundation? Don’t raise your hopes. Remember what happened to Vusi Mona at the Hefer commission for daring to go against the instructions given to the establishment media by Bulelani Ngcuka (Obviously by his handlers).

Remember how Mathata Tsedu was bundled out of the Sunday Times for thinking he could transform it? Those who claim to be the custodians of tranaparency and freedom of expression showed the citizens the middle finger when the asked why Mathata was dismissed. Just in case we are told that the difference between the Sunday Times and SABC is that the Sunday Times is a private entity – That is a neo-con myth. The management of the Sunday times did not part with even a cent of their own money. It is our pension monies, insurance premiums, UIF contributions and so on that keep it afloat. It is the public sector advertisements that sustain their advertising revenues. Unlike the BBC which is the British government mouthpiece, the SABC gets no subsidy from Government.

I am getting sidetracked. Consider how under Mondli Makhanya the Sunday Times published the following stories;

  1. An article by David Bullard claiming that when a black family loses a child, they get on with making another one without mourning for the dead one. It was only after a public outcry that Mondli Makhanya fired Bullard for the article that he had okayed as the editor. Bullard became the fall guy.
  2. Under Makhanya, Sunday Times claimed that former President Mbeki had received a R30m rand bribe from the Arms deal. Even today no evidence has been pubished to back up the claim.

Makhanya retired from the Sunday with full honours.

Can you imagine Motale becoming ANC MP?

The former Financial Editor who once wrote in an Editorial that he would not want to be “served by a native with a finger in the soup and one eye on the clock”. He went on to become a DA MP.

Dianne Kohler-Barnard who thinks that things were better under PW Botha than after 1994 moved straight from the SABC to a DA MP.

Anyway, these are just my observations.

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  1. UIF funds are held by the Public Investment Corporation, which places these funds including government employees pension funds, with asset managers. They will invest the money in property, media, shares/stock bonds, for a return.

    1. Thanks for the clarification Sean.
      As always thanks for your input into the debates we bring forth. I think one of the other readers wanted this clarification on UIF.



  2. Please clarify how the Sunday Times is sustained by the UIF contributions. Is the UIF a shareholder?

    I hope that the finial managers at the UIF are making good investment decisions for the benefit of the contributors.

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