Mathews Phosa, please resign and save CellSaf from clutches of corporate greed

By Pinky Khoabane


Mathews Phosa’s Damascus letter may come to haunt the much needed political assistance CellSaf needs to block or overturn CellC/Blue Label’s greed. 

In its battle to have CellC’s recapitalisation plan overturned, CellSaf is  going to need every bit of assistance, not least from government and the country’s regulatory bodies. The BEE group, at whose helm sits former ANC Treasury Mathews Phosa, who has in recent months publicly attacked his political party and its president, will have to step aside to ensure his views don’t taint the process of getting help – legal, political and otherwise. Phosa is the chairman of CellSaf.

CellSaf is in battle with its partners, CellC, over the decision by the latter to sell a stake of the company to Blue Label Telecoms without the authorisation of the board. The deal sees Blue Label acquire 45% shareholding in CellC for R5.5 billion and the executive management of CellC which comprises six white men, acquire 10% for R2000. Here are the articles on the acquisition http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/battle-lines-drawn-cellc-bee-partner-cellsaf/


Phosa’s “Damascus moment” open letter written two weeks ago is still fresh on the minds of many and his former comrades who disagree with the manner in which he’s going about criticising the party will have no sympathy for his woes with CellC.

I can already hear some saying; well there should be a separation of issues regarding the principles and violations, thereof, around the deal and Phosa’s personal views. That however is being disingenuous. Phosa is who he is and his political status and connections have helped him amass the wealth he has today – hopefully its not only on paper but is in real economic and financial terms. But bringing the point closer to CellC versus CellSaf, his political connections, among others, would have played a role in securing CellSaf as the preferred BEE vehicle to get the third mobile licence whose goal was to give Blacks a stake in the industry. It’s happened with all the ANC connected leaders. Its part of the agreement reached to share the wealth of this country. Jay Naidoo, Cyril Ramaphosa, and other ANC cadres have sat from across their oppressors’ tables and made deals –  for themselves.

In later years, the crumbs were shared among a wider group of people and such deals as CellSaf’s  were struck. And this is why this acquisition by Blue Label is so morally bankrupt. Blacks, coming from a minus zero base, had to come up with R1.5bn to buy their stake into a so-called BEE company. Sixteen years later, six white men can pay R2000 to get a bigger stake than the Blacks for which the licence was created.

Phosa has called for Zuma to resign to allow a younger “and not so conflicted  cadre” (my view) to take charge. He has bemoaned the current ANC government as “alienating” investors from coming into the country. I’m saying to Phosa: For the sake of ensuring that the Saudis who have now betrayed you and the Blacks who coughed out R1.5bn, you should resign and allow this injustice to be met with the necessary outrage it deserves.


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  1. “It’s part of the agreement reached to share the wealth of this country.”
    Pinky, with all due respect, do you really believe that enhancing the capitalist class with more and more Black industrialists/entrepreneurs/capitalists will distribute the wealth of this country equally to its people? Or will it not rather create a compradore bourgeoisie of sorts, of which the Gupta family is just one example? Do you really believe that “Black Capital” (as opposed to WMC) will change the plight of the poor and working classes in this country? Capitalists know only one colour – the colour of money.
    Shouldn’t one rather think about and work towards a fundamental change in this economic system?

    1. Dear Sizwe

      We are where we are in this country through a negotiated settlement. Do I like it, No. Is it working to the best ideals we seek, No. The point is that there is a negotiation and my writings attest very clearly to my feelings but in a “democracy” we must live with the will of the majority.
      Did that majority as it votes for the ANC really know what it was voting for, not really.

      We live in a capitalist state and I will fight for the right of Blacks to also be as rich as their white counterparts. I detest the notion, which I believe is what you’re getting at, that only whites must be the ones who milk the economy within a capitalist state.

      You seem to excuse white monopoly capitalists and their greed.

      I agree with you that we need to move to a more socialist system but please lets not move goal posts in dealing specifically with white monopoly capitalists.

      The issue of how we derive a socialist state in South Africa is a debate for another day which I would challenge you to explore and write a piece for us.



  2. “Mathew Phosa”
    Where do I start with this Comrade very well known to me, while residing in Mpumalanga 1982-1999.

    One of the Comrades that contributed to my walking away from Politics after 1994.

    Mathew Phosa has always been self centered, its always been about him and what he can benefit!

    Mathew Phosa & Tokyo Sexwale became official members of the Broederbond in 2009 (Johan Rupert boykies) have recordings of all their conversations with Johan Rupert which will all be revealed in good time.
    Never expect any Honorable thing from these guys that are captured by WMC.

    1. Dear Jeff

      Again, you will not provide the evidence to back your claims. Everything in your world “will be revealed in good time”. Doesn’t wash my brother.



      1. Dear Pk
        I have great respect for you on True Jounalism Ethics of which uncensor operate within.How i wish the main frame media could learn & take this example!
        Be as it may the enviroment /world I operate within/from, there is what you call clasified information which can only be disclosed at specific given time. Hence what’s stated on my comment stands firmly & strongly!

        1. Let me just give you an example: Remember “Gerrie Nel”
          i gave you breaking news on this matter with evidence,before the main frame media had it, you were just too slow to read your mails,
          ( secret letter from Afriforum chairperson)
          In doing so i broke the rules of my world from where I operate from, but made acception..

          1. Dear Jeff

            I have not received a letter from you on Gerrie Nel and least from Afriforum. As one who doesn’t follow news, I was taken aback when a television network asked I speak on Gerrie Nel on the day the news of his move to Afriforum broke. I had no idea what the story was but they had picked up my views about him from some years back.

            A contributor Khotso Molekane then wrote an unsolicited piece on Nel I think a day or so later.

            I later wrote a piece having learnt that he had joined Afriforum.

            Please send the Afriforum Chairperson’s letter for consideration.



        2. Dear Jeff

          We all operate within the code & ethics of our various trade. We certainly understand the constraints within your trade. We have been brave and published some of your claims without the corroborating evidence with the hope that the people to whom you point fingers will take the bait and respond. They haven’t.

          UnCensored operates under extremely difficult financial conditions and we can’t afford to publish stories which open us up to litigation. We are willing with evidence to publish articles including comments from our readers and contributors.

          We were recently hacked on two separate occasions and our computers and emails hacked too. We were out of operation for four or so days and one of our readers and contributors came to our rescue.

          We need to respect each other and the work and goals which we are trying to achieve. If you are not able to provide the evidence, which we respect, don’t expect us to publish.

          We intend to be around when your classified information is de-classified.

          Kindest regards


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