How do we march with people who poisoned us, killed us, burnt us & threw our ashes in rivers?

Pinky Khoabane


Regime change marches of last week Friday once again force us to answer the painful question of what it is about us as Blacks, Africans in particular, that we seemingly have such troubling amnesia. Forget about our fellow white citizens – theirs is convenient but what about us…what’s in it for us? The crumbs off the white table?

Why would we march with people whose history of oppression and brutality of Blacks still lives vividly within our minds? Why would we march with people who still view Blacks as apes and carry bananas as symbols of their sick racist minds?

The predominantly white marches (keyword here before some of you get your knickers in a knot is ‘predominantly’) are organised by Save-SA, a group led and funded by chief executive officers of corporate South Africa.

These are the same people who just a few weeks ago were exposed to have been involved in massive corruption including rigging the currency and price-fixing. Did they want to Save South Africa from thugs then? Not a chance!

These are capitalists who frankly don’t give a toss about Black Life and their choice of date to try and stage a coup is symptomatic of the arrogance of whiteness and white power.


SAVE-SA wanted to effect regime change on the same date that the apartheid regime – from which they benefited so much – banned the ANC and PAC. It was on the same date that the two right-wingers who assassinated Thembisile Hani attempted to get away with their grotesque deed by asking for amnesty. Thankfully those sitting on the amnesty committee had a little bit more sense in that instance and denied them freedom.

SAVE-SA, a bunch of white capitalists who have stood by as our children cried to have access to tertiary education expanded to the poorest of the poor march to oust a legitimately elected president! They do this on a day after we remember how the system from which they benefitted so much killed Solomon Mahlangu for a crime he did not commit. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/today-history-solomon-mahlangu-executed/

These are the same people who religiously remind us of the fact that we live in a Constitutional Democracy by which the president can only be removed through the ballot or in parliament – not by coups let alone staged by beneficiaries of colonialism and apartheid.

And then of course the arrogance to also inject racism was not to be left out of this lots’ marches. They came primed with bananas which has become synonymous with Blacks as apes or monkeys. And next to them marching to depose a legitimately elected president were Blacks. You have to wonder about this Black person – who in the eyes of the fellow marcher thinks nothing of them but a monkey. But then again it is that Black who so seeks approval from white people that they are happy to be that Black that is different from the rest.

This is what I wrote shortly after EFF gave the DA power in Johannesburg, Tshwane & Port Elizabeth 

siphiwo-mthimkhuluSiphiwo Mthimkhulu

What is it about us that 23 years into democracy we would give over power to people who not so long ago were oppressors and were beneficiaries of the colonial and apartheid political and economic systems and to this day continue to benefit from these grotesque systems?

Why would the citizens of eBhayi hand-over power to oppressors? Let’s just for a moment forget about the farm workers who were literally slaves on the farm of current mayor, Athol Trollip and talk about the history of killing activists in that province while Trollip did nothing but benefit from a system that structurally and physically persecuted and prosecuted us for nothing else but having a darker shade of skin.

Why have we forgotten Siphiwo Mthimkhulu and Topsy Madaka? Mthimkulu was a youth activist in Zakehele township near Port Elizabeth. He joined the South African Students Movement in 1977 and was arrested two years later for possession of banned literature. He was 19 years old when he first went into prison. 1981 was to be a year in which this young activist’s life took a turn for the worse and his life, a year later. South Africa was celebrating twenty years of being a Republic and the ANC needed to thwart the celebrations. Mthimkulu was tasked with distributing the pamphlets explaining the 3-day stay away. The young activist had always been a target of apartheid’s security police and he was finally tracked down, shot and detained for five months. In that time he, like most activists, endured the most grotesque human rights violations. He was poisoned and tortured but he pushed the apartheid government too far when he sued. A year later he disappeared with a colleague, Madaka. A Truth and Reconcilliation Amnesty application by Gideon Nieuwoudt, Nicolaas Janse van Rensburg, Gerrit Erasmus and Hermanus du Plessis revealed what happened to the two young men. According to their information, on 14 April 1982, Mthimkhulu and Madaka were lured to an abandoned police station called Post Chalmers, near Cradock. They were then drugged with coffee laced with sleeping tablets. Once they had passed out, they were shot, their bodies burned for six hours through the night.

Six hours they burnt these children. The next morning, their ashes were thrown into the Fish River. The TRC was happy that this was a full disclosure and granted these evil men amnesty. And so they walk among us freely.

How do we forget these two children? How do we forget these evil men and the system for which they served and the people including the now Democratic Alliance (DA) that helped this evil system? What is it about us that we can accept this level of evil?

Have we forgotten the Port Elizabeth Black Civil Organisaton (PEBCO) three? Sipho Hashe, Qaqawuli Godolozi and Champion Galela brutally killed by Vlakplaas security police. The same unit that killed Mthimkulu and Madaka and many others. Their bodies were burnt and thrown into the Fish River.

How do we forget Steve Biko and give eBhayi to the oppressor? His life, unlike that of Mthimkulu and the PEBCO three is well documented. What is it about us and our memory that we forget and hand-over power to the people who denied us dignity and killed us in this most horrendous manner when we fought against it.

The ANC must ask itself what it is that made the people of Tshwane hand-over power to people who condoned the killing of Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu. Ironically, the same people, Economic Freedom Front (EFF), who handed power to the oppressor tried to annex Mahlangu’s role in the liberation of South Africa. According to SA History: “Solomon Mahlangu was tried from the 7th of November 1977 to the 1st of March 1978, for charges associated with the attacks in Goch Street in June 1977. He was therefore charged with two counts of murder and several charges under the Terrorism Act. Mahlangu pleaded not guilty to the charges. His council stated that he entered South Africa in June 1977 as part of a group of ten, bringing arms, ammunition, explosives and ANC pamphlets into the country.

“The judge accepted that Motloung was responsible for the actual killings, but since he had been so brutally beaten during the course of his capture, he had suffered severe brain damage and was unfit to stand trial. However, as common purpose had been formed, Mahlangu was therefore found guilty on two counts of murder and three charges under the Terrorism Act. He was sentenced to death by hanging on 2 March 1978”.

The people of Tshwane, despite the issues they may have had with the ANC, don’t remember what their oppressors did to Mahlangu and to them by extension? The EFF will gladly steal Mahlangus’ activist credentials but will not account for deceiving him by giving away liberation to the people that hung him.

We must dig deep within ourselves as Blacks and ask how it is that a township so steeped in the history of oppression, indignity, injustice and activism gave away its freedom to Herman Mashaba, a man who has no political history but whose fame comes purely from the erasure of blackness. This is a man that burnt our scalps so that we could look white. He has now come out and joined a white neo-liberal party and is the mayor of Johannesburg.

We must ask what it is about us that we can give-away our liberation, our freedom to one with so deep a history of self hatred and that of his race.

We must ask ourselves what it is about us that we can give power to the oppressor no matter what skin it’s dressed in.

It is painfully sad that a report by a BEE Commission comprised of Black people who knew and had suffered under apartheid was eventually watered down to the crumbs that have in the 22 years fallen off the white-man’s table to Blacks. BEE became WEE (White Economic Empowerment).

We must then ask what kind of Black man and woman is in the ANC government to which Blacks have given a mandate to change the lives of of Blacks, who appoints white consultants to change the work of the disadvantaged Blacks who work on these commissions?

The ANC government has adopted legislation that works against Blacks and we must ask why? The Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) gives 90% weight to price and 10% to issues of previously disadvantaged people. How is Pinky ever going to beat Piet with 350 years of advantage? This effectively allows whites to continue to dominate as suppliers of government tenders. In fact, whites despite their arrogance which is propped-up by neo-liberal media continue to be the majority beneficiaries of government tenders.

What is it about us, that despite the education we have had even outside the borders of this country, continue to pander to whites, white capitalists and assist in protecting white supremacy?

The ANC is faced with many problems which include addressing the issue of the cadre that sees the organisation as a means to a better life for themselves, arrogance by the branch leadership and an organisation that has only itself to blame for its woes.

But more than anything else, it needs more than ever, to begin to adopt the teachings of Steve Biko. What we need in this country is for a resuscitation of Black Consciousness. Until we believe in Black Excellence, Black Pride and Black Unity, we will put in office fly-by-night house negroes like Herman Mashaba who will return us to an era for which our ancestors fought so gravely against.

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  1. The events of the past week have been very regretful when seeing blacks supporting Saboteur and Treasonous Acts of White Monopoly Capital.
    Another so called march to “Save the nation from Zuma” is again planned for tomorrow, the 12 April 2017 and we are going to see another coup attempt on a Democratically Elected Government by WMC.
    I think these are acts of treason and the government must take drastic measures to stop this madness.
    What is even more annoying is that these greedy opposition politicians, say they are representing the people of South Africa when they organize these nonsensical marches, but what I know and everybody else knows is that the majority of South Africans have voted the ANC into power.
    People did not Vote for this country to be ruled by the courts, removal of presidents through the vote of no confidents and be replaced by West supported WMC puppets, Rating Agencies giving false ratings to our economy to assist their Western Regime Change Agenda and marches aimed at overthrowing Democratically Elected Governments.
    I say Opposition Politicians are greedy because they know that based on their Party Policies, which still support oppression of black people economically (black people have never benefitted from economy growth even when the country’s economy was growing), it will be very difficult for them to win elections and a move to the Union Buildings, therefore, as they seek to grab the State Resources by all means, they have now resorted into trying undemocratic ways of removing the government.
    As for the EFF bunch who are claiming to be fighting for Economic Freedom, they are the worst hypocrites this country have ever seen.
    They are the sellouts who first sold out to London, then to WMC now the DA and all other rightwing parties who call them monkeys when marching together.
    Similarly, you get others like them in the form of Cope’s Lekota, WMCs Sipho Pityana, former president Thabo Mbeki has also joined the fray, Rev. Frank Chikane, Zwelinzima Vavi, The Stalwarts, and others.
    You ask yourself ‘Why endure so much humiliation by marching with racist people who call you monkeys?’
    The supporters of these marches are either people who lost at Polokwane ANC Elective Conference of 2007 (the class of 2006) or People who have been fired from the ANC. They are bitter, they want a revenge by all means.
    Theirs has nothing to do with the wellbeing of South Africans as they claim, but it is about avenging themselves to the man they dislike and that is why they are prepared to do anything, take any form of humiliation.
    They are back with vengeance and they will do anything and everything and they don’t care about anyone else, but they just want to remove their enemy and nothing will stop them.
    Unless the Security Cluster and Law Enforcement Agencies in Government do something about these recent unfortunate events, our country is heading towards becoming a Banana Republic where anarchy is the order of the day.
    These people don’t represent us Black South Africans, even the naïve black people who think they are represented by these people because South Africa has been given Junk Status by Unscrupulous Rating Agencies. It is a lie. They don’t represent us but they are representing White Monopoly Capital. It is part of Regime Change Agenda by the West.
    Why is South African Economy judged based on one man (Pravin Gordhan) and not Government Financial Policies and when that man is removed, the rating goes to junk?
    What was Pravin Gordhan doing good for the WMC and the Western Regime Change Agenda and what was he not doing right for us, as our economic situation never changed under his watch. But here he is, paraded as a messiah of South African Economic Wellbeing. Why?
    Those are the questions we need to ask ourselves before we participate in these marches.

  2. Pink your job is so stunning keep that fire burning girl. Those capitalist they have blind folded our black brothers and sister as maimane is not aware what what is being planned about him by the very colonialist he is representing and protecting oh poor soul.

  3. People have the right to protest against the President and anyone else. However be-devilling and likening our President to a monkey with those bananas is provicative and seeks to create racial tension. How blacks could protest side by side with these racists beats me.
    Remember the picture of the pvt parts of the President, how democratic and free speech was Hellen exposed inKenny Kunene’s picture? Hiw will SaveSA like it if ANC memebers unseat Jhb Tshwane and NMB? What kind of children are we raising exposing then to such undemocratic means?

  4. Dear Pinky – I am sure we agree than MANY of the SAVE-SA people are privileged idiots who are completely out of touch with the living conditions of the masses BUT it is wrong to paint them all with the same brush.

    Steve Biko said “If one is free at heart, no man-made chains can bind one to servitude, but if one’s mind is so manipulated and controlled by the oppressor, then there will be nothing the oppressed can do to scare his powerful masters.”

    My argument is that racial stereotypes and blanket generalizations of the “other” is precisely a tool of oppression that has been in-calculated into our hearts, minds and discourse by apart-HATE!

    Dear Jannie – Justice is not the sole domain of one group at the expense of another. Racialism is racialism. Truth is singular it’s versions are mistruths.

    1. Dear James

      It is completely wrong of you to think I must pussy foot around the FEW in SAVESA who are not “privileged idiots who are completely out of touch with the living conditions of the masses”. Frankly, show me the FEW who march with the Black dispossessed. In FACT show me where you were outraged by the racism of this past march except here where I confront it.

      Im unapologetic about generalisations where truth points to the fact of the majority within that minority acted in a specific way….

      If you claim to be the non-racial person that you say you are, you wouldn’t be making so many excuses for racists…you’d simply apologise on their behalf and say you aren’t part of them..but that’s asking too much I suppose.



      1. Pinky – please have a look at these images of the “Fees Must Fall” movement – there are some pale faces there 😉


        There is a crisis in international capitalism – the headless machine is broken and only good for accumulating wealth at the tip of the pyramid.

        Our world faces a dual crisis of environmental disaster and an unjust and unsustainable economic system.

        The people (of all colours and creeds) know this – change is coming.

  5. I will NOT march with whites. I will NOT enable them to continue with their greed and arrogance. I will FIGHT with everything in my being to bring about a more just and caring society. My government make laws to my detriment, they score own goals. We all need to rise and demand better. Lets see if these whites whom insulted our President and blacks in particular will rise with us when we demand to be put first in all government tenders, when we demand that this black government should procure 90% of all good and services from black owned and managed businesses. Will the very same whites whom characterise blacks as monkeys rise with us? Me dont think so. Aluta Continua! Amandla!

    1. I personally don’t have a problem with blacks marching against Zuma. And If whites want to do the same – good luck to them.
      I have a major problem when Blacks join in assisting whites with fights to effect a coup against someone these people didn’t vote into office. I have a problem when people like Sipho Pityana, Julius Malema think they can protect their financial position and vendettas by using the public to effect regime change.
      And then I despise the audacity of the people who have literally had their bums in the butter also spewing racism at us in the process of protecting their privilege.


  6. White comrades also stood against injustice during the struggle. Black comrades also committed atrocities. Throw those banana waving idiots in jail for hate speech but to make blanket racial pre-judgments betrays the principle of a non-racial South Africa that so many struggle heroes died for.

    1. Dear James (JT)

      Thanks for joining our community. There’s nothing about those marches that espoused the spirit of non-racialism as fought and for which many lives were lost.

      As I and many others have now said, the same people who marched on Friday to SAVESA have never joined black people in their marches against recent issues of FEES Must Fall and service delivery. They have never given their workers a living wage or allowed them a day’s pay to toyi-toyi for that wage.

      When we were told by the Competition Commission that the same people who organised & funded the rallies across the country had stolen from us the poor in price fixing and had rigged the same Rand for which they were marching (supposedly) – they never marched. The economy has been poor economists say & those who paid for the marches know this better than me & many others. THEY never marched.

      Frankly, the condition of the black man in this country didn’t mean anything to the people who marched this past Friday. I would implore you to keep non-racialism out of the debate.

      Anything but that….


      Pinky Khoabane

      My view is this: We live in a warped democracy but they are free to march when they please BUT to ask Blacks to join and have the audacity to display their racist views exposes the Blacks who march with them. And my question which you don’t seem to like with your obfuscation is this – but perhaps it istnt really meant for you anyway – WHY BOTHER Marching with this lot? Crass racists.

      Now this is the part that irks me most: That none of the ones who supposedly stood against justice had the guts to speak out against the racists.

      Let’s say wit

  7. mhhm..then the pain just come back…those police were busy braaing meat while they were burning them

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