Made in Time – a theatrical piece that lifts the lid on battles of women in biblical times



Is a Powerful & Unique Retelling of Five Stories from Women in the Bible

Coming to The Market Theatre on 24 November 2016 at 13:30, Entrance is Free

Performed by an all-women cast, Made in Time is a Wits student production which tells the story of each of the women’s individual journey and struggle in a largely patriarchal world.

It explores the battles and challenges women have had to endure in society since time immemorial and tells them through the eyes of the five women mentioned in the bible who make up the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Mixing issues of religion, sexual abuse and violence, the women’s accounts tell stories of their day-to-day battles with patriarchy: the scorn and labels they are given for the decisions they take; the contradictions between the individual and society; the role of women within religion; and the sacrifices they make in overcoming their battles.

Made in Time is a compelling performance intensified by the manipulation of multi-bodies and shadow-play on stage. It puts into the public domain stories that are often hidden and lays bare the truths that many are afraid to hear and see.

It has a powerful and uplifting message which will leave you inspired.

“The trajectory of most of their stories is the shift in mind-set and how they overcame despite the odds,” says director Tiffani Kayler Cornwall about the five women’s stories in the piece.

Made in time is guaranteed to open your eyes to the harsh realities of the women of the most high.

This piece has been devised by the director, the cast and full company. The cast, who each chose a character that they found they most easily connected to, brings a unique voice and style to the piece. Each piece of each story is then made personal while staying in the realm of the stories expressed in the bible.

These women and performers are:

Mary: Nokuthula Mabuza

Bathsheba: Kopano Tshabalala

Ruth: Khumo Malope

Tamar: Kashifa Sithole

Rahab: Skye Gibson

Shadow Person: Thato Matlou

Shadow Person: Vuyo Majeke

Stage Manager: Lekisha Smith

Assistant Stage Manager: Amy-Sue Lithgow

Directed by Tiffani Kayler Cornwall

Made in time is promised to bring fire and light to moments of despair and darkness.

Date of performance: 24 November 2016

Time: 13:30

Cost: Free

Venue: The John Kani Theatre @ The Market Theatre

Booking for the show to come to you contact :

076 106 5185.

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